Side Sim - Acceptable Risk Attn: XO

Posted July 30, 2021, 6:03 a.m. by Lieutenant Junior Grade Reira Akaba (Scientist) (Stephen MacDonald)

OOC: Perhaps the XO finds Reira?

IC: 31… They knew, they knew about John and they likely knew he was here too. If they were interested in his husband’s research into the nefarious Reman Imps he heard about so many years ago, what else did they want with this ship? While the dimensional anomalies likely kept him safe from a direct assault, Reira had no idea if any of the crew were planted by the nefarious organization, had stealing John McHarrie and his work been an inside job with the help of their spies? Paranoia was a ridiculous, weak emotion he was supposed to be above, but when everyone around you could be reporting what you said or did to the people he’d been fighting for most of his adult life, it made sleeping soundly in his alcove harder.

He had to know, not just for his own safety but the safety of everyone onboard. Reira wasn’t about to let these people get entangled in some awful scheme that’d get them all killed, Section 31 would have no problem disposing of the Leviathan once it had run it’s course. Kara, Luna and Crenity were here, he had to protect them. Going to one of the lower levels, he soon accessed a terminal. What he was doing could land him a court martial or time in the brig, but that was inconsequential. He had to make sure the people on here were who they said they were. Tapping at the console, it kept refusing to allow him access, citing “Security Level Inadequate, Please Request Assistance from Senior Officer”. Blow that, they might be in on it.

Making sure no-one was in the room, Reira held his fist over the panel and his assimilation tubules shot out, injecting the computer bank with Borg Nanoprobes. The indigo-haired drone gasped as his mind connected to the computers, going well past the LCARS interface. He was right into the machine code itself, the machine code that only made sense to a handful of people and himself. Everything here was Qubits, simultaneously 1 and 0. Survival and Extinction, it’s how the Borg saw everything. “Warning, Command Console being hacked, War- The voice was soon silenced by a Borg algorithm. “I’m not hacking you, stupid machine. I’m interfacing with you on a level you’re not used to.” While he was like this, with the right amount of time and code, nothing was beyond his ability as he began a network interface between himself, the Leviathan main computer and his own shuttlecraft.

USS Leviathan Main Computer - CONNECTED
Cortical Node - CONNECTED

That would up their processing power a bit, so long as he wasn’t discovered, everything would be fine. Their thoughts were one.

Lt j.g. Reira Akaba (Science)

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