MPT-LS: Year of Hell - CIC Bridge - Setting out (all welcome)

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Posted by Commander Ryder Raauhl (Executive Officer) in MPT-LS: Year of Hell - CIC Bridge - Setting out (all welcome)

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As the crew gazed out the front viewscreen, unbeknownst to them, something strange was happening. The first thing to happen was that the ship’s sensors picked up on a spacial anomaly in the crew lounge. A quiet alarm began to go off, warning the bridge crew of this fact.

The readings were scrambled, like the sensors couldn’t tell what was up or down.

  • ???? Mystery

At the helm, MacReady slammed a palm against his console. “What the hell is going wrong now? Captain, we have another anomaly detected in the Jörmungandr lounge.”

Cobb allowed himself a brief moment of exasperated despair, one hand running wearily through his long, silvery locks. Then as quickly as it had consumed him, the mood was cast off for something more fitting a captain on an ARU starship bridge.

“Commander Raauhl,” he turned to his First Officer. “Take a team to check out the Jörmungandr lounge. Be aware that there may be more shapeshifting abilities at play here and that not everything, or everyone, can be taken for granted exactly as they appear.”

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

Juliet had inspected the Captain’s chair and surrounding area as Cas and the others checked the rest of the bridge. Once cleared, the new alert went up. Perking up with a frown, realizing how slow they had been the first time, the newest team member spoke up. “Recommend containment around the lounge immediately. Last thing we want is it disappearing into the corridors while we muster the troops.”

Raauhl nodded turning to the RTF Commander, “Commander Vonn would you and an RTF team accompany me.” The Trill XO looked back to Cobb, “Captain I believe we should lock down the ship and confine the crew to their quarters and essential duty personnel only, By doing so would minimise any infiltration risks.”

  • Commander Raauhl, XO

A nod of the helmet indicated Vonn had heard the request. He tapped his wrist console and an alert went to all RTF personnel, activating them for immediate duty.

“Aye,” Cobb nodded, already moving towards the nearest workstation.
=^= This is the Captain speaking=^= he broadcast a shipwide alert. =^=We are experiencing a Level three event. All non-essential personnel are to proceed immediately to their own assigned quarters and await further instructions. All active RTF personnel to report to the Jörmungandr lounge for orders from Chief Vonn. On-duty containment officers to lock down and monitor all current anomalies. Stay safe, Cobb out. =^=

Then with a final nod to Raauhl, the captain’s own attention turned to the CIO. “Did the starbase grace us with any pertinent information on our current plight, Commander Magnusson?”

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

Vonn, RCO

After assisting with the containment of the water-based anomaly, Durheim had quietly moved over to the engineering console; doing a fine job of giving the poor ensign on duty an anxiety attack. At the Captain’s direction to the crew, he perked up, glad for direct orders.

Smiling at Mr. Cobb; Durheim made to leave for the containment bay, already pulling up the current inventory of anomalies and containment systems on his PaDD. “Unless you would like me here, Mr. Cobb, I’ll be down in containment.” Pausing, he added “But first I’ll stop by engineering; to ensure everything is in order.”

-WO Durheim, CE

“I think we can manage things on the bridge for now, Mr Durheim,” Cobb nodded. “Deliver that…thing to containment and do whatever you can to ensure that it does not break out again.”

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

OOC: Just pretending Surda’s been staring at it distrustfully this whole time.
“I’ll come with you Durheim. Pairs or groups seem like a reasonable security measure against infiltration.” And of course, she didn’t trust the thing. There was a world of things that could imitate another, but most of those things were not anomalies, nor did they choose Captains to go after right away. Breaking in was easier once you had established yourself as a lower figure, and gotten a feel for everything, so Surda wasn’t entirely certain what the anomaly’s motivation was.
-Surda, COS

IC: “Yes, Mr. Cobb; I think I have some ideas for containment of the anomaly, but I would appreciate the assistance of both Security and a Science team - anomalies are unpredictable, after all. Miss Surda; I would appreciate any insight you would be willing to give. Shall we be off?” A broad smile was on Durheim’s face; always a somewhat unsettling sight - and the helium fogger still resting in his limbs did little to ease the sight.

-WO Durheim, CE

Adam turned to the Captain finally giving himself the chance to answer his question “Starbase reports that ARU-2750 has lost mass. They theorize it may have undergone some form of mitosis” He wasn’t fully briefed on all the anomalies as of yet so he was unfamiliar with that specific number but that would not be a problem.


“By fourteen hells there could be more of them,” Surda muttered, then continued slightly louder. “Of course Mr. Durheim, I’m sure we’ll entertain ourselves down in containment.” She returned his smile, a touch too wide for comfort, then dipped her head to Cobb. “Captain.”
-Surda, CoS

“And may I recommend we find out how much mass it lost as well? Need to know how much is missing so we know if we get it all. Also should find out if it’s replicating at all to replace the mass it’s lost. We don’t want to find out a liter came on board but we are up to a gallon wandering the ship, so to speak.” She had headed for the lift as she finished speaking. “Please let Vonn and the rest of us know as soon as you do, please.” She then quickly exited and headed for the lounge where the rest of the team was. Maybe she had spoken out of turn. Maybe she hadn’t reacted the right way when things had gone sideways. But in her defense, which was by no means an excuse, she wasn’t aware of the Captain’s background and of all the people between her and the Captain, she had thought others would react differently.

“No, we most certainly do not,” the captain concurred, his own features painted by horror at the mere thought.

Halfway to the lounge she made a mental note to revisit the containment level. Getting used to the formations, levels, and types of possible containment would certainly alter her reactions next time. SHe growled under her breath realizing she had failed. Sure, maybe she helped the Captain, but at what possible cost to the ship if it hadn’t gone right? And what was wrong with Cas? She was short, shielded, and hiding something from her. Usually she wouldn’t care, but this was different. Another mental note was made to check on her cousin later. It was worth the butt chewing if it got her answers.

((heading to lounge but had to put in two cents… sorry for absence))

Suddenly wearied by the incident, Zachariah retreated to his chair and allowed himself a moment to relish one of Quinn’s now cold coffees, before focusing again on the matter in hand.

=^= Computer, show me the file for anomaly ARU-2750 =^= he requested between gulps of coffee, one of which he nearly spat out again when the computer replied with =^= That information is classified =^=
Cobb responded with a shrug, before punching in his personal command codes, followed by a swipe of his right thumb over the fingerprint scanner. =^= Computer, have those files transmitted to my personal secure terminal =^=
=^= That information is classified. You do not possess sufficient clearance to access it =^=
“Since when?!” the retort had been intended as a mutter for his ears alone, but rising frustration amplified it by several levels.
=^= Classification on ARU-2750 was last amended on 12107.21 =^=

Cobb flew back to his feet and marched over to Commander Magnusson. “That was bloody yesterday! As we were leaving the starbase. Commander, see if you can find out who updated that classification.” Then leaning in more closely and dropping his voice to a whisper he added, “Use any methods available to you. You have my full authorisation.”

Meanwhile, beyond the distraction of their current predicament, the Leviathan continued to burrow deeper into the Alini system, the spatial anomaly they had been sent here to investigate looming just beyond the horizon…

“Deploy a class IV probe in the direction of the anomaly,” he instructed the individual currently operating the science station. “Let us try and gain some warning on what awaits us over the next hill…”

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

Adam simply nodded his head in acknowledgement and went to the side, finding a console in relative private and opened an encrypted channel with the Starbase, he started by simply asking who had classified the files and made a request for declassification for himself and the Captain.


The response came back as follows:
=^= Your request has been denied. You do not possess the necessary clearance to access any information regarding anomaly ARU-2750. Captain Zachariah Cobb does not possess the necessary clearance to access any information regarding anomaly ARU-2750 =^=

A little more ‘unorthodox’ digging, however, would uncover the following:
=^= Anomaly ARU-2750 record last updated on stardate 12107.21 by Admiral William Roebuck =^=

  • Computer

=^=Raauhl to the CIC please clear a path from the lounge to sickbay we have two.... Unusual Starfleet personnel in need of medical assistance and both are emitting Tachyon radiation=^=

  • Commander Raauhl, XO

=^= Tachyon radiation? =^= Cobb was heard to exclaim over the comms, before responding to Raauhl directly with =^= Copy that, Commander, I’ll have security clear the way. =^=

He glanced back to the remaining bridge crew. “Did I…that is, that thing that was me…did it register any tachyon emissions?” Was it possible that here was a completely different and unconnected anomaly now laying siege to the ship? It was starting to feel, to the old man, as if the Leviathan had stumbled into a trap…

But the time for conspiracy theories would come later. Right now there was duty to perform. =^= Ensign Luna =^= Cobb tapped his commbadge once again, =^= please proceed to the Jörmungandr lounge. We have a potential biohazard that requires transport to the medical bay and I need you to ensure that their path is clear of any wandering crewmembers. =^=

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

A whiles later Raauhl returned walking through the double doors of the CIC, “Captain. I have an interesting story to tell you if you’re will to hear it, hows things going here?” He asked looking around the CIC just like sickbay everyone here seemed to be just as confused as to the current events unfolded.

  • Commander Raauhl, XO

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