Approaching and preparing to board the Leviathan

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Hsull glanced up from the instruments and saw the object of his long trip getting nearer. He had been chasing the USS Leviathan across space and had finally caught up with her. A soft growl came from over his right shoulder where K’aaht sat on a padded console which allowed her to be strapped in as he was, surprisingly she seemed to understand that the restraints were necessary and only mildly complained when he buckled her in. “I know, she’s big isn’t she ? Should be plenty of room for you to roam.” He checked the instruments again, he was now in communications range. “Leviathan, this is the StarFleet research vessel <INTRIGUE> requesting permission to come aboard, CWO Hsull and one passenger arriving on orders.” Hsull reached over his shoulder and stroked the spotted cat behind the ears. “I hope they let us aboard, it’s a heck of a long flight back and we’re low on cat food.” A mildly disgruntled m’worll greeted this announcement.

Hsull - CWO4

OOC: Wasn’t sure who to report to, so will the appropriate person please reply, anxious to get aboard.

At the helm of the Leviathan, NE MacReady was preoccupied with re-configuring the navigation controls. It had begun several hours ago, an almost imperceptible yet uncomfortable sense of growing unease. Something was ‘off’ with the ship. Readouts and diagnostics were green across the board. But as the man who had occupied this particular seat for the better part of a year, he could feel it, could sense it in the way the ship moved, the way the console reacted beneath his fingers…

The comms caught him off-guard. Out here in the Alini system he had not expected anyone to find them, much less track them down with a request to come onboard. And yet here was the fourth new arrival since the Leviathan had departed the starbase. Was this the ARU’s doing? With a quizzical glance towards the Captain, MacReady reached out and activated his own comms.

=^= Research vessel Intrigue, this is the USS Leviathan. Permission to dock in bay two. I shall send a team down to meet you. =^=

Behind him, Captain Cobb was already on his feet and motioning a security escort to his side. “I better check this one out with my own eyes,” Cobb nodded towards the helmsman as he straightened his tunic, smoothed over his long silver-flecked hair and beard, and headed for the nearest turbolift…

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb / NE MacReady

=/\= ISAC to captain Cobb I am on my way to docking bay 2 I will like to scan him in his ship to make sure he’s not carrying anything with him. =/\=


“Do you think it’s wise for new arrivals to be greeted by…” the captain started to protest, before realising the communication had been closed.

Ensign Luna moved to the Captains side Quickly. ” Can we try not to course trouble today, Captain” she said grinning as she referenced one of there previous missaventers.
Ensign Luna

“Me?” Cobb acted mock-offended, before gently nudging Luna’s shoulder. “Tell the truth, Ensign Luna. You would be bored without me to look out for, eh?”

” Between you and Cerenity it’s a wonder my hair is not already silver” she giggled.

Hsull checked his instruments again and slowed as he neared the Leviathan. “Understood, docking bay two, matching speeds and engaging maneuvering thrusters.” The massive ship dwarfed his small ex-fighter as he drew closer. “Well cat, here we go. Our new home.” A chortle was the reply from behind his right shoulder. He maneuvered carefully and soon entered the docking bay through the barrier force field. Ground personnel directed him to a parking pad where the sleek little craft settled into the docking clamps with a muffled thump. He shut down the engines and killed power to all systems. As he awaited the greeting party he reached around and unbuckled K’Haat who promptly jumped down onto his lap. “I’ve told you a hundred times you’re too big now for a lap cat, so get off.” With a huff and swish of her long tail the Savannah returned to her perch. “You’ll have to sit there ‘til they scan us and tell us it’s ok to get out, and look, my tail has been crammed down the leg of my exposure suit for hours now, so you have no room to complain.” The cat sat there and stared at him with large golden eyes with vertical irises that seemed to say “So what.” As they sat there Hsull looked over what he could see of the interior of the ship through his closed canopy and checked to make sure his cane was handy, he really didn’t need it but had gotten used to carrying it, and the concealed phaser in the handle and the three feet of razor sharp admantium in the shaft gave a comforting feeling in strange situations. He stretched as best he could and ran a clawed hand through his mane as they waited.

Hsull - CWO4 CAAR

The lights on Hsull ship flickered then went off as the lights turned back down there in front of you was someone dressed as a plague doctor. The plague doctor took out a book start to read it and write some things into it “well your Vitals are good but before you join the rest of the population I will have to give you both a few vaccines” said the plague doctor he then reached into a pouch on his belt and pulled out a very very big syringe “my name is ISAC by the way so would you like to go first or your little friend”


Hsull did a quick double take at the strange being standing before the Intrigue, he had been told to expect some strange things on the Levi, K’Haat snarled and exposed her not so little fangs with a hiss. Hsull quickly did a scan with his handheld tricorder and determined the being was indeed a hologram. “It’s ok cat, not real, just a holographic projection.” The hissing stopped but the long tail was still in <bottle brush> mode. Hsull raised the canopy and climbed out, taking his cane with him. At the bottom of the short boarding ladder he peeled off his exposure suit and hung it on a hook protruding from the ladder. The Savannah jumped down and stood beside him as he fluffed up the fur on his tail and straightened his uniform. It felt good to be out of the cockpit and he stretched to his full height and dug his claws into the deck matting while giving a contented sigh. “I might let you stab me with that miniature harpoon you have there, but my friend here would much prefer a normal hypo-spray, in fact I would say she’ll insist on it.” Hsull gave his version of a grin which really only displayed his own set of impressive dentistry, the cat merely glared at the apparition.

Hsull - CWO4-CAARS

Entering the docking bay, Cobb motioned to Luna for the two of them to hang back as Hellsing and Cerenity completed their scans. Although the captain could not quite silence his chuckle at the newcomer’s reference to a ‘miniature harpoon’.

” What is Cerenity doing her” Luna said. Her wings opening slightly. As she moved to step forward but the capten stopped her.

Of course it did not take little Cerenity to find ISCA. She had a small medical kit with her. ” I’m sorry doctor I got turned around, did I miss anything. Oh what a pretty cat, and your fur is gorgeous” she said. The four year old took a step befor opening her wings and flying put to Hsull she covered a few feet away at his eye level. ” I’m Cerenity and this is are holographic Docter ISAC he’s a good doctor even if he a little strange” she said happily.

(OOC: ISAC has a shadow helper )


Hsull had expected odd,.... but this was down right strange, he gave his best impression of a smile, but then remembered it only made his fangs more prominent. “Thank you very much, I’m Hsull and this is K’Haat, she’ll probably let you pet her, especially if you rub behind her ears.” The Savannah promptly began to groom herself.

Hsull - CAARS

Cerenity landed and approached the cat Carefully. ” hi k’haat” she said holding her hand out to the cat.

“Our medical team is somewhat…unorthodox,” Zachariah’s voice echoed across the docking bay. “But you will get used to them soon enough, I don’t doubt.”

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

” Yah because for a four year old to be on the medical team” Luna muttered but watched the new comer and his cat carefully.

Ensign Luan

ISAC looked at the syringe in his hand “ oh don’t be alarmed this is just a skin is purely cosmetic what I am actually holding as a hypo spray” he then pointed his book at at the Little animal “ oh dear it looks like someone’s gonna need to have a flea bath” he said


Hsull transferred his cane to the care of his tail, crossed his arms in front of his chest , then ran both hands through his mane and smoothed the ends of his mustache. “I believe you’re mistaken there Dr., because if she had fleas, I’d have fleas, and I assure you that I have never had, nor do I now have fleas. We Caitians pride ourselves on our fur and it’s condition!” Hsull said this perhaps a bit louder than he should have, and his voice lowered to the purring growl natural to Caitians. He felt that he had been insulted by proxy. The arms crossed again and he flexed his claws just slightly...... . Taking a deep breath, he calmed himself, “If she really needs a flea bath, I’ll have to be the one to give it to her.” Hsull approached the Captain, “Sir, CWO Hsull reporting aboard.” Hsull pulled a PADD from his uniform jacket and handed it to the Captain. “Glad to be aboard sir, it was a long trip catching up with you.”

Hsull - CAARS

Cobb took the PADD with his left hand, then extended his right in the traditional Earth greeting. “Captain Zachariah Cobb. And this here is the ARU flagship, the USS Leviathan. Welcome onboard.”

Aware that Hsull’s arrival had caught more attention than just his own, the captain stepped back and began to inspect the PADD, while allowing Cerenity and ISAC to complete their own boarding protocols.

” and your fur is beautiful momy and I are careful about are feathers. I totally understand how being accused of having flees would be upseting. Doctor are you sure you did not grab the trycorder there was one that I was trying to fix it’s readings were all over the place. I think I was testing it and left it at one of the medical statioins” Cerenity said still peting the cat.

Luna watched Husll approach. Her wings opening slightly and the feathers across the tops gaming out. A purely initiative response and one that he would only see from luna. She watched him carefully. She did not say anything though. She would waght for the captain to speak.
Ensign Luna

OOC: K’Haat is a specially bred Savannah, she weighs about 40lbs, stands a hair above knee height, and nose to tail is about 4ft.

OCC: Captain I think you made a slight mistake Hellsing is not down here this is ISAC

OOC: Sorry, my bad!


Hsull watched the small birdlike being approach K’Haat and after introductions had been made, began to stroke and rub the burnished bronze colored cat with the dark rosettes, K’Haat responded with a loud contented purr and began rubbing her head against the winged child gently, as if understanding that this being was somewhat fragile. Hsull realized he was still holding his cane in his tail and transferred it to under his left upper arm. He assumed that the woman standing next to the Captain was the child’s mother as he could sense the pheromones she was giving off, “I think those two are going to be great friends, and please don’t worry K’Haat is very gentle and seems to sense others intentions towards her.”( What even Hsull was unaware of was that while he was being stuck together at Star Fleet medical they had taken his DNA and sequenced it into the DNA of a Savannah cat, K’Haat was the result, she was actually semi-sentient and fully understood what everyone was saying. She knew that this small bird like human had fragile bones and felt a sort of protective bond begin to form. She thought of Hsull not as a father but as the Alpha in her small pride.) “I apologize for seeming a bit grumpy, it was a long flight. What I would really like right now, after the vaccinations of course, is a large cup of coffee. He looked at where K’Haat and the small child were still interacting, “I think she would prefer it if you were to give her the injection, Cerenity. She seems to have bonded with you and you’re marked as one of her pride.”

Hsull - CAARS

Luna could not help but giggle. ” I’m sorry it’s just funny to see a bird as part of a pride of cats.” She said. She took a step back so she would not hit the capten with her wings. She opened her own wings. She had an impressive 10 foot wing span. ” You will find that there are quiet a few of us how can understand being grouchy from being stuck in a small space. I’m ensign luna and that little trouble maker is my daughter” she said closing her wings and stepping forward to hold her hand out to him to shake. ” phaps after you check cerenity and I can meet you in the lounge” she said with a smile. She was trying to be friendly.

Hsull gently grasped the outstretched hand, being careful to keep his claws retracted. “While a bird would normally be on the menu for both of us, it’s easy to see that both you and your daughter are merely bird like, just like I am cat like but not really a cat. I sense that K’Haat will treat your daughter as if she were one of her kittens, there is a bond there between them now.” Hsull looked to where the two were still interacting. “I would really enjoy meeting in the lounge, I’m dying for a cup of coffee, I got addicted to the stuff on the last ship I was on and brought the formula for it with me.”

Hsull speaking as K’Haat - “Fleas indeed,..... she carefully groomed her fur at least four times per day, often reminding the Alpha that he needed to brush and comb his fur also. All though she couldn’t speak she could make herself understood, the Alpha and her shared enough DNA that they often sensed the moods and feelings of each other. She continued to purr in contentment as Cerenity rubbed that.......oh so special spot behind her left ear. This small one would need watching over and protecting. As Cerenity continued her ministrations K’Haat mused over these new developments and exactly how she would fit in. Anomalies and oddities were in abundance, and she as an anomaly herself,..... should fit right in. She was specifically bred to be larger, stronger, and far more intelligent than a normal Savannah, she was in fact an experiment to see if perhaps a cat could act as a spy or a scout or intelligence gatherer in an unassuming cat like guise. She licked a paw and proceeded to straighten her fur where Cerenity had been rubbing,.... the thought occurred to her that she wished they had thought of opposable thumbs when they were designing her .

K’Haat - Savannah

ISAC looked at Hsull “ No sir you are mistaken if you want your friend on this ship it will NEED a flea bath. Part of the Vaccinations you both need”

When ISAC was done with his scans he started to give Hsull his vaccinations. Five injections later he was done “ you will feel a dry mouth for a minute but it will pass”

Then he looked at the cat “ok little Fellow are we going to do this the easy way or the hard way”


Hsull took a deep calming breath and leaned on the top of his cane, “If the flea bath is really necessary, I can give it to her. I don’t think you, even though a hologram, would survive the encounter. She is quite adept at taking things apart, and I don’t mean just toys. If Cerenity will give the vaccinations, I’ll do the bath and we can be done with the whole thing.”

Hsull -CAARS

Cerenity stepped between ISAC and Hsull. She opened her winds. ” Docger I can take care of Haull Vacations if she is anything like Luner she probably wont just let you near her. Remember how luner freaked out the last time mommy brought him into sickbay for a check up” she said.

Ensign Luan

ISAC looked at Hsull “ I have a name and I am more then just a hologram and if attacks me I will not feel it”


Hsull took another deep breath and ran his hands through his mane and straightened the ends of his mustache, “Look ISAC, I did not refer to you as <just> a hologram and I apologize if I offended you in any way. I also didn’t mean she would physically attack you, she realizes you aren’t vulnerable to a physical attack. Your appearance is a bit off putting, as it were. Trust me that you don’t want to make her angry, she has other ways of exacting revenge.” Hsull had seen the cat go to great lengths to plan and plot revenge for a sleight or wrong, it was eerie to watch her when she was truly angry. “Just let me give her the bath and all will be fine.”

Hsull - CAARS

K’Haat listened to the ongoing discussion and realized that her Alpha was trying to defend her over the proposed bath. She made a decision and approached the EMH and proceeded to rub against his legs and chortle. If this creature insisted on her having a bath in order for them to come aboard, then so be it, she would endure it. There were always ways to make existence miserable, later on........, even for an uppity holographic projection.

Hsull- Speaking for K’Haat

ISAC accepted the Hsull’s apology and took a knee and Lightly scratched the little cat softly behind the ear “see there little one I am not scary” As the scan were done ISAC looked up “I have to go to sickbay crewman Luke has the runs again” the lights flickered as the returned back on he was gone.


As the curious EMH dematerialised, Cobb once again stepped forward and emitted a somewhat exasperated sigh.
“I shall have to work on his…bedside manner,” he offered in apologetic explanation to both newcomers. “Truth be told, I haven’t entirely got to the bottom of his origins yet. We presume he was installed back at HQ, but considering what else they let loose onboard…”

The captain stopped, ran a hand through his long, silvering hair. “Anyway, coffee sounds like an admirable idea. And while the lounge might serve as an unorthodox location for a boarding interview, I expect it will be quiet enough at this hour for us to remain undisturbed. Please,” he gestured with outstretched arm to the nearest corridor, “follow me. Miss Luna and Miss Cerenity? You are both welcome to join us if you wish? If Mr Hsull here is okay with that?”

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

Hsull felt somewhat better now that the EMH had gone. “Captain, that suggestion would be greatly accepted and of course Miss Luna and Miss Cerenity would both be welcome, but I think if Cerenity wanted to give K’Haat a quick flea bath, she would love for Cerenity to show her around the Levi if she wanted to.” Hsull made arrangements for his personal items to be transported directly to his quarters, and gave instructions for the maintenance crew to not touch any odd or unfamiliar controls on the INTRIGUE. Hsull placed his cane under his left arm, swagger stick style, and gestured to the Captain, “Captain, ladies, please lead the way,.....and Captain I wouldn’t worry too much about ISAC, I’m pretty sure K’Haat will figure out where he is being generated from, she’s good at that sort of thing. Now, I am dying for a cup of coffee,” He gave his version of a smile again, which was very toothy.

Hsull - CAARS

” we would love to join you come along Cerenity” luna called as she turned to join the other two men. Cerenity rand up to the captain she pulled on his pantleg to get his attention then held her hand up for his. Luna tried to hide her grin it was nice to see Cerenity behave like a normal five year old.
Ensign luna

Dr. Hellsing was in the lounge with a nice hot cup of cinnamon roast coffee his Wolf Luna was laying on the cool floor relaxing. Lance was working on fixing his crossbow that unfortunately broke earlier that day in a training exercise on the hollow deck.(when will These people understand how deadly unicorns are) as he was almost done he placed in on the table and Took a sip of his coffee. Luna started to wag her tail as she heard someone approaching. Lance to can hear foot steps A few of them then he smelled the air. He was able to pick up captains cologne, and ensign Luna’s perfume The little pattering of feet was no doubt little sparrow. But they were have your footsteps and a thump someone big was with them. He got up from his set and get a tray of the captains favorite coffee and put it on his favorite table then he returned back to the seat (The tray also had a little mug of hot cocoa for a little Sparrow)

Dr. Hellsing
Lt. Lance Von Hellsing

They had stopped by Hsull’s quarters where he had given K’Haat the required flea bath, which turned out to be just a sprinkle of some sort of powder then a quick rinse in the sonic shower. K’Haat wasn’t happy about it, but endured it stoically and they had left her chortling angrily and furiously grooming her fur. As they neared the lounge area Hsull inhaled deeply, “I smell two things, one is coffee and the other is definitely canid. Does someone have a large dog onboard ?” Hsull personally had no problems with dogs, he had even met a few that he really liked. K’Haat on the other hand would tolerate the presence of a dog as long as it left her alone, but she would not abide the usual sniffy/smelly greeting that canids used. “I hope that coffee is hot and ready”, he ushered Cerenity into the lounge followed by the Captain and Luna while he entered last.

Hsull - CAARS

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