Counseling Suite - Phil's Boarding Evaluation

Posted Sept. 13, 2021, 5:30 p.m. by Lieutenant Junior Grade Morella Allan (Nurse) (Sharon Miller)


Posted by Staff Sergeant Philip Hewson-Williams (Security Officer / RTF) in Counseling Suite - Phil’s Boarding Evaluation

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Morella Allan (Nurse) in Counseling Suite - Phil’s Boarding Evaluation

Phil accepted the seat in the chair. “Sorry,” he said as he took his seat, “But some habits die hard. Everything in the corps is so regimented and formal that we sometimes forget about the more social and personal touch instilled into the way things are done in fleet.” He paused briefly before adding, “The difference between soldier and diplomat.”

“The transfer shuttle from Starbase was interesting. I met Ensign Luna,” he offered by means of answering the counsellor’s question.


“You did?” Morella smiled. “Myself and Luna go way back. We served together on the Viking and then years later found ourselves crossing paths on this ship as well. The Federation can be a small world at times.” She laughed gently, sipped at her coffee. “In fact, I’ve found several familiar faces as part of this crew. The Leviathan seems to be a magnet for those who have…”
The pause was abrupt, the woman’s face blanching as she acknowledged internally her statement’s natural end. She was not counselee today but counselor. Her conspiracy theory on the Leviathan’s crew would wait for a more appropriate, and possibly alcohol-infused, time.

“You mentioned the corps?” she tried to steer her own thoughts back to the matter at hand. “What tempted you away from them and towards the Leviathan?”

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“I haven’t left the corp to join the Leviathan,” Phil replied, “I’ve been assigned here by them. I gather the Leviathan’s unique mission requires a diverse and unique mix of crew with all sections and divisions coming together to provide the necessary personnel to do the job.”


“Ah, I see.” The nurse silently chastised herself for not studying her patient’s transfer orders more closely. “But, you are right about the diverse and unique crew. I can honestly say I have met some very interesting people on the Leviathan.”
Sitting back, Morella offered Phil a smile. “So, what diverse and unique qualities will you be bringing to our crew then?”

  • Nurse Morella

Phil consider red his answer carefully. It was not a question he had expected from a counsellor.

“Well my experience and training over the years has taught me a great deal about dealing with the unexpected.”

“The way marines are trained to think is different to how fleet are trained to think,” he added, “For example even the toughest of fleet security officers is trained to think like a diplomat first, where as we’re trained to think of adversaries as… Well just that rather than as people with a different view point. In truth, reality is somewhere in between. Does that make sense?”

Phil felt like he was rambling a bit.


“It does,” the nurse nodded around a sip of coffee. “There isn’t much call for diplomacy on a ship like the Leviathan. Our adversaries,” she chose to use his own description, “aren’t usually the debating type. More ‘summon instantaneous armageddon then think about it later’.” Her laughter was melodic, although somewhat restrained in its humour.

“Do you like that kind of approach? Action instead of talking?”

  • Nurse Morella

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