Approaching and preparing to board the Leviathan

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Posted by Chief Warrant Officer Hsull (Senior Researcher (Airborne Anomalies)) in Approaching and preparing to board the Leviathan

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Hsull took a deep calming breath and leaned on the top of his cane, “If the flea bath is really necessary, I can give it to her. I don’t think you, even though a hologram, would survive the encounter. She is quite adept at taking things apart, and I don’t mean just toys. If Cerenity will give the vaccinations, I’ll do the bath and we can be done with the whole thing.”

Hsull -CAARS

Cerenity stepped between ISAC and Hsull. She opened her winds. ” Docger I can take care of Haull Vacations if she is anything like Luner she probably wont just let you near her. Remember how luner freaked out the last time mommy brought him into sickbay for a check up” she said.

Ensign Luan

ISAC looked at Hsull “ I have a name and I am more then just a hologram and if attacks me I will not feel it”


Hsull took another deep breath and ran his hands through his mane and straightened the ends of his mustache, “Look ISAC, I did not refer to you as <just> a hologram and I apologize if I offended you in any way. I also didn’t mean she would physically attack you, she realizes you aren’t vulnerable to a physical attack. Your appearance is a bit off putting, as it were. Trust me that you don’t want to make her angry, she has other ways of exacting revenge.” Hsull had seen the cat go to great lengths to plan and plot revenge for a sleight or wrong, it was eerie to watch her when she was truly angry. “Just let me give her the bath and all will be fine.”

Hsull - CAARS

K’Haat listened to the ongoing discussion and realized that her Alpha was trying to defend her over the proposed bath. She made a decision and approached the EMH and proceeded to rub against his legs and chortle. If this creature insisted on her having a bath in order for them to come aboard, then so be it, she would endure it. There were always ways to make existence miserable, later on........, even for an uppity holographic projection.

Hsull- Speaking for K’Haat

ISAC accepted the Hsull’s apology and took a knee and Lightly scratched the little cat softly behind the ear “see there little one I am not scary” As the scan were done ISAC looked up “I have to go to sickbay crewman Luke has the runs again” the lights flickered as the returned back on he was gone.


As the curious EMH dematerialised, Cobb once again stepped forward and emitted a somewhat exasperated sigh.
“I shall have to work on his…bedside manner,” he offered in apologetic explanation to both newcomers. “Truth be told, I haven’t entirely got to the bottom of his origins yet. We presume he was installed back at HQ, but considering what else they let loose onboard…”

The captain stopped, ran a hand through his long, silvering hair. “Anyway, coffee sounds like an admirable idea. And while the lounge might serve as an unorthodox location for a boarding interview, I expect it will be quiet enough at this hour for us to remain undisturbed. Please,” he gestured with outstretched arm to the nearest corridor, “follow me. Miss Luna and Miss Cerenity? You are both welcome to join us if you wish? If Mr Hsull here is okay with that?”

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

Hsull felt somewhat better now that the EMH had gone. “Captain, that suggestion would be greatly accepted and of course Miss Luna and Miss Cerenity would both be welcome, but I think if Cerenity wanted to give K’Haat a quick flea bath, she would love for Cerenity to show her around the Levi if she wanted to.” Hsull made arrangements for his personal items to be transported directly to his quarters, and gave instructions for the maintenance crew to not touch any odd or unfamiliar controls on the INTRIGUE. Hsull placed his cane under his left arm, swagger stick style, and gestured to the Captain, “Captain, ladies, please lead the way,.....and Captain I wouldn’t worry too much about ISAC, I’m pretty sure K’Haat will figure out where he is being generated from, she’s good at that sort of thing. Now, I am dying for a cup of coffee,” He gave his version of a smile again, which was very toothy.

Hsull - CAARS

Cobb glanced down at the Savannah cat. “An engineer after my own heart, eh?” he winked at her, having grown quite comfortable conversing with animals after his former Yeoman.

” we would love to join you come along Cerenity” luna called as she turned to join the other two men. Cerenity rand up to the captain she pulled on his pantleg to get his attention then held her hand up for his. Luna tried to hide her grin it was nice to see Cerenity behave like a normal five year old.
Ensign luna

Without pause, the captain accepted Cerenity’s hand in his own. “I think we have some fish to feed while we’re at it, eh?” he grinned.

Dr. Hellsing was in the lounge with a nice hot cup of cinnamon roast coffee his Wolf Luna was laying on the cool floor relaxing. Lance was working on fixing his crossbow that unfortunately broke earlier that day in a training exercise on the hollow deck.(when will These people understand how deadly unicorns are) as he was almost done he placed in on the table and Took a sip of his coffee. Luna started to wag her tail as she heard someone approaching. Lance to can hear foot steps A few of them then he smelled the air. He was able to pick up captains cologne, and ensign Luna’s perfume The little pattering of feet was no doubt little sparrow. But they were have your footsteps and a thump someone big was with them. He got up from his set and get a tray of the captains favorite coffee and put it on his favorite table then he returned back to the seat (The tray also had a little mug of hot cocoa for a little Sparrow)

Dr. Hellsing
Lt. Lance Von Hellsing

They had stopped by Hsull’s quarters where he had given K’Haat the required flea bath, which turned out to be just a sprinkle of some sort of powder then a quick rinse in the sonic shower. K’Haat wasn’t happy about it, but endured it stoically and they had left her chortling angrily and furiously grooming her fur. As they neared the lounge area Hsull inhaled deeply, “I smell two things, one is coffee and the other is definitely canid. Does someone have a large dog onboard ?” Hsull personally had no problems with dogs, he had even met a few that he really liked. K’Haat on the other hand would tolerate the presence of a dog as long as it left her alone, but she would not abide the usual sniffy/smelly greeting that canids used. “I hope that coffee is hot and ready”, he ushered Cerenity into the lounge followed by the Captain and Luna while he entered last.

Hsull - CAARS

The Jörmungandr lounge was unlike any standard mess hall that Hsull might ever have seen. Azure blue walls and nautical paraphernalia offset homely couches and striped booths; while ambience came courtesy of holographic candles and antique, hurricane-style lamps. The bar itself ran the length of the room, shelves filled with an array of real liquors from each corner of the quadrant - a generous donation from the captain’s own, private collection.
But what truly caught the eye was the room’s centrepiece - full floor to ceiling in height, the cylindrical vessel cast a hypnotic, cerulean glow. To most it would be recognisable as part of an old M/ARA reaction assembly. But here it had found new life as a tropical aquarium, teeming with bright-coloured fish.

Only one small detail served to disrupt the tranquility of this space - a large, bronze plaque on the far right wall, memorial to those fallen at that spot. And beneath, scrawled in red marker onto the wall, the words “RIP - Copper’s right arm.”

It was in the direction of the bar that the captain immediately turned, busying himself with procuring real coffee while he responded to Hsull. “Aye, Mr Hellsing assures me that his wolf is well-trained,” he shot a glance at the Doctor, before returning to the Caitian with a frown. “We also have a Galdori couple currently with us. Are you familiar with the Galdori, Mr Hsull?”

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

OOC: By Galdori, he’s referring to Mwezi and Kula. Have a look at their bios if you want to know why Cobb might be feeling concerned, hehe.

Hsull was taken in by all that faced him in the lounge, it was far more opulent than any other ship he had been on, he nodded approvingly. “I like it, I could see myself finding a regular table in here.” He leaned on the head of his cane and continued to observe while listening to the Captain. “Galdorians,..Galdorians, aren’t they a canid race, resembling the Terran wolf ? I don’t think they will be any problem as long as they don’t try that sniffy/smelly thing that a lot of canids use as a greeting.” Hsull actually pulled back his lips and exposed his fangs at the thought of the last such greeting. He recovered quickly and ran a hand through his mane and smoothed his mustaches. “I’m sure that won’t be the case. Now, I need that coffee, and Captain…just exactly where will I be conducting research from ? I’d like quick access to the INQUIRER if possible, she has instruments and data gathering equipment specifically designed for airborne anomalies, as well as a few treatments for the nasties, if necessary.” The coffee aroma was getting to Hsull, he could think of nothing more relaxing than a strong, hot cuppa with triple cream, no sugar.

Hsull - CAARS

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