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After an hour Lance had made a very Basic White noise generator he then attach the white noise generator to the anatomy. The White noise generator will cycle through words to help The anatomy to communicate it was capable of,

Dr. Hellsing
Lt. Lance Von Hellsing

Inside the containment vessel the liquid was unable to take form, although it sloshed and churned in an unceasingly desperate attempt. But as the white noise was applied all movement instantly ceased, not a single wave evident on the surface. An eerie calm crept in, settling upon both men as if wrapped in blankets of cold mist. It was as if the liquid was…listening.

Endless moments passed by, the liquid seemingly frozen by its analytical attempt. Then suddenly a single ripple, surging inwards to be swallowed by a cavernous, swirling mouth. Then a whisper, ubiquitous in its resonance yet still chillingly hollow, like an icy finger being traced along each listener’s spine.

“And we did speak only to break the silence of the Sea.”

  • Goo

Lance looked at the CE “ Houston we have a contact” he said but still very chilled.

Dr. Hellsing
Lt. Lance Von Hellsing

Durheim immediately recognized the content; if not the specific voice or words of the anomaly - while posing as Mr. Cobb on the bridge, ‘he’ had been quoting some poetry or related items regarding the ocean. His head cocked in curiosity, and he stood from the stool that he had occupied while observing Mr. Hellsing work. “Yes indeed, Mr. Hellsing! You do seem to have established something at least; I don’t know if this qualifies as conversion as of yet, but it certainly appears to be a start towards that. I had never considered something like this white noise generator - I must remember that for the future; very well done.”

Ambling around the vessel, Jonathan watched the anomaly closely, seemingly unaffected by the unnatural voice’s efforts to tickle its listener’s spines. The RTF agents leaning nearby on the walls of the bay were not so resistant; visibly shivering at the eldritch tones. “So I must ask, Mr. Hellsing - what next? Does this tie into any ideas or efforts towards containment, or are you focused on information-gathering currently?” While the Chief Engineer’s words could be taken as critical, his tone was pure curiosity, bright and questioning. His eyes, visible through the thick goggles, shared the sentiment - they were open and twinkling, eager to see what came next.

WO Durheim, CE

Lance smiled “ tell me my dear CE are you a fan of the old movies called Ghostbusters. In the movie they have some thing that they call a containment unit. What I was thinking might be something very similar but in a way. We can use the transporters two store a creatures powder in a custom-made buffer with its own power source. And after we successfully stored on a buffer it’s just a matter of cold storage” he start to pull up files that shows a procedure that was used by an engineer of the name of Scotty he used to be the chief engineered on board the USS enterprise.

Dr. Hellsing
Lt. Lance Von Hellsing

Jonathan shook his head. “No, Mr. Hellsing; I can’t say that I am familiar with that media - there was a distinct lack of entertainment media available to me for much of my life. But that is neither here nor there! As for your suggestion of storing items inside a pattern buffer…” The Chief Engineer’s scarred brow furrowed as he considered his words. “In short, at this time I cannot approve such a method for anything beyond temporary containment; and even then I dislike it. I do not object for arbitrary reasons, mind! My primary reason is that in practice, there is almost always an unacceptable level of decay in the stored data beyond seventy-two hours or so. Yes, there are documented exceptions - some quite notable indeed! But it is not a solution that has sufficient research.” He paused, tapping metal fingers together as he gathered his thoughts.

“Secondly, most if not all of our specimens and subjects of interest, if you will, already operate well beyond our understanding of physics; and on occasion, reality itself. There are documented cases of changelings having adverse reactions to transporters - where they are stored in the pattern buffer only momentarily. If we extrapolate these incidents to anomalies… well, I daresay we don’t need any more unpredictability where they are concerned, Mr Hellsing!” Pausing once more, he pulled a small squeeze tube from a pocket on his coveralls; taking a mouthful of nutrient paste and swallowing before replacing the half-eaten tube.

“And lastly, we must consider that a part of our mission is containment - if we were to develop a fail-safe for buffer storage used in this manner, that would say… allow us to ‘flush’ the memory and effectively destroy it’s contents… well, while that is preferable to releasing a dangerous anomaly; it is still a failure of part of our mission. That does happen! We are far from perfect, and countless deaths are part of ARU history. But it is something to be considered, and avoided when possible.” Throughout the lecture (it couldn’t be mistaken for much else, after all) the Engineer’s tone had been that of a teacher, patiently explaining his thought processes; but not shutting down the idea entirely - merely shelving it for further investigation.

Surda finally interjected, having been content to watch the back and forth between the engineers. “I spend quite a bit of time communicating with contained anomalies, but I’ve never spoken to one quite so… cryptic.” Especially one that spoke of an old Earth poem. “I must wonder if it intends to be the Mariner.”
-Surda, COS

“Ahhhhhhhh,” the anomaly moaned at the sound of Surda’s voice. “This soul hath been alone on a wide wide sea.”

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“And never a saint took pity on this soul in agony?” Surda quirked an eyebrow up. “Hellsing, Durheim, what’s your opinion on the possibility of this anomaly having been adrift in space?”
-Surda COS

“Quite possible, Miss Surda - Quite possible indeed. Perhaps my freezing it....” Durheim paused, shaking his head. “No, my freezing it would be unrelated to it’s, ah.... poetic aspirations - it was saying something similar while it was on the bridge, prior to being detected. But that does not preclude a prior time spent in vacuum.”

WO Durheim; CE

At Surda’s poetic response, the liquid formed into a singular peak, curling at the end as of a long and bony finger, beckoning for the gathered crewmembers to draw in.
“Listen, Stranger! Storm and Wind, a Wind and Tempest strong!” it gave a whispered warning.

  • Goo

“If it had been in empty space… would it be aware of other anomalies? Gravitational perhaps, which would steer us off our course?” Surda was drawing parallels as best she could, but it had been a while since she had read the poem.
-Surda, CoS

“Hmmm…” Durhiem frowned thoughtfully, considering the possibility. “I suppose that may be possible; though I don’t know how we could determine that. But yes, given the references to danger and being adrift… this anomaly having encountered gravitational anomalies in the past would make sense. But the consistent warnings…” He scratched absently at his chin, considering the mobile body of water.

“I must say, while I am hesitant at best to take anything said by an anomaly seriously… well, we are headed towards a location that has apparently claimed several ships already. But without abandoning the mission entirely, how much caution can we exert? And in case the warnings become something beyond the current vague premonitions… can it be trusted?”

-WO Durheim, CE

“I have met many individuals people are hesitant to trust.” Hell, she had been an individual Starfleet was hesitant to trust. “More often than not, they just want to be acknowledged. If this anomaly is attempting to help us, perhaps even to save our lives, we ought to at least take its warnings into account.” Surda tilted her head, considering. “I’ll set a direct alert for any further communication to ensure we don’t miss more specific omens.”
-Surda, COS

Jonathan nodded in agreement. “That sound be easy to set up.”

“The Anomaly was set upon us to be a distraction” A deep voice said from the entrance. The voice belonged to the new Intelligence Chief, Adam Magnusson. He walked into the room surveying the personnel calmly. He lingered only moments longer on the two other members of the Senior staff, barely a moment on young Hellsing before resting his gaze on the poetic puddle “According to Admiral Roebuck it was so no one would question” He paused and eyed the creature curiously “The triangle” He clasped his hands behind his back “Captain sent me to inform you that this was sent here on purpose and to inquire if there have been any developments”


Sharp eyes landed on the Intelligence officer; easing slightly as the man was recognized and the words registered. “A distraction?” Glancing back at the canned anomaly, he nodded. “One way or another, it is here now; and I suppose it is indeed an effective distraction… But what exactly was the goal or intent? Was it intended to remain on the bridge, sowing chaos? Or was that a happy accident?” He scratched at his chin, pondering the unknown before turning to face the anomaly directly. Frowning, he considered what had been said. “Mr. Magnusson, you mentioned that the intent of the anomaly’s presence was so that collectively, we would not question the… ‘triangle’, yes? By ‘triangle’, that must refer to the anomalous region of space that we are intending to investigate - but that is an odd assumption; that we would break off our mission…”

The Engineer shook his head, dismissing that train of thought. “As for developments, Mr. Hellsing has established a method for the anomaly to… vocalize, if you will. It continues to give vague warnings, but I am not sure if it is genuine communication or more of a ‘stimulus-response’.”

-WO Durheim, CE

“I see” Adam said to the… distinctive-looking Chief Engineer, for a moment his eyes went to his mechanical arm in an appraising manner but it stayed there for less than a second “I agree with” He stopped mid sentance.

The lights cut out. In the space of a single breath the entire containment deck was plunged into almost total darkness, save only for an eerie glow from red strips of emergency lighting.

From the gloom came the hiss of a now-familiar whisper. “And a million million slimy things liv’d on—and so did I.”

  • The Mariner

“I do believe, gentlemen, that we are meant to pray.” Surda very nearly giggled, almost exhilarated by the challenge. “Perhaps… Yeats.” She cleared her throat and called into the darkness. “Oh sweet everlasting voice, be still.” She’d attempted to pull from the same time period, and if the voice could indeed only communicate in poetry she would most certainly reciprocate.
-Surda, CoS

Adam had closed his eyes as soon as the lights went out and started blinking often getting used to the sudden darkness. His hand behind his back went slightly under his shirt and fondled the type one phaser hidden, when nothing further happened he visibly relaxed, well it would have been visible without the darkness. He looked toward Surda but didn’t say anything, if she was able to communicate with the creature using poetry better than they would with normal words then that would be useful information.


Immediately upon the lights going out, Durheim’s eyes snapped over to where the container should remain; hoping to confirm that it was still intact. In the dim emergency lighting, little could be seen; and his left hand shot to his goggles, tuning them to the infrared spectrum. =/\=Computer; run full diagnostic on containment deck and verify status; priority on block 6-B.=/\= Jonathan’s tone was loud and firm; but he didn’t stand still as he waited for a response. Carefully, he moved around the container, gently fogging it with the liquid helium emitter. He wanted to keep the anomaly contained; but there was a risk of shattering the temporary container if the temperature was dropped too rapidly.

-WO Durheim, CE

=^= Containment level 1 diagnostic - primary containment systems operational. Computer systems operational. Lighting defective, decks 11 to 13. Issue - unknown. =^=

A noise, like the rush of wind through dense forest. When the computer spoke again, there was a subtle difference to the pitch and cadence of words. As one might expect in a sentient being when in panic.
=^= Intruder detected. =^=

“Yea, slimy things did crawl with legs, Upon the slimy Sea,” the Mariner hissed.

  • The Mariner

Durheim paused when the computer spoke for the second time; the change in tone catching him off guard. Turning to the others; the red glow glinted off of his thick goggles, lending his words a sinister air. “Something is wrong here… But we are fortunate that the containment deck was mostly cleared out prior to our departure. All the same; please be careful - Redundant systems should still be secure, but we need to be careful.” With a small gesture; a bright light on his forearm snapped on. Jonathan panned it around in a circle, eyeing up their immediate surroundings.

-WO Durheim, CE

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