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Mwezi contemplated the situation. If it had been stated in another tone of voice or by another man, he might have thought that last phrase was a threat. But from Cobb in this moment… It was a sad certainty. Kula and him had stumbled onto a classified vessel with classified missions, and they were in the thick of things now. There was nothing to do but let things play out. Maybe one day they’d go home, to Galdor if not to their old Timeline. But that day wasn’t today, or any day in the near future.

The Laleri nodded gravely, giving Cobb a look of understanding. “I understand, Sir. For the stability of the universe, this is our new home. At least for a long while.”

  • Mwezi

Cobb appeared almost relieved. “It’s not a bad home, for the most part. Three decks of pernicious anomalies and countless more on the horizon aside.” His laughter was brief. And while genuine, did nothing to diminish his words serious intent.
“I can offer you no promises on your personal safety, as I can not for any member of my crew. But what I can offer is anything else you may need? Our guest quarters are comfortable and spacious and Mr Durheim can configure an environment to meet almost any specification. As for your time, you are of course free to spend it as you choose. Although they say the devil makes hard work for idle hands. So if you have any skills or talents that could be put to good use?”

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

Mwezi nodded quietly as Cobb spoke, quietly contemplating what the future had in store for him. “I’ll talk to Mr. Durheim about those environmental settings. We’ve found our quarters to be rather warm for a heavily furred species like ourselves,” he said with an amused expression. “I do have some skills, although I’m not sure how useful they’ll be in this time and age. On the Chernov, I was in charge of Security, weapons, and tactics. I was the guy who all the security officers reported to, and I kept them in line and well trained. I was the guy who made sure the Torpedoes and Phasers were in good working order and I made sure the Torpedo Tubes were cleaned and refilled regularly, as well as inspecting the torpedoes we purchased, were assigned, or made in the machine shop were up to snuff. I was also responsible for the weapons/Tactical Station on the bridge, either filling it myself or assigning another security team member to the position.”

  • Mwezi

“Aye, well unfortunately such devices remain essential in this timeline also. Technology can develop at a rapid pace, but the primal nature of man seems often left behind and battle remains a common occurrence to all. In fact, the Leviathan’s own armaments include type eight turrets and type X arrays for phasers,” cerulean eyes sparkled at the opportunity to boast about his ship, “and four torpedo launchers spread across two separate bays!”

Immediately he paused, studied Mwezi with a more critical eye. “Of course, access to primary weapons systems is not granted by mere whim. Now, I realise that your…unique situation presents certain challenges in terms of validating experience or credentials.” One hand raked through his beard as the captain silently considered options - of which, in that precise moment, there appeared to be none. “I shall have a word with my Intel Chief on the matter,” he muttered to himself. “Clever chap. He’s sure to have some ideas.”

Then, turning once again to Mwezi, Cobb continued, “and what of your wife…ah, Kula? Was she on trade to Starfleet the same as you?”

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

“Partner is a more appropriate description for Kula,” Mwezi spoke softly, then thought for a moment. “Her specialty is, perhaps, a little more specific. She is a scientist, at the basic level. She has some special engineering skills, but her main specialty is in spacial dynamics and… A bunch of complicated physics that I don’t understand.”


“Ah, forgive me,” the captain shook his head, “I have an annoying tendency to slip into Earth parlance when discussing things that are truly universal. Particularly in matters of a more personal nature.”
In truth, Zachariah had been thinking of his own wife. Former wife. And the son he had turned away from so many long and angry years ago.

“It is difficult to find terminology in Earth Language that translates our terminology adequately without losing a lot of information or being verbally unwieldy. Kula and I have a relationship that is deeper than Earth’s ‘dating’ but not as deep as ‘marriage’. Partner seemed like the appropriate word.”

But any shame at his own ignorance was dissipated in a breath as he seized upon the remainder of Mwezi’s sentence and the intriguing prospect contained within.
“Spatial dynamics, you say? It just so happens that our current mission involves the study of a spatial anomaly. One that has become of great concern to the ARU. I would welcome most gratefully any expert commentary that Kula might be willing to offer on the anomaly itself? Or our own chances with it?”

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

“I’m sure she’d be glad to help out where she can. Should I send her up here? I suppose you could summon her yourself,” Mwezi gave a slight chuckle, smiling.

Mwezi, CTO

Cobb shared the chuckle. “Aye, indeed I could. But for a friendly meeting I might instead have her expecting a reprimand. I think this invitation will be more welcoming coming from you.”

Reaching into his desk drawer, the captain rummaged for several moments before finding two small objects and placing them on the desk.
“I reckon these will come in handy for you both. Comm badges. So that you can communicate with anyone on the ship and us with you. Amongst many other uses.”

He handed one of the devices to Mwezi. “I doubt it will interface easily with any of your own devices. But if Kula is currently in your quarters then it will allow you to reach her there.”

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

“I can reach her with this,” Mwezi held up his wrist, adorned with a wide cuff bracelet, “Or with this,” he touched his chest, referring to their now-private psychic connection. It was strange, having it so easy to reach just a single individual. He could always pick out her feelings in a crowd, but now there wasn’t a crowd to pick through.

“But thank you, this will be useful for many things,” Mwezi took the small device and struggled with it for a moment before pinning it onto his shirt. “Wonder if they come in plus-size,” he joked. “These big hands.”

He swiped his hand on the wrist device. “[Laleri term of endearment], Captain Cobb wants to talk with you about the spatial anomaly the ship is dealing with, I told him your specialty and he hopes you can help with our current predicament.”

  • Mwezi

Kula had been eating in the mess hall when Mwezi’s message appeared in holographic form, spinning lazily above her wristband device. She opened it up and heard his voice projected through the outer ear implants that transmitted all non-native speech to her ears when using the Universal Translator.

She swiped her finger across the edge of her URI and composed a response. “You didn’t give a location so I’m assuming you want me in his Ready Room. I’ll be there as soon as I can.”

She grabbed the three slices of apple and quarter bowl of soup she had been working on and slurped them down before turning to head towards the Captain’s Ready Room.

  • Kula

Mwezi nodded his head after Kula responded and reiterated her message to the Captain.

Kula entered a little while later and greeted Mwezi with a touch, the two clasping each-other’s hands firmly for a moment before she sat down next to her partner and looked at the Captain with curiosity.

IC: “Kula,” Cobb rose to simultaneously greet his new guest and also procure a third glass for another round of whiskey. “Please, come in. How are you finding my ship so far? Your rather unique arrival outstanding,” he added with a chuckle.

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

  • Mwezi

“It is… an interesting vessel to be on,” Kula spoke, her voice a little quiet. “It’s very quiet compared to what I’m used to,” she said, reaching up and running her fingers along the fabric of her collar. “I’m glad that Mwezi is here, I think I’d go insane without him.”

Kula, Researcher

Cobb’s eyes grew wide. “You find this ship quiet? By the gods, what manner of crew populated the Chernov?” He was as familiar as anyone of the turbulent history of space exploration, in their own timeline at least, and wondered silently on the skirmishes and battles their former vessel might have seen.

“I was never on the Chernov,” Kula spoke with a laugh, shaking her head. “I was a part of a Research Team on Galdor. I mean that it is quiet in here,” she tapped her chest. “Humans and other aliens don’t trigger my Empathic abilities.”

“Aye, I imagine it is of comfort to you both, to be stranded together than apart?” he continued at last, filling the third glass for Kula and then waving the bottle in silent offering to Mwezi. “Not that I, for one second, diminish the traumatic experience your arrival here must have been? As I have just explained to Mwezi, it will be my personal goal to provide you with comforts to smooth this transition. In Mwezi’s case, those comforts include work, something constructive to occupy his time. If you are of a similar mind then I have something that might just interest you?”

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

Kula took the glass but didn’t drink anything. Mwezi pushed his glass towards Cobb, accepting the drink. Kula considered the question for a few moments, then nodded. “Aye, something constructive to occupy my time would certainly be helpful. What did you have in mind?”

Kula, Civilian

Rising from his seat, the captain moved over to the large, observation window and beckoned for Kula to join. Were she to look out, from this vantage point, then she would notice on the edge of visible space a soft, intensely-blue, glow.
“The Alini Triangle,” he announced, as if by name alone she could unlock its secrets. Then with a sigh he returned to the desk, activating his terminal and turning it to face the couple, before refilling each partially drained glass.
“What I am about to show you,” his eyes moved from Mwezi to Kula and then back, “is classified. But since you are here now, then it is only fair that you see it. Prepare yourself,” he inched the replenished glasses forward, “this might be…distressing.”

An unfamiliar face appeared. Male, middle aged, dignified. And currently gripped by pure, unrestricted terror.
“We thought it merely a void. But we were wrong. There’s something else in here with us.”
A pause. From somewhere in the background the sound of screaming.
“The ship…[unintelligible]…no longer under our control. A course has been set but…[unintelligible]…oh god, we’ve gone to warp…”
The screen faded to black.

“That was Captain Tashtego. Of the USS Rokovoko,” Cobb broke the silence. “About a month ago they arrived in the Alini system on the hunt for the USS Essex. But instead of their fellow ARU colleagues, they found the anomaly. The Triangle. And now the Rokovoko has disappeared in their wake and the Leviathan sent to the slaughter on their tail.”

His eyes locked onto Kula. “I need to find out everything I can about that anomaly. The Admiral compared it to something from Earth called the ‘Bermuda Triangle’. But…so far that is all that we know. We have deployed several probes and are waiting for them to feed back. If you could provide any insight at all, Miss Kula, then I would be most grateful. As would be, I imagine, my entire crew.”

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

Kula went back to the window after all that and stared out at the expanse before them. “I suppose I’d begin by asking, what kind of readings are we getting from the area? Any unusual radiation, radio, subspace signals? Gravitational waves? I’m afraid I can’t give much insight without that, and I expect that information may be coming on the probes. The fact that the ship’s control was lost is a somewhat worrying thing, which suggests to me that this… Alini Triangle is, as Tashtego said, more than just a void.”

Kula was silent, considering the possibilities.

“I thought that the Bermuda triangle was just a superstition caused by frequent storms and poor navigation?” Mwezi commented, wanting to feel included in the conversation.

Mwezi and Kula

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