Setting up Shop (All are Welcome)

Posted Oct. 10, 2021, 8:13 p.m. by Chief Warrant Officer Hsull (Senior Researcher (Airborne Anomalies)) (David Stiles)

Posted by Civilian Kula (Researcher) in Setting up Shop (All are Welcome)

Posted by Chief Warrant Officer Hsull (Senior Researcher (Airborne Anomalies)) in Setting up Shop (All are Welcome)

Posted by Civilian Kula (Researcher) in Setting up Shop (All are Welcome)
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OOC: I’m making an assumption here that Hsull was given permission to set up his lab on the hangar bay, near the INQUIRER. If not he can always move later.

Hsull busily moved crates of equipment out of the small storage space and stacked them neatly against the bulkhead just outside the door, he then proceeded to move various boxes and crates from the INQUIRER into the area. This storage space was just behind and to the side of where the INQUIRER was setting locked into her docking clamps. Hsull had manage to acquire a small desk and several tables and shelving units and these were soon covered with equipment and manuals, a computer terminal was built into the desktop and he had even managed to acquire a fairly comfortable chair (Maintenance would never miss it).

K’Haat was currently pretending to have to track the little.....Cerenity down in a game of hide-and-seek but would return shortly. Sitting at the desk he reached over with his tail and retrieved a small instrument from a nearby table. “Now let’s see what Section 31 has been up too”, he said quietly to himself. He stood and ran the small device carefully over his entire body and noticed a small chirp when he passed it over his left forearm. He went over that area again and another chirp sounded.
“To himself again, he muttered “I wonder what we have here ? ” He carefully felt along under the fur on his forearm and felt a small lump just under the skin. Lacking a knife or scalpel at the moment he raised his index finger and allowed the claw to extend, he carefully cut along the length of the lump and inserting the claw soon pried out a small ceramic capsule, laying this on the desk he sprayed his arm with a disinfectant from the med-kit he normally carried on the INQUIRER, this also formed a sealant over the small wound. Nudging the ceramic capsule with his claw he could see no markings of any kind. “I would bet that K’Haat has one of these implanted somewhere, ........ we’ll soon see.”

Hsull - CAARS

Kula smelled a feline. It was an unmistakable scent, shared by feline-like species from many worlds. Caitians had it, earth cats had it, and the Raka had it. Something about cleaning your body with your own saliva. She wasn’t sure. But it was there, a soft, almost pleasant smell of dander and fur, so very different from the sweaty, unpleasant smell of most humanoids, which she was beginning to tire of. She knew it wasn’t a Raka - she’d be able to sense them through more than just her nose if it was. But the smell still tickled her curiosity, so she began to follow it through the ship. Eventually the smells led her to the Hangar bay, where she could also sense the distinct metallic tang of blood. Shoot.

The scientist increased her pace, running into the hanger bay with a panicked look on her face just as the Caitian officer was spraying the disinfectant.

Kula, Civilian

Hsull had just finished spraying the small wound on his forearm when he heard a noise and looked up to see a somewhat panicked looking Canid staring in through the door at him, he set aside the can of disinfectant and raised both arms palms outward, “No need for distress, just a bit of crude minor surgery.” as he said this and displayed his open hands his tail had wrapped around his cane and quietly brought it up by his left side. The Canid was giving off distress pheromones which gave a tart coppery sensation in the air. Hsull perceived that the Canid was a female, “My name is Hsull, I’m the chief airborne anomalies researcher. Just setting up shop here, how can I be of assistance ?” The cane was now poised at waist level hidden by the desk, Hsull placed both hands on the desk top, the Canid was probably just curious or attracted by the smell of the small amount of blood that had oozed from the shallow wound, Canid species tended to have an incredible sense of smell, more sensitive than even his own. The handle of the cane was now less than two inches from his left hand.

Hsull - CAARS

Kula noticed the strange Caitian was moving something behind the desk, but didn’t consider it important. “Ah, I smelled blood so I thought something was wrong,” she explained, giving him a toothy grin - mouth open, eyes closed. Although, perhaps that was the wrong choice, some species saw showing teeth as an aggressive move.

“I’m Kula, I’m… Helping out in the Science Department until Starfleet can figure out what to do with me,” she explained awkwardly after Hsull made his introduction. While the lighter tone of her voice and the cut of her shirt might suggest feminine identity, there was nothing else about this individual that communicated her sex or gender. There were no breasts, no long hair, and no feminine pheromones. “So, um, sorry I interrupted you.”

Kula, Civilian Researcher

Hsull reached down and grasped the cane and leant it up against the desk, “Please, it was no interruption, I’d offer you a chair but I had to steal.......,’er borrow this one, but you’re more than welcome to pull up a crate and have a seat, I’d offer some refreshments but they haven’t got the replicator set up in here yet.” Hsull realized that the toothy display was a grin, he had the same problem…, hard to convey a grin when you had carnivorous dentistry. “So right now you’re kind of unattached, department wise. I’m sure they’ll be able to find a place for you soon. What’s your field of endeavor, if you don’t mind me asking ?” Hsull got up and pulled a crate from the corner and slid it more or less in front of the desk and sat on the corner of the desk with one leg dangling.

The Canid he observed was a few inches shorter than himself and about 25 to 30 lbs lighter, that along with a lighter toned voice led him to assume that Kula was female. The name Kula also seemed feminine to him, he might be wrong, but he was pretty sure he was talking to a female of the species.

It was at this moment that K’Haat returned from playing with Cerenity, K’Haat padded up stood just behind Kula then sat down, neither being threatening or friendly until she had determined who this stranger was, “Hsull pointed to behind Kula, “You’re probably already aware of it but there is a large cat sitting right behind you.”

Hsull - CAARS

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