MPT-LS - Year of Hell - Darkness descends onto the CIC

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At the helm, NE MacReady continued to battle with the navigational controls. He’d finally relented to an engineer inspecting the terminal, but not a single issue had been found. Still, something about the massive starship felt ‘off’. And his failure to articulate this to the crew was causing MacReady unmeasurable anxiety. In desperation, the man turned to the other occupants of the CIC.
“Is anyone else having problems with their stations?” he implored. “Or is it just me feeling like something is…wrong.”

  • NE MacReady

“My sensor readings are being affected by the anomaly itself, the data isn’t making much sense.” Reira stated, MacReady’s sense of the ship being off was shared by the drone. Instincts combining with his acute sense of how the ship should work, there certainly was something off. “MacReady, could you try and back us off? I have a feeling that the anomaly is doing this and the closer we get, the worse this becomes. Use thrusters if you don’t trust the impulse!”

Lt j.g. Reira Akaba (Science)

“Aye, will do,” MacReady nodded, relieved to have confirmation that he was not losing his mind. “Co-ordinates locked in. Impulse engines engaged. Backing off now.”
A curious vibration appeared to ripple through the ship, MacReady aware of a brief sensation in the soles of his feet. But it was forgotten as the Leviathan began to shift under his command, placing reassuring space between themselves and the Alini Triangle.
“Am I glad to see that thing growing smaller,” the helmsman exhaled with a nod towards the viewscreen.

Then once again it came, that curious ripple, MacReady’s eyes now wide as he stared down at his readouts.

The Leviathan was once again creeping forwards, towards the Triangle…

  • NE MacReady

Reira could feel the distortion… Something was going wrong. He needed time to analyze it, but he doubted they had time as he tried to apply some Borg Multi-Spatial Algorithm’s to try and make sense of the data he was getting in as the ripple affected the ship. “Helmsman, are we moving towards the anomaly again? I think that energy pulse we’ve detected is like a spatial safety net, making sure we can’t get too far away…” He asked, trying to figure it out.

Lt j.g. Reira Akaba (Science)

Raauhl was returning from the Mess Hall, he’d spent a solid few hours in CIC and was finally forced out of the command center to get some food by his rumbling stomach, as he walked along the corridor he caught movement in the dormant display panels, he first played it off as his own reflection but with every passing display screen and subsequent reflection the image seemed to become blurry, like looking through ripples in water and then the image moved without him doing soon. Shaking his head he blinked and the screen was back to normal. “Technical Gitch” He told himself before finally entering the CIC, though the sense of anxiety still loomed.

“Can somebody run a diagnostic on the display screens out in the corridor swear I saw something moving but…” He shrugged “I dont know maybe it was just me but have engineering look at it, how are we doing here?” He asked unaware of the current situation which had developed during his quick break.

  • Cmdr Ryder Raauhl, XO

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Jaieh had only intended to be in the CIC for a few minutes, but this turn of events kept her there. Her hand rested on the medical tricorder fastened to her hip, not that it’d be much use here. She stepped up and tapped at a console to check the status of the ship. Her engineering skills were limited, but she would apply what she did know in an emergency.

-Lt Jaieh Vrenek

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His anxiety rising, MacReady’s hands began to frantically pound at the navigation controls.
“Sirs,” he called out to Raauhl or anyone else who might help. “I think Lt Akaba may be right that we’re caught in some kind of…well, I don’t know but, I can’t seem to pull us away from the anomaly. We’re being pulled into it instead!”

And indeed, were anyone to observe MacReady’s readouts, or the looming image of the Alini Triangle on the viewscreen, they would see, unmistakably, the image growing larger as the Leviathan continued on its forced advance.

  • NE MacReady

“Bring the ship to red alert” Raauhl said, finally deciding the ship was likly in some sort of danger be it natural or man made. “What do the sensors tell us of the force pulling us in?” He asked, activating the holographic display in the center of the room, it showed the Leviathan edging closer to the anomaly.

  • Cmdr Raauhl XO

Adam entered the CIC Just as the order for red alert was called. He walked slowly towards the first officer, making himself known but not interfering. His report could wait a few moments if the ship was falling into the anomaly.


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