Hollow deck training

Posted Oct. 15, 2021, 5:16 p.m. by Lieutenant Lance Von Hellsing (Engineer / RTF) (James Gray)

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Posted by Lieutenant Lance Von Hellsing (Engineer / RTF) in Hollow deck training
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Lance is running hollow deck simulations seen how the crew would react to certain creatures out there.

People will have a choice of three

Sim 1. People have been having their deepest wish come true. Afew days after gold coins are covering there eyes on there dead bodys. In the gold coins points to a possible leprechaun.

Mission: find the leprechaun and trap in an black Iron box.

Sim 2. In a small town with a drug problem a little girls wish came true to have a unicorn. Then people start going missing.

Mission: stop the unicorn from eating before it turns into it’s demon form. Bonus points for capturing it alive. No bonus if Target is terminated.

Sim 3. Crazy accidents have been happing onboard Accidents look like Random malfunctions. Reports of a little creature have came in and the possibility of it being a gremlin is very high.

Mission: find the gremlin before midnight and keep it away from any form of liquid.

Pick one and have fun

Dr. Hellsing
Lt. Lance Von Hellsing

Kara had heard about Doctor Hellsing’s somewhat unique holodeck simulations and had to admit to being intrigued. Plus, with the Leviathan still a few days away from the anomaly and her personal research on hold due to ‘reallocation of resources’, a little topical training sounded like a fantastic use of her time.

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IC: Phil had arrived at the holodeck as requested by the RTF CO only to find Nakuto preparing to enter.

“Captain,” he said politely, “Here for the training simulation too?”

Entering the holodeck, the half-Klingon took a moment to study the available scenarios, before making her choice with a customary roar.
=^= Computer, run Hellsing scenario three! =^=

  • Kara Nakuto (Consultant Researcher)

the computer started with you in the mess hall. A crewman got up from his chair to get hot soup from the replicator. But the soup didn’t go into the bowl below. The crewman started to scream due to hot soup spraying him it the face. After the crewman fell to the floor with very bad Second degree burns on his face you can hear muffled laughing coming from the wall.

HaloDeck program Hellsing 03

“What the?..” Phil said as he took a small medkit from a supply cupboard and rushed over to the holographic crewmember that was in pain.

Before even scanning he took a burn spray from the kit.

“This will help sooth it initially,” Phil said as he began to apply the cool spray to the crewmember’s face.


The crewman’s face started to burn away (someone switched the spray with acid) then the Laughter was louder behind the wall.

HaloDeck program Hellsing 03


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