Alpha Sickbay - Neither Hir nor There

Posted Nov. 24, 2021, 9:03 a.m. by Lieutenant Commander Hir Ra-Mhadreii (Chief Science Officer) (Trinity Fister)

Posted by Lieutenant ISAC (Assistant Chief Medical Officer (EMH)) in Alpha Sickbay - Neither Hir nor There

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Hir Ra-Mhadreii (Chief Science Officer) in Alpha Sickbay - Neither Hir nor There

Posted by Lieutenant ISAC (Assistant Chief Medical Officer (EMH)) in Alpha Sickbay - Neither Hir nor There
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Hir sucked in a ragged breath and yanked an offending white hair from their science blues. Am I ready for this? They scowled at the meek, hesitant voice echoing from the depths of their mind. How dare their subconscious smother them with doubt? No! Hir seethed, refusing to let some unseemly thought best them. They had better things to do—well, almost.

Slipping from their quarters to the corridor, Hir glanced at their PaDD and strived to ignore the Physical - 0715 mocking them from the corner calendar. Was it necessary? Sure, everyone benefited from knowing they weren’t carrying some egregious space bug… but wouldn’t the requisite pre-boarding scans have caught them? Besides, the transporter’s biofilm filter would’ve destroyed any pesky pathogens looking to hitch a ride. Why waste some poor Doctor’s time for another useless scan? Hir stifled a grumble.

The sinewy, whispy-haired scientist bimbled into Alpha Sickbay with seconds to spare. Silently, they approached the reception desk and armed a crooked, friendly grin. “Hi there, I’m Hir Ra-Mhadreii. I have an onboarding physical scheduled for 0715.”

— Hir Ra-Mhadreii, CSO

Someone who looked like to be dressed as a plague doctor came out of one of the offices “ I can take you over here” he said with a weird echo.


“All right…” Hir returned, a curious eyebrow creeping dangerously close to their whispy hairline. They hadn’t expected an ominous figure to emerge from what was, to them, nowhere. But, this was the Leviathan and they were in the know enough to understand normal didn’t apply. “What’s your name, Doctor?”

— Hir Ra-Mhadreii, CSO

The doctor looked at him “my name is ISAC (Intelligent System Analytic Computer) I am a free holographic Life form. He said as they got to the bio bed “ ok take a set we can run a few scans and get you integrated in the ship computer”


“Sure thing, ISAC.” Hir nodded, tugging at their uniform as they settled onto the biobed. They were under the impression Command would’ve sent over their medical and personnel files, but part of them suspected Leviathan ran things a little different.

— Hir Ra-Mhadreii, CSO

The bio bed was trined on

What are your bio reading

Hir Ra-Mhadreii


36 terran years



Medical background:

fractured fifth metacarpal, osteoregenerator
chemical burns to 9% of the body, burn chamber
75% vision loss to the O.D. (right eye), irreversible
assorted cases of common bugs, dehydration and syncope


ARA H1 + H3 (nuts)
Triptacederine (analgesic)


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