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Lance was doing work in the containment area he had an old record player beside him that was playing opera music. For some reason most of the creatures contain their enjoyed the music for some reason they were at peace with it. As he completed his work he walked around to the cells that everything was all right before his shift ended.

Dr. Hellsing
Lt. Lance Von Hellsing (engineering)

Abigail was on watch, she’d been posted to the Leviathan just after they left the station and she’d barely explored the ship. It was her rotation and instead of sitting couped up in the security room she’d decided to do things the old fashion way and walk the beat so to speak. She’d been halfway through the containment deck when she saw a figure wearing engineering colours. It was normal for the stafleet personnel to visit the decks either through study to to maintain the cell security system so she wasn’t particularly worried. “Good Evening Sir” She called out noting his Lieutenant pips. Abigail was tall, almost 6ft in fact and had an athletic body, brown mousy hair and hazel eyes.

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