Side Sim - Impromptu Rescue Mission (Closed, Invitation Only)

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“If they’re terrified and hopeless, they must perceive some kind of danger,” Tal spoke softly, pensively. “How stable is that vessel? And can we extract the animal?”

— Abara, Cognitive Science

Mwezi watched the vessel quietly, staring at it. His eyes narrowed.

The sensors picked up a few more details about the ship. It was a regular little cargo vessel, and from the list of it’s floating and the large hole in it’s side, it seemed clear as to… how the crew had met their demise. As they approached even closer, they could pick up the one little life sign. “This time period, you have more advanced transporters than what they had where Kula and I come from. Is it possible to latch onto the signal of the animal and beam it onto this shuttle? Does the shuttle have a transporter?” he glanced back, looking for the pads on the ground that would identify what he was looking for.

Mwezi, CTO

Tal peered closer, her lips parting at the hole ripped into the vessel’s side. “We have a transporter,” she jabbed a thumb at the stern, “but it’s weak. We need to get within 5,000 kilometres of the ship and get a firm lock on the creature’s life signs.” She glanced at the NE Pilot. “Think you can get a lock, Ensign?”

— Abara, Cognitive Science

The Ensign looked at the vessel. “I don’t see why not. We’ll have to get closer, of course.” And so they did, bringing the shuttle closer to the wreck.

“Fantastic,” Tal offered a curt nod and watched as their shuttle edged closer to the wreck.

It was quiet and still, floating listlessly through space. Their shuttle came up close to the other vessel, and the Ensign located a lifesign. “I’ve found one lifesign. It’s fairly weak, but I think I can lock onto it.”

Mwezi nodded and rushed back towards the transporters, extending his emotional sphere and trying to send reassuring moods towards the creature. It acknowledged him, which was hopeful. With a whirr, the transporter activated, and the animal was beamed aboard.

It was a odd little thing, with a body shape somewhere between that of a cat and a rabbit. It was about the size of a small adult cat. It was very fluffy and stood on the paw pads of all four feet. It had a short fluffy tail and long, droopy Lop-rabbit like ears. The strangest aspect of it’s anatomy, however, was the pair of fluffy wings attached near it’s shoulders, and the pushed-out chest to hold the muscles for those wings. The coloration of the animal resembled that of a spaniel, with white fur and many black patches and spots.

It stared up at them all, then used its wings to cover its head in fear at the change in its surroundings.

Mwezi, CTO

Tal snatched her medical tricorder, journeying only a few meagre stepe toward their new companion. Instinct tempted her in a flurry of curiosity and concern, but Tal got ahold of herself and awaited the ‘okay’ to approach. “Let’s give them space,” she whispered to Hsull and the pilot. Though she knew decidedly little about Mewzi’s homeworld and its inhabitants, Tal suspected few Milky-Way-dwelling creatures wanted a gaggle of officers bombarding them in a moment of fear. But perhaps she was making too broad an assumption.

— Abara, Cognitive Science

Mwezi crouched a few feet away from the animal and closed his eyes, connecting his consciousness to its’ and sensing its emotions. “It’s a domestic pet, a Bor’kyn,” he explained in a soft voice, opening his eyes again. “I’m not entirely sure, but it seems to have been with creatures that it feared. They feared something greater, then they were gone. Whatever made them gone caused great terror, but it didn’t attack the Bor’kyn. I’m not sure why, but it seems to believe that it survived because it is very good at hiding.”

Hearing his voice and feeling the soft waves of safety that Mwezi sent towards it, the Bor’kyn lifted its wings and folded them, looking up at the assembled officers with a mixture of caution and curiosity.

Mwezi, CTO

Hsull had instinctively held back from approaching the small creature, he realized that to many others he resembled a nearly 7 ft. tall carnivore wearing a Starfleet uniform, he didn’t want to startle the small winged creature. “There are no more life signs on board the ship, perhaps we should beam aboard and see if there are remains of other creatures or beings.”

Hsull - CAARS

Mwezi reached forward and held his hand before the animal, waiting for it to react. After a few moments, it stepped forward slightly and sniffed his hand, and eventually pressed against him. Mwezi glanced up at the others. “That might be a good idea. We should get EVA suits, just in case. How much atmosphere are you detecting on the ship?”

The NE glanced at the scans. “Uh, not much. Seemed our little friend was in a self-contained environment. Like a fish tank. It was sealed, looks like most of the rest of the ship is exposed to vacuum.”

Mwezi, CTO

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