CO Vacancy ((Message from the FComm))

Posted Nov. 27, 2021, 11:51 p.m. by Lieutenant Lance Von Hellsing (Engineer / RTF) (James Gray)

Posted by Ensign Hawkeye Logan (Medical Officer) in CO Vacancy ((Message from the FComm))

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I thought I would post here that we are still in search of a CO for the LEVI. There are still two more days to accept apps. If anyone is interested, please email myself (Foremost FCOMM).

This is a special and unique ship and I hope we find someone to keep her afloat. If anyone has nominations, please let me know as well. I’m happy to go ‘shoulder tapping’ if you aren’t willing to smiles

I now return you to your sims already in progress....

Meli the Mobstress
Komodo Dragon
Foremost FComm

I know I don’t have the right experience, but I am willing to give it a shot. I would love to keep this ship up and running. I care about everyone and I feel like that this ship would have a good captain on board. And I am willing to try it out. It has been something that I’ve been wanting and willing to do for a long while and is something that I feel like is needed. As a fellow friend and starfleet officer I would like to dedicate myself as the new captain if it is possible. I am also willing to give my answers here.

A1: My qualifications as CO (mind you most of my experience involves with a lot of Star Trek games like Star Trek Online and regular roleplay) and I have a lot of qualifications like taking on missions that might be dangerous or even taking risks as captain. Giving orders that is needed and not when they aren’t needed. Like know when it is the right time and not the right time.

A2: How I’d deal with the AWOL issues is talk to the person and is willing to let them know ‘hey you are AWOL. I’m gonna go ahead and send you a few links that you can join and help out’ and what not. I feel like seeing people AWOL like me for instance isn’t a good thing on board a starship. Everyone should at least be involved with some of the rps.

A3: I am more then prepared to start, participate in and keeping the sims going on the ship cause honestly I would be able to watch everything and not let it go down hill and not have a ship that won’t work out for people. I’d be able to do that by overseeing everything and what not and try to participate in them when I can.

A4: I had an idea of an Anomaly of someone going by and investigating them a little bit and know what they do. Or train themselves like the original captain did with my character Hawkeye Logan of doing a little game of chess. Doing a game of chess or something like test your ability doing it.

A5: I am willing to invest into being the CO of the Levi longer then 6 months, one presidential term and just till school starts. I want to be that type of person that really want to inspire everyone for a long term being CO of the ship.


Chris I don’t think an ensign can jump all the way to a captain lol this is not Star Trek online and I don’t think Star Trek online will qualify you lol

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