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Posted by Lieutenant Laural Corynn Witley, Ph.D., M.D. (Counselor) in Setting up Shop (All are Welcome)

Posted by Civilian Cerenity (Luna’s daughter) in Setting up Shop (All are Welcome)
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OOC: I’m making an assumption here that Hsull was given permission to set up his lab on the hangar bay, near the INQUIRER. If not he can always move later.

Hsull busily moved crates of equipment out of the small storage space and stacked them neatly against the bulkhead just outside the door, he then proceeded to move various boxes and crates from the INQUIRER into the area. This storage space was just behind and to the side of where the INQUIRER was setting locked into her docking clamps. Hsull had manage to acquire a small desk and several tables and shelving units and these were soon covered with equipment and manuals, a computer terminal was built into the desktop and he had even managed to acquire a fairly comfortable chair (Maintenance would never miss it).

K’Haat was currently pretending to have to track the little.....Cerenity down in a game of hide-and-seek but would return shortly. Sitting at the desk he reached over with his tail and retrieved a small instrument from a nearby table. “Now let’s see what Section 31 has been up too”, he said quietly to himself. He stood and ran the small device carefully over his entire body and noticed a small chirp when he passed it over his left forearm. He went over that area again and another chirp sounded.
“To himself again, he muttered “I wonder what we have here ? ” He carefully felt along under the fur on his forearm and felt a small lump just under the skin. Lacking a knife or scalpel at the moment he raised his index finger and allowed the claw to extend, he carefully cut along the length of the lump and inserting the claw soon pried out a small ceramic capsule, laying this on the desk he sprayed his arm with a disinfectant from the med-kit he normally carried on the INQUIRER, this also formed a sealant over the small wound. Nudging the ceramic capsule with his claw he could see no markings of any kind. “I would bet that K’Haat has one of these implanted somewhere, ........ we’ll soon see.”

Hsull - CAARS

Kula smelled a feline. It was an unmistakable scent, shared by feline-like species from many worlds. Caitians had it, earth cats had it, and the Raka had it. Something about cleaning your body with your own saliva. She wasn’t sure. But it was there, a soft, almost pleasant smell of dander and fur, so very different from the sweaty, unpleasant smell of most humanoids, which she was beginning to tire of. She knew it wasn’t a Raka - she’d be able to sense them through more than just her nose if it was. But the smell still tickled her curiosity, so she began to follow it through the ship. Eventually the smells led her to the Hangar bay, where she could also sense the distinct metallic tang of blood. Shoot.

The scientist increased her pace, running into the hanger bay with a panicked look on her face just as the Caitian officer was spraying the disinfectant.

Kula, Civilian

Hsull had just finished spraying the small wound on his forearm when he heard a noise and looked up to see a somewhat panicked looking Canid staring in through the door at him, he set aside the can of disinfectant and raised both arms palms outward, “No need for distress, just a bit of crude minor surgery.” as he said this and displayed his open hands his tail had wrapped around his cane and quietly brought it up by his left side. The Canid was giving off distress pheromones which gave a tart coppery sensation in the air. Hsull perceived that the Canid was a female, “My name is Hsull, I’m the chief airborne anomalies researcher. Just setting up shop here, how can I be of assistance ?” The cane was now poised at waist level hidden by the desk, Hsull placed both hands on the desk top, the Canid was probably just curious or attracted by the smell of the small amount of blood that had oozed from the shallow wound, Canid species tended to have an incredible sense of smell, more sensitive than even his own. The handle of the cane was now less than two inches from his left hand.

Hsull - CAARS

Kula noticed the strange Caitian was moving something behind the desk, but didn’t consider it important. “Ah, I smelled blood so I thought something was wrong,” she explained, giving him a toothy grin - mouth open, eyes closed. Although, perhaps that was the wrong choice, some species saw showing teeth as an aggressive move.

“I’m Kula, I’m… Helping out in the Science Department until Starfleet can figure out what to do with me,” she explained awkwardly after Hsull made his introduction. While the lighter tone of her voice and the cut of her shirt might suggest feminine identity, there was nothing else about this individual that communicated her sex or gender. There were no breasts, no long hair, and no feminine pheromones. “So, um, sorry I interrupted you.”

Kula, Civilian Researcher

Hsull reached down and grasped the cane and leant it up against the desk, “Please, it was no interruption, I’d offer you a chair but I had to steal.......,’er borrow this one, but you’re more than welcome to pull up a crate and have a seat, I’d offer some refreshments but they haven’t got the replicator set up in here yet.” Hsull realized that the toothy display was a grin, he had the same problem…, hard to convey a grin when you had carnivorous dentistry. “So right now you’re kind of unattached, department wise. I’m sure they’ll be able to find a place for you soon. What’s your field of endeavor, if you don’t mind me asking ?” Hsull got up and pulled a crate from the corner and slid it more or less in front of the desk and sat on the corner of the desk with one leg dangling.

The Canid he observed was a few inches shorter than himself and about 25 to 30 lbs lighter, that along with a lighter toned voice led him to assume that Kula was female. The name Kula also seemed feminine to him, he might be wrong, but he was pretty sure he was talking to a female of the species.

It was at this moment that K’Haat returned from playing with Cerenity, K’Haat padded up stood just behind Kula then sat down, neither being threatening or friendly until she had determined who this stranger was, “Hsull pointed to behind Kula, “You’re probably already aware of it but there is a large cat sitting right behind you.”

Hsull - CAARS

Kula chuckled slightly at the comment regarding how Hsull had acquired the chair. She felt a wave of slight worry coming from Mwezi and sent him a blip of calm, reassuring him that her mild panic earlier hadn’t been serious. “Not so much departmentally detached, more… well, I’m not a Starfleet person, never attended any sort of military academy. I spent my early adulthood studying interstellar physics, subspace, and other mathematical and physics related fields.

Her nose picked up the cat long before it appeared, although she didn’t initially react to it’s presence. She turned her head, looking at the animal with a quiet, flat expression. Well, look at that. More cats.

Kula, Civ

” K’Haat!” The voice of a small child could be heard calling the cat long befor she appeared in the doorway of the Lab. A Barn owl was settled the four-year-olds arm his fathers ruffled he was clearly agitated about sumthing. ” K’haat do you know where oh… hi mister Hsull I was looking for you?” She said happily.

Hsull nodded to Cerenity and turned to Kula, “This is Miss Cerenity, she’s kind of a special character around here,” he said this with his version of a toothy grin. “Cerenity this is Kula, she’s sort of new here like K’Haat and I, now what can I do for you little one ?”

Hsull - CAARS

” mommy is busy im not allowed I’m sick bay at the moment I slipped my wing on a corner, I thought maby I could help you” she asked.

“Yes,” Kula nodded, giving the child a small smile. “We have met, albeit briefly.”

” we have” cerenity asked clearly not knowing.

K’Haat had heard and smelled the little ones approach long before she arrived, not knowing yet if the newcomer was friendly and how they would react to the small winged human, she rose and placed herself between Cerenity and the newcomer. She was now of a height that Cerenity could barely reach over her back while standing on tiptoe. Just in case, she stimulated her endocrine and pituitary system once again, flooding her body with adrenaline and growth hormones. To someone watching closely she seemed to swell as they watched, what her eventual size would be she had no idea but she knew she had to be bigger and stronger....for all their sakes.

K’Haat - GEF

Kula could smell something… Wrong happening to that cat. Smells that shouldn’t be coming from a fully grown animal. She took a slight step back, frowning slightly. “Well, if you are not injured, I see no reason to linger. It was… Interesting to meet you, H’sull,” she nodded slightly, then stepped around the cat and child, heading for the door.

Kula, Civilian

As Kula left, K’Haat walked up to the desk and coughed twice, on the second cough a small ceramic capsule was spat out on the desk, was identical to the one Hsull had dug out of his arm. Hsull checked K’Haat over for any wounds, where she might have chewed or dug the thing out, but could find nothing. He noticed that she felt hot to the touch and made sure that there was fresh water in her bowl. She drank down that bowl and half of another, then stood by her feed bowl and stared at him, ....he got an impression of intense hunger from her.

Going to the replicator he fiddled with it for a minute and after attaching a few connections saw that it was now functional. He looked at K’Haat and the golden eyes looked back intently, he didn’t think kibble was on the menu right now so he spoke to the replicator computer, “I need about five pounds of raw meat”, looking back at K’Haat , “Horse meat if you can do that”. The reply was affirmative and soon a plate appeared piled high with raw, bloody horsemeat, which he sat on the floor and watched as K’Haat began devouring the meat.

He then remembered that the little one was still standing there watching all that was going on. “Cerenity, K’Haat is going through a growth spurt right now and she’s really, really hungry......, let’s let her eat while you tell me what it was you wanted to tell me.” Hsull stood and gently guided Cerenity out into the hangar bay as the sounds of meat being devoured echoed in the small lab.

Hsull - CAARS

Hsull had guided Cerenity into the hangar bay where he let her sit in the cockpit of the INQUIRER and he explained as best he could what all the knobs, buttons, and displays were for at a four year old level. He made sure that there was no power available and let her play there for a bit while he checked on K’Haat. He found her vigorously cleaning herself, telling her to keep an eye on Cerenity he headed off across the hangar.

Hsull soon returned carrying a small sofa, which he quietly placed in the back of his storage space/cum lab. He checked on Cerenity again and found that she had fallen asleep in the cockpit, he gently picked her up and placed her on the purloined sofa, then continued to quietly arrange his equipment and move storage containers out in the hangar bay. He decided that now was as good a time as any to look at the ceramic capsules on his desk, they were identical and he could discern no markings on them of any kind, he made the assumption that they were tracking devices of some kind so he pulled out a small shielded container and placed them both inside. He checked on Cerenity again and found K’Haat curled on the sofa with Cerenity snuggled up against her, they both appeared to be sound asleep. As he watched two golden eyes opened and looked at him, <She is safe, I merely rest, I no longer need to sleep, I must be on guard>, this thought penetrated his consciousness and he stared back, perplexed and a bit awed by what had just happened. If K’Haat was now able to project thoughts in a sentient form, what the devil was going to happen to him when whatever it was manifested itself ?

Hsull - CAARS

OOC: Hope you don’t mind my borrowing Cerenity, for a nap at least.

OOC: your fine im sorry I disappeared for so long life got crazy on me.

IC: Cerenity started to walked up stretching she looked around. ” good morning K’Haat” she said sleepaly. A grinn crossed her face as she opened her wings and quickly regretted that. Her right wing the one she had cliped was still swore. She whimpered closing her wings quickly. ” ugg… Not being able to fly is the worst” she uttered in frustration.

K’Haat felt the little one begin to stir and straightened her body out from where she had wrapped around Cerenity to provide warmth and to protect her. Hsull was sitting at the desk with his feet propped up on a packing container and his cane laid across his lap, his tail was doing it’s own thing as usual, which currently meant that it was gently swishing back and forth behind the chair. Apparently both he and the little one had fallen asleep, he was a bit tired from the moving process, placing the cane on the desk he stood and raised his arms above his head and stretched, strangely he felt his fingers brush the overhead. The storage compartment/lab had a ceiling that was about three meters high.......,”So it’s started” he said under his breath. He looked at his hands, they did seem slightly larger. Extending his claws he was surprised to see that they were not only longer, but thicker as well. Turning to Cerenity, “Well little one, I don’t know about you but I’m starving. Let’s see about getting some breakfast.” Whatever would happen, would happen....., apparently he too had been altered to grow, just as K’Haat had been. “Let’s grab some breakfast and then we’ll check and see what your mom is up to, and maybe Dr. ISAC could look at your wing.”

Hsull - CAARS

” he already did food sounds wonderful” she said walking up to Hsull. “Does your tail help you balance I read somewhere that cats use there tails for balance, I wonder if it’s the same for you” she asked.

Hsull herded Cerenity out the door and they headed for mess to seek some sustenance. Hsull was a bit in awe at the questions a 4 year old human asked, “My tail....he pondered a bit. My tail isn’t used quite so much for balance since we walk upright, but it’s what we call <prehensile> which means I can grab things with it , ,
, like my cane,” he shifted his cane so he could wrap his tail around it. “You know I didn’t have a tail growing up, and I’m still getting used to having one now.” Let’s stop by sickbay anyway and see if your mom or Dr. ISAC would like to join us, all though I don’t suppose Dr. ISAC actually eats.”

Hsull - CAARS

” You did not have a tail growing up? Then how did you get one” she asked confused.

” I don’t think Mommy will be able to join us she is not able to move for 12 hours some kind of treatment to fix her bones. I don’t understand and they won’t tell me anything about it. Have you seen other humans with wings as far as I know mommy and I are the only ones” she said quietly.

Hsull smiled at the curiosity of the young, “I wonder if I asked so many questions when I was young”, he thought to himself. “They gave me this tail when I was very, very sick and hurt, they thought I had lost it in an accident.” He switched the cane to carry under his left arm. “I have never seen any humans with wings other than you two, but there are surely other beings out there who have wings.” They had arrived at the mess hall and Hsull found a small table for two where they seated themselves. “Now, what do you feel like for breakfast that your mom won’t kill me for getting for you ?” As the smells of food permeated the air Hsull found that he was ravenously hungry.

Hsull - CAARS

” I can eat what were as long as it’s not a bird” Cerenity giggled

Dr. Laural Witley took a deep breath as she began to maneuver her grav-chair through the rows of tables in the mess hall carrying her breakfast on top of the chair’s attached tray. She had some time before her meetings began and she’d decided getting something to eat while taking the opportunity to observe her new crewmates could be a good use of her time. Wit still wasn’t quite sure what her duties aboard the Leviathan would entail, even after reading the briefing materials. She had served as a counselor plenty of times of course, but this particular assignment went well-beyond what she was used to, and that both excited her and made her a bit nervous.

The grav-chair confined Laural was usually enough of an anomaly for most people, the chair not quite standard fare for most standard tight spaces, as was quickly evident when she bumped the chair of the little one who’d just been asked about breakfast. “I’m so sorry, sweetie. I thought my chair could squeeze by. Are you okay?” She smiled aplogetically in Hsull’s direction as well.

OOC Lori: I hope you don’t mind me joining in. I thought it was high time I jumped in the water with you guys!

~Dr. Laural Witley, Counselor

Cerenity startled opening her wings and squealing. She turned to see the stranger. ” I’m ok just startled” She said happily.

OOC: Not at all, as the sign says “All are welcome”

Hsull heard the apology and looked up to see a petite woman in a grav-chair that appeared to be stuck between Cerenity’s chair and the next table. “Not a problem, here let me move that for you.” Hsull moved the adjoining table over out of the way. “I see you’re about to have breakfast, Miss Cerenity and I are about to do the same, would you care to join us ?” Hsull moved a chair out of the way so the grav-chair could fit up to the table. “I’m CWO Hsull, one of the researchers aboard and Miss Cerenity is the daughter of our Security officer, and whom do we have the pleasure meeting ?” Hsull watched as a pair of bright blue eyes peered back at him. “I should warn you that a very large cat may appear at any time but she’s friendly for the most part.” Hsull waved a wait person over so they could give their order.

Hsull - CAARS

K’Haat had finished her morning ablutions and a breakfast of about five pounds of raw meat. She sensed through both Cerenity and Hsull that they had met someone,.... but sensed no threat. She would go and observe this person herself to be sure. Walking to the door she reached out with a paw and extending a claw pressed the door control. Exiting the quarters, she turned and headed down the passage, muscles sliding smoothly under the furred hide over her shoulders and flanks, the long tail swishing slightly side to side. The crewmen she met knew who and what she was and generally just moved to the side to let her pass, a few spoke to her and stroked her head. She endured this good naturedly and continued on her way, gently nudging slower crewmembers aside with her head and shoulders as she was now about even or above their waist level for the most part. She came to a turbo-lift and when the doors opened she stepped inside as others made room for her. She sat and stared at the control panel for a moment then her eyes blinked and the doors closed.

K’Haat - GAF

Cerenity smiled happily. ” My mommy’s Name is luna she added.

K’Haat exited the doors of the turbo-lift and trotted down the passage way to the mess hall. Upon entering the mess hall she noticed that many of the people there were pointing and staring. She ignored them and after spotting where Hsull and Cerenity were sitting and the newcomer, she trotted over and promptly sat down next to the grav-chair and stared with yellow eyes into the blue ones of the woman in the chair, their heads being almost the same height.

K’Haat - GAF

“Thank you,” Laural offered sincerely to the CWO and the little girl who had identified herself as Cerenity as the obstacle was easily moved out of her way and she was offered a breakfast invitation. Despite their kindness, Witley found her cheeks flushing pink with embarrassment anyway. She wasn’t normally this self-conscious about her uniqueness, but ever mindful that this was her first impression aboard the ship, she felt herself feeling self-conscious anyway. “My name is Laural Witley, ship’s counselor, and I would very much welcome sharing breakfast with–” It was at that moment she caught sight of the surprise guest beside her. “Make that, I’m glad to be having breakfast with all three of you.” She vaguely remembered something about potentially getting a surprise visitor, and now she knew what he meant. “Hello,” she added, the naturally maternal counselor tempted to stroke the new arrival, but not sure that would be welcome.

~Doctor Laural Witley, Counselor

K’Haat immediately sensed that the petite woman in the strange chair was not a threat in any way, she was used to people wanting to stroke her fur, not quite so much as she was now so large, but she tolerated this,...... and there was that one spot behind her left ear. She rubbed against the hand the newcomer held out, thus marking her as one of her small pride and non threatening. A good head rub would feel very good this morning.

K’Haat - GAF

Hsull saw that K’Haat had accepted Laural and was proceeding with the normal feline greeting ritual. ” Looks like you’ve passed the test, she likes you. She’s all ready had her breakfast, but what would Cerenity and yourself care to indulge in ?” Hsull was feeling really hungry was thinking of ham, bacon, and maybe porkchops, he wasn’t much for anything not meat but occasionally would eat an egg or toast, all washed down with several cups of coffee, of course. Hsull heard the loud thrumming purr that K’Haat used when she was at ease, and gave his toothy version of a grin. “Yep, you’re in. Behind the left ear is a special spot, just scratch there and you’ll be friends for life.

Hsull - CAARS

Cerenity giggled at the appearance of the cat. ” Where are you from Miss Witley” she asked with a smile.

Witley smiled. “I’m from Betazed, a city called Janaran Falls. How about you?”

~Dr. Laural Witley, Counselor

” I was born in the Viking. I drew a map of the ship it’s the consulting office somewhere” she said happily.

“I’d love to see it sometime,” Laural grinned, digging into her food. Before taking a bite, she asked, “Are there other kids on board with you?” Wit didn’t think the ship would be what one would consider typically family friendly, but she hoped for Cerenity’s sake the little girl wasn’t lonely.

~Dr. Laural Witley, Counselor

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