Holodeck meeting the XO

Posted Dec. 2, 2021, 6:28 p.m. by Ensign Luna (Security Officer / RTF) (Christina Crafford)

Posted by Commander Ryder Raauhl (Executive Officer) in Holodeck meeting the XO

Posted by Ensign Luna (Security Officer / RTF) in Holodeck meeting the XO

Posted by Commander Ryder Raauhl (Executive Officer) in Holodeck meeting the XO
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She had been off work for some time and was supposed to meet the XO. Little Cerenity was with her they entered the holodeck. Luna started a forest program. While they were waiting luna and cerenity decided to get some flying time. It had been way too long since the last time they cont to fly.
Ensign Luna

Raauhl had been running late, his meeting had over run by a considerable mile and now he was still in uniform and nothing like the program intended but he was still eager to meet up with Luna and Cerenity the two of which, along with Gen had kept him grounded since the disappearance of Casela. Even thinking her name made him feel sad but spending time with Luna helped at least a bit. Stepping quickly into the holodeck as usual his instinct was to look up, whenever they were in the holodeck the pair typically spent it flying and he wasn’t wrong. Instead of calling up he watched them for a moment before walking the wooded trail until finally he found himself perched atop a cliff edge looking out the vast scene of rolling mountains and trees.

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Luna caught sight of Raauhl as she was walking up the path to the cliff. She smiled angling her wings so she would circle around and land behind him. When he had reached the cliff. ” Hello there, how are you Camander” she said.
Ensign Luna

“Seeing you flying never gets old” Raauhl chuckled, “I am very well thankyou Luna how about you and Cerenity?” He had taken quiet the interest in the single mother ensign and her daughter. It was never easy fitting in and he knew that but Luna and Cerenity were so different he couldn’t imagine what it would be like to be in their shoes and often made the effort to make them feel welcome and involved.

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” we are alright,” Luna said thoughtfully. She looked up to where cerenity was flying she shook her head. ” her wing placement is a mess” Luna said then shook her head and focused back on Raauhl. ” Sorry, she has been driving me crazy about teaching her more advanced flying. She is not ready for it.” Luna smiled at him. ” So news is we are getting a new CO” she said wondering if it was true.
Ensign Luna

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