Pre MPT-LS: Year of Hell - Arrival

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It had been a couple of days by shuttlecraft before Conrad laid eyes on the Leviathan. It sure seemed to live up to its namesake. From the specs he’d read, the Leviathan was longer than a Galaxy-class ship but not quite as tall or with as many decks. All-in-all he was impressed with the look of her. He just hoped things were as clean inside with the crew.

After a handful of minutes communicating their purpose and intention to dock, the pilot brought the ship into the flight deck and gently set it down.

Conrad stood from the auxiliary seat and stretched, a couple of pops issued from his shoulders. After straightening out his uniform he picked up his duffle bag and exited the shuttle.

CO Mackenzie

Engine luna happens to be doing her rounds when the shuttle came in. Once it was safe to enter the bay she did so to see who or what was being brought about. She approached the stranger carefully seeing his rank on his uniform it did not take her long to come to a conclusion as to who this man might be.

Still she stopped well out of arms reach of him. Her wings open slightly the feathers along the tops of them seamed to stand up. A instinctive response to posibal threats that she had not been able to fully control. ” Are you the new Captain” Luna asked.
Ensign Luna

A familiar voice came from inside the shuttle, just then. “Not I’m aware of, Ensign. But this is Captain Mackenzie. And we better let Cook know to make sure there is plenty of Cookies & Cream ice cream available.” At that moment, Juliet stepped from the shuttle and smiled at the other RTF security officer. “Captain Mackenzie, Ensign Luna. One of the best shots I know of outside the Academy Squads. Hi, Luna.”

Sure, it probably wasn’t proper protocol to butt in. But an introduction to the ship was certainly a good thing. And she had recognized the guarded stance of the woman she had known briefly before departing a while ago. She wanted to be sure the wrong signals weren’t sent or received. Mackenzie was a good man and Juliet wanted to be sure the others knew it.

Ensign Juliet Anders

((Forgot to title this presim… his arrival puts him here before Sharon leaves… so no idea he’s new CO yet))

Surda mirrored Juliet’s emergence from the shadows. “Captain Mackenzie.” A polite greeting, but he was not who she had come to see. Surda smiled broadly at Jewels, pleased to have the excellent officer back in her department. “Jewels. Welcome back.” Jewels had been the first person to meet her as CoS, and now as RTF Commander. So much had changed in so little time. “Commander Raahul should be here any minute, and we can get this show on the road.”
-Surda, CoS

And as if they had perfectly timed his arrival with the ending of her scentence Raauhl stepped in through the shuttle bay door. Taking the few strides from the entrance to where the small group had gathered he took in each individual, all but one he had previously met but all he was happy to see. “Captain Mackenzie, its a pleasure to have you on board” Smiling he reached out with his right hand to greet the ranking officer. Cobb had asked him to host the Captain while he was with them, and while Raauhl would rather be in the CiC he understood the importance of making sure the Captain was comfortable.

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