The second half of a vanishing act

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Off in space, drenched in darkness. A rip in space and time, old and familiar to this place opened for the second time since humans had begun traveling the stars. And something spilled out. A piece of an old starship, and some escape pods. Most of them were damaged beyond repair. But one still held life. And that life was calling for pickup.

-Alan Dysart

Down time…

Juliet leaned back in the chair and looked at the screen. Down time was her favorite time on the Levi. It gave her a chance to watch the stars. While most watched the stars to admire their beauty and simplicity, Jewels had other reasons. Having traveled all over space, stars weren’t the most exciting thing in the vast darkness of ‘out there’. She looked for what was between them. Planets, asteroid fields, comets and other minutia that most dismissed out of hand as mundane.

But tonight, as the Chrono kicked over a super early 0300, something made her sit up and take notice. A blip on the furthest reaches of the scanner’s ability set off a small alarm. She had been using the array to read deep space far beyond the ship’s normal sensor range, so she guessed the bridge hasn’t been alerted, yet. Cranking up the clarity a couple more notches, like ratcheting a tie down just past its safety level, she managed to get a reading. A ship, and debris, lay out there as if it has been spit out by some great dark monster without form. Cocking her head to the side, she tapped the console as the rip disappeared, =^=Shuttle Bay to Bridge, this is Jewels, ummmm… It’s Anders. I have a ship with debris, possibly pods, on the far scanners. And there’s a feint signal coming from that direction.=^=

She quickly tapped out a query for distance, =^=Permission to take runabout to investigate?=^= The chances of a positive response, especially by herself, were slim to none. But what else could she do? One didn’t ignore such calls for attention out here.

Juliet Anders

Raauhl had dismissed most of the CIC crew, they’d been on station for twice their duty peroid and knew the rest of the crew had been working hard. They had now established most of their communications and the ship was slowly gaining more power. When Anders voice came over the comms he was curious, he’d been monitoring the locals sub systems and had missed what she was detailing, feeling the the motion of cabin fever he made a decision. =^= Meet me at the shuttle bay, I’ll accompany you Ensign=^= he explained before giving command to the next ranking officer a science officer he trusted before heading to the shuttle bay.

  • Commander Raauhl, XO

Jewels responded she’d see him there and headed out of the control room she was in and into the main bay. Once there, she pulled the screen up at the podium near the door and frowned. Tapping a few keys, she replayed the scene from a few seconds before she seen the debris. A small gasp escaped her lips as she watched the rip close. That quick, split second, snapshot of time have her a bit more information.

With the power out the turbo lifts were a slower than usual, he had the choice slow turbo lifts or crawling through the winding maze of jefferies tubes he closed te former. Stepping in to the Hanger bay he looked around and daw the shuttle, he could hear the ensign talking, with their advanced AI it wasn’t unusual so didn’t think anything of it as he stepped in.

“So you aren’t from here, little traveler. Are you?” When the XO walked in, she’d be running the recognition program. She hoped for two outcomes at the same time. First, she hoped the computer would recognize who has come into their space so they would have a heads up. Second, a small part of her wanted it to read as unknown. Such a discovery, even a small one, would be a big deal to her. Standing there with her hair pulled back in a loose pony tail, she shifted in her boots. Her black denims whispered softly as she swayed occasionally. And the deep blue t-shirt, topping off the outfit, would make her almost look like a shadow against the dark space backdrop of the open bay doors ahead of her when he came in.

Leaving Anders to the computer he took the pilot seat, and began running the shuttle start launch sequence, he paid attention to her ofcourse, it was unavoidable. Anders was… Anders, and she dressed in the older traditional clothes.

“Come on, little ship… Tell me who you are. And why you’re calling out to me instead of coming to me…” Her murmurs were soft but easily heard if Raauhl walked in just then.


“Who are you talking to Ensign?” He asked finally intrigued enough, having just received the launch authentication codes from the CIC and dock master, the result of which meant the ship began to take off.

  • Commander Raauhl, XO

Jewels had joined the XO in the shuttle and was settling into the copilot seat when they began their break from the ship. “No one… I mean,” she paused realizing it wasn’t really no one she was speaking to. “Just the ship and the pods out there, I guess.” She nodded towards the debris field where the ships and pods where. Still not visible from their location, it would take about ten minutes to reach a close enough distance to be able to see them. “Sorry. I tend to ramble and think out loud. I’ll try and refrain, Sir.” She leaned back in her chair and scanned the console for anyone or anything else that may be looking to edge towards their location or their destination.


He smiled as the shuttle lifted and the glided out slowly. “Don’t apologies! Rambling is the sign of a well worked mind that needs release, so ramble away. For me I talk inwards, towards my previous hosts. It’s been a while since we last spoke.” Raauhl stated a matter of factly focused on departing the Leviathan without hitting the ship as they left, at the same time however he was aware of her precense.

  • Raauhl, XO

Juliet smiled. “Thank you, Sir. I’ll keep that in mind, as well.”

After a few moments, without turning to look at him, she managed to get out what was on her mind. “What’s it like? Being joined, I mean.” She finally got the nerve to look at him. “Isn’t it hard to keep all those memories straight? And yet, separate them from your own?”


His lips turned upward into a smirk, he often received this question. “It’s almost like having a very active subconscious, everytime you feel or see something that appears its similar to what humans call deja vu. That’s what it is like to be Trill except after that feeling something, we actually associate it with a memory from a previous host, somtimes it’s strong like my connection or sometimes it requires deep meditation.” The ship cleared the Leviathans shield range, “Set the shuttles sensors to active, no point beating about the bush were here to find answers” After a moment, “How are your settling back on the Leviathan? I know the circumstances aren’t ideal.”

  • Commander Raauhl, XO

As they approached, their sensors would detect that this ship was centuries old. It came from a time when warp five was top speed and transporter technology was the newest thing. The ship was also a wreck. It seemed most of the ship’s systems had failed, and only a few of the pods had jettisoned. The nearest, and possibly only, life sign came from an escape pod toward the front of the debris field.

-The debris cloud

(OOC: Feel free to continue your chat, the shuttle will continue to provide info as needed.)

Juliet nodded. “That’s actually probably the best description anyone’s given. I can’t say I envy you. I have enough trouble dealing with what’s in my own head.” She laughed. “I can’t imagine a bunch of me running around in there,” she lightly tapped her temple. “As for settling in,” she paused a moment then shrugged. “I guess it’s ok. A few faces have changed, but that’s it.”

He nodded “Yes not many people are being picked for the Leviathan these days, just more people leaving.” Raauhl didn’t want to mention Casela since she was one of the latest few departures or at least the one that hurt the most. It had actually been months since she left without warning leaving himself and Gen alone but together on the ship. It had been hard to get over the fact and had just really started feeling like himself again.

Quickly changing the subject, she glanced at the console and frowned slightly. A hand rose to press an errant strand of hair behind her ear. “That’s odd… The ship is coming back as ancient. I mean, like barely able to transport boxes, much less people ancient.” The confusion in her voice was obvious. Her hand then rose and pointed in the direction of the beacon. I’m getting a signal from over there. One of those loose escape pods has life signs. Hard to read, feint. But seems to be theonly life sign.”

Raauhl double-checked the readings and nodded, “The Chronometer is off the charts, I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything that old and survive let a known carrying life. Let’s set in a course.” He tapped the ships navigation control and the shuttle slowly navigated the debris towards the life sign. He wondered what could have survived for this long, out here in the middle of nowhere.

Straightening up in her seat, as her interest was piqued, she adjusted their approach to head for the life pod. “Doubt this is gonna be a deja vu moment for you, Sir.” She turned her head slightly to smile at him.


“I think you’re right about that,” He said as the object came into view, Raauhl strained his eyes to see what it was, meanwhile his hands began running across the control pannel to run more intrusive scans. “Can you see it yet?” He asked Jewels not taking his eyes away from the cockpit’s forward window.

  • Commander Raauhl, XO

The object came into view. The escape pod matched the rest of the craft in vintage and quite possibly designation. There was definitely someone in it, though the closer they got the more detailed reading they got, and it seemed the person inside was unconscious.

-Escape Pod

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