Waking nightmares

Posted Jan. 24, 2022, 10:58 a.m. by Lieutenant ISAC (Assistant Chief Medical Officer (EMH)) (James Gray)

Posted by Ensign Luna (Security Officer / RTF) in Waking nightmares

Posted by Lieutenant ISAC (Assistant Chief Medical Officer (EMH)) in Waking nightmares

Posted by Ensign Luna (Security Officer / RTF) in Waking nightmares
Luna blinked looking around. “Where am I!?” She thought. The small room she was in was stiral and white. There was a small bed on one side on the other side a for protected by a force feald. ” Not this dream, not again” She said as her hart started to race. She looked at her arms and legs. She was child again back there.

Her head snapped to the doorway as she heard footstep approaching.” No…no wake up wake up” She muttered. Two figures appeared in the tell tall section 31 uniforms. They deactivated the force feald and entered the room. ” come along, the Docters have sumthing special plans for you” one of them said in a low threatening voice.

Luna bulted upright in her bead nearly screaming. She put a hand to her chest her hart was racing. ” Help… Upkeep them away” She muttered under her breath. It took her 10 full minutes to release where she was and what was going on. She lay back on her bed. ” I hate that dream she said to herself.
Ensign Luna

Her com badge beeped =A= Lt. ISAC to ensign Luna the system woke me due to distress are you ok =A= ISAC was not in hologram mode his projector was plugged in charging.


Luna started when her com bage went off. =/\= goodness you startled me. I’m alright, it was just a dream. When you have been through hell and back it’s common to relive it in your sleep =/\= she said desperately trying to keep her voice calm. She half wondered when that system was added.
Ensign luna

=A= ok if you need anything to help you sleep I have added a afew drinks and snacks to the replicator to help =A= (this system was added when you had your treatment but haven’t had the time to remove it)


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