MPT-LS - Year of Hell - Darkness descends onto the CIC [Tag Science, MacKenzie Entrance?]

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The bump seemed to be a precursor to a far greater sudden change as the ship’s power began to fluctuate across the ship lights dimmed and brightened so much that it hurt to look at them. Consoles turned off and some exploded as the ship seemingly was taken control of by some forces unknown, the whole scene shifted and changed as the Leviathan started to cross the threshold of the anomaly the ship and the people inside it began to contort and stretch, speech, light and noise seemed to elongate into a low pitch.

Until finally the Leviathan was engulfed into darkness.

As the crew would begin to recover emergency lighting would turn on, anyone near a a port window would see they were no longer where they were, or even there was nothing.

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Raauhl had fallen during the shift in environment but internally and externally. The view screen appeared to be blank, to which he thought would be off if it wasn’t for the fact its back light seemed to be emitting a low level light. The holographic display was off as much were most of the consoles. Walking to the back of his chair he opened the small emergency cabinet and took out some wrist torches. “

Trying his comm badge =^=Cmdr Raauhl to engineering?=^=

There was no response.

Everyone grab a torch and report?” Something he noted was not everyone was there. Turning to one of the security officers who had already gotten herself together, “Go down to engineering, see whats happening.” She nodded and left.

  • Commander Raauhl, XO

Adam had already drawn the type one phaser from his lower back as soon as the lights went out. He grabbed a wrist light and waited for Engineering to reply. As first missions went this was the worst one he’d been on… yet.


“Sir, internal and external sensors are down. Turbo lifts seem to be operational and so Is life support, replicators, deflectors and minimal shields.” Explained the NE at the engineering consoles, “No weapons either, were adrift in space sir.” She went on to explaining wondering what the hell had just happened.

“This isn’t good, can you bring up the view screen?” Raauhl asked, the NE looked at him confused.

“Sir the view screen is already on and displaying the forward view of the ship” He tapped his consoles, “And now aft sir. Either the Imaging systems are damaged or there are no stars sir.” There was a tone of fear underlying the words he had just said.

This was what Raauhl feared most. “Ok let’s think, we experienced a number of odd telemetry readings from the anomaly, we couldn’t move past it or around it even with engines at max, theories?” He asked looking to those within the CIC.” Right now he couldn’t freak, nor could he allow himself to show any amount of fear, fear was a virus and if it spread it would be difficult to find the solution to the problem they were facing.

  • Cmdr Raauhl, XO

Adam didn’t have any theories. He went up to a duty station and checked the readings “Do we have probe launching capabilities?” He asked.


One of the young science ensigns nodded from across the CIC, “We can launch a probe by pressuring the tube, interia will allow it to travel indefinitely but slowly through space until its safe to activate its own propulsion system.” Explained the young Andorian woman.

  • Science NE

Adam nodded “I suggest we prepare two probes, preferably class four. Make sure that we can receive data and clear the launch area as we don’t know what effect the Anomaly could have on direct contact with biological matter” He said to the first officer.


The door to the CIC opened, followed by a tinny voice that sounded suspiciously like the Leviathan’s Chief Engineer. =/\=Engineering to CIC - Can you read?=/\=
Looking over, one would see a surprised-looking ensign holding what appeared to be a speaker, accompanied by a small group of engineering and security personnel burdened by identical devices and bundles of wire.
“Uh, Sirs?” The young ensign offered the speaker out to the group, waiting expectantly for a volunteer to respond.

-Engineering; Communications division

Before he could respond Raauhl was distracted by the internal communications system, though he soon realised it wasn’t the normal type they were used too. “Report Ensign, is our communications working.” The Trill XO noticed the small speaker and the bundles of electrical wire, he guessed quickly that they had built something but allowed the engineer time to answer him.

“Uh, in a matter of speaking, Sir. We’re running a hard-wired system across the ship now; eventually it should all be hooked up. Not as convenient as commbadges, but should be extremely stable. Where uh, would you like this set up, sir?”

“Brilliant work, set it up next to the holographic table you and your team take a moment before head back out you look exhausted.” He turned back to the other pressing matter now that one had been fixed. “Use whatever probes are necessary and get them in space as soon as possible, we may be against an invincible clock” Raauhl gave one more nod before making his way back over to the communications team.

=^=Engineering this is Commander Raauhl, whats the situation?=^= He asked.

  • Commander Raauhl, XO

=/\=That’s hard to say, Mr. Raauhl - we’re still trying to establish what exactly happened. For the moment, we are running on emergency power. We may or may not be able to get full power back as-is; our fuel reserves appear to be significantly depleted; and what remains is being drained; though slowly. We’re working on getting an estimate of remaining run-time. Communications are being re-established as we speak. With that, we should be better able to assess our status and ration power as needed. My next priority is to halt any parasitic drain on our fuel reserves; unless you direct me otherwise.=/\=

=^= No great work chief, keep me updated and once you can get your teams down to the mess I’ve heard they’re serving chefs soup of the day since that’s all they had in stock but a crew flies on it stomach, CIC out=^=

Adam looked at the contraption the officers carried with an interested expression, or at least as interested as his stony expression allowed. He turned back to the Science NE “Two type Four probes, if you can’t do it through the system take a security escort and relay my orders for it to be done manually” He ordered


-Engineering; Communications division

[Science Respond]

  • Cmdr Ryder Raauhl, XO

[Inserting comms]
=/\=Engineering to bridge - while tracking our energy drain, Ms. Renshaw found a massive spherical structure in our vicinity. If you connect a PaDD to the comm, I will transmit our findings.=/\=
-Durheim, CE

Taking a pause from the brief by his science officers, he smiled. Finally some answers. Raahl checked the coordinates and nodded, it was easily traveled to by shuttle since the Leviathan was clearly struggling with power. =^=Great work, give my thanks to your team however I have some more, do you think we can get the Leviathan moving in that direction? In the meantime prepare two shuttles and be prepared to take them to the structure, I’ll brief both teams as soon as we’ve restored ship wide communications.=^= The NEs on the bridge had already started to plot a course and calculated times to arrival under impulse.

=/\=I’ll see what can be done, Mr Raauhl - I will keep you informed.=/\=

Having an additional thought and in the absence of Captain Cobb among others Raauhl contacted his security officer. =^= Raauhl to security, can you send a team to locate and secure Captain Mackenzie, inform him that he is requested to the command center=^=

  • Commander Raauhl, XO

Adam turned around to look at the first officer and raised an eyebrow. He was aware that Captain Mackenzie was onboard but it was an interesting choice to bring him to the CIC.


=/\= Ensign Luna here I’m in route now=/\=
Ensign Luna

=^=Let me know when you’re with him and try to explain the situation, if you can find Ensign Anders too, it would be good to have some RTF on the bridge too. Raauhl, Out.=^= The Trill XO paced towards the holodisplay. “Lets hope we’re not running out of time.” He sighed heavily and waited for science to respond about the probes and the Captain to arrive.

  • Commander Raauhl, XO

Adam stood calmly, hands clasped behind his back, dark eyes watching the first officer pace. His face an unreadable mask. It was as if he were weighing and measuring the Trill officer.


=/\= Luna to Camander found him he insistent on taking a shower befor coming to the CIC=/\= there was very clear agitation in luna’s voice.
Ensign Luna

Raauhl sighed, =^=Please explain to him the situation and that we are about to cut power to all non-essential systems including the showers.=^= He was surprised that they even still worked given the current power drain the Leviathan was currently undergoing. =^=Do so diplomatically, if he is insistent I guess we will have to wait.=^= He turned to his engineering rep, “Cut power to all non-essential systems”.

  • Cmdr Raauhl, XO

=/\=All non-essential power is cut; and reactors are engaged Mr Raauhl - we should be moving now. I will begin assembling a small team and head to the shuttle bay.=/\=


In a short amount of time after Ensign Luna arrived to invite him to the CIC, Conrad arrived with Luna leading the way and Juliet shadowing him closely. He was dressed in off-duty attire with a comm-badge attached. His eyes swept the non-functioning work stations and hologram table, blank viewscreen, and cabling trailing through a doorway. He nodded to those present and waved off an NE who started to say Captain on deck. “Commander, what’s the situation?”

CO Mackenzie

Adam made a half turn to look at the new Captain from across the CIC. His face remained still but for a moment his eyes flashed with the suspicion he felt. Why would the ship have a command-level officer just ready to take command? The most suspicious part of him asked, the feeling was especially strong after the Admirals betrayal.


Juliet came in and stepped up beside the Captain. Glancing around, many had looks of confusion at the civilian attired man with security escort demanding to know what’s up.

Seeing Adam’s face most clearly she nodded to the Captain. “Captain Mackenzie is here to assist since he’s hitching a ride with us.” Looking around to be sure everyone understood, she glanced back at the CIO. Smiling, she took a half step towards him. “How are you, Magnusson? What can I do to help?” The Captain and XO would certainly be in a huddle in a moment. As long as she was here, she might as well make herself useful.

Ens Juliet Anders
((At this point in time the Captain is still technically around, just elsewhere… Mackenzie takes over later… So right now he’s just an interloper with rank hehehe))

OOC: I know, but I thought it would make sense (And be funnier) If Adam was suspicious, I’ll make sure not to have it hinder anything :P - Hjortur
Adam turned to the side looking up at the RTF Ensign. He never craned his head when looking up at people, he simply adjusted his head and followed them with his eyes. “I ordered sensor probes to be launched, check on their status if you will” He spoke in a calm polite tone, coldly calm.

OOC: I Like the suspicion, the Leviathan crew itself is a rather recluse enviroment often operating alone, and with recent events I.E. with Sect 31 and such it is only right when there are ‘new’ people the crew are suspicious.
IC:Raauhl finished up his conversation with Engineering quickly before turning to Mackenzie, “Apologies for asking you to the bridge I know you probably hoped for a quiet trip but I think Starfleet assigned you the wrong ship.” The Trill XO gave a small smile before looking around, “A short while ago we came into contact with an unknown anomaly which has seemingly transported us to an unknown region of space with no stars, planets or moons. We have however identified one large structure at the centre of this system which our engineering teams are preparing a shuttle to see if that is the cause of this phenomenon. We are critically low on power and all non-essential systems have been powered down, shipwide communications have been restored even if rather rudimentary and phones are only accessible in main location at this time.” For the next part the commander wanted a less public chat. “There is more Captain but If you and Ensign Anders could follow me please.”

  • Commander Raauhl, XO


As DiNozzo got on board he was wondering what was going on. He was walking down a really dark hallway and didn’t realize something he then bumped into someone and says “oh sorry about that I couldn’t see you there.” He said. “What’s going on at the moment?” He asked.

Lt. DiNozzo

OOC: I am enjoying the suspicious, not one of us approach to Conrad too. The only reason Juliet is nicer is because they were stuck on a shuttle for days and he was decent. So no worries on my end. Make him earn that trust.

Conrad looked at the new arrival but didn’t comment as this wasn’t his place. He turned to look back at Raauhl and nodded his assent. “Please lead the way Commander. You’ve got my attention.”

CO Mackenzie

Luna remand out of the way and simply watched for now. This was all way to consurning. She had to stop her mind from worrying about Cerenity more then once.
Ensign luna

Raauhl nodded, “Commander Magnusson you have command” The way the Leviathan spoke was different to a normal starfleet crew mostly because they were different, the didn’t refer to the command center of the ship as ‘the bridge’ but instead Command Information Center, mostly due to its location being in the belly of the ship. The Trill XO didn’t wait for the Chief Intelligence officer to respond and led both Mackenzie and Anders to the Captains briefing room.

  • Commander Raauhl, XO

Juliet pulled up the readings from the probes just as she was called to the XO. Glancing at Adam, she smiled and shrugged. “I’ve pulled up the scans, they’re coming through now. I’ll be back to help if I can.” She absently touched his arm as she turned to join the XO and and McKenzie.


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