MPT-LS: Year of Hell - Briefing Room

Posted Jan. 24, 2022, 1:46 p.m. by Ensign Juliet Anders (Security Officer / RTF) (Melissa Aragon)

Posted by Commander Ryder Raauhl (Executive Officer) in MPT-LS: Year of Hell - Briefing Room
Raauhl nodded, “Commander Magnusson you have command” The way the Leviathan spoke was different to a normal starfleet crew mostly because they were different, the didn’t refer to the command center of the ship as ‘the bridge’ but instead Command Information Center, mostly due to its location being in the belly of the ship. The Trill XO didn’t wait for the Chief Intelligence officer to respond and led both Mackenzie and Anders to the Captains briefing room.

Shortly after entering the room Raauhl ordered the computer to illuminate the large display screen at the end of the table for when he was ready to talk about their current location and predicament. However there was one pressing matter he needed to address first. Waiting for both the Captain and Ensign to follow him in he stood looking out of the holographic windows which had been put in at Cobbs request, they showed now the empty void of space or whatever was out to starboard.

  • Commander Raauhl, XO

Juliet feel into step behind McKenzie. When she entered the room and glanced to where the XO was looking, she couldn’t stop the audible gasp. Biting her lip she took a tentative step towards the utter blackness before stopping and shaking her head. A soft voice she didn’t realize was heard in the silence of the room, she let her unease out. “I know they call it The Black. But this is a little too much black for my taste.”

Glancing around, she blushed slightly, hung her head and took another step back. “Sorry, Sirs.”


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