XO's Office: A Meeting of the Minds

Posted March 29, 2022, 6:12 p.m. by Lieutenant Junior Grade T'Mara Michaels (Chief Science Officer) (S. Kimmel)

Posted by Commander Nivor Rhansi (Executive Officer) in XO’s Office: A Meeting of the Minds

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade T’Mara Michaels (Chief Science Officer) in XO’s Office: A Meeting of the Minds

Posted by Commander Nivor Rhansi (Executive Officer) in XO’s Office: A Meeting of the Minds
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T’Mara glanced up from her PADD and noticed a tall, male Vulcan in a medical uniform watching her. A moment later, he approached.

“If it is permitted, may I join you?” he asked.

“It is permitted,” T’Mara said placing the PADD on table next to the remaining medialuna. “I assume that you have some purpose in wishing to contact me since there are empty tables in the immediate vicinity.”

“Indeed. You are a Vulcan on the Starbase that I do not know. My name is Simujah and I am a medical officer here.”

“I am T’Mara Miichaels. I will be assuming the Chief Science Officer position on the USS Leviathan as soon as it arrives. It is unlikely that I will require medical attention in the interim.”

“In all probability,” Simujah said. “Michaels. A human name, I believe.”

“It is. My adoptive parents are human.”

“That would explain the Terran dishes as well. A croissant unless I am mistaken.”

“An Argentine medialuna. It is delicacy very similar to the croissant,” T’Mara said. She interlaced her fingers and wondered if that was too human a habit. “Other than assessing a potential patient and unraveling the mystery of a Vulcan dining on a Terran dish, do you have another objective for this relatively awkward conversation?”

“Relatively awkward conversation… An interesting expression,” Simujah said. T’Mara glanced down at her PADD as it beeped an incoming message. “It is logical to maintain positive relations with others on the Starbase even if they are transitory and I find you to be an interesting individual. And I suspect that message is informing you that your ship has completed its docking procedure.”

“Your assessment of the message is correct,” T’Mara said. She began to rise from her chair. “I should join my ship now.”

“I look forward to meeting you again.”

=/\= LtJg T’Mara Michaels, Chief Science Officer

A couple days later…

Nivor tossed aside yet another PADD, glad to be done with the cargo manifests, but now growing weary of reviewing the crew manifests. He sighed, rubbing his tongue against the side of his cheek to feel the breather on the other side. With the captain locked away in meetings with - what did humans call them? “The Brass” - for so long, he’d been slugging away at this himself. Normally the two would be doing at least some of it together, discussing the crew members, strengths, weaknesses, getting a feel for each other as well as the crew. He sat up straighter and lifted a PADD, an idea racing through his mind. He flicked the list and stopped it, scanning, then tapped his combadge.

=^= Commander Rhansi to Lieutenant Michaels. Could you report to my office please. =^=

He needed to meet the new department chiefs, and it would give him a slight break from this… monotony.

XO Rhansi

T’Mara nodded as she made her way to the Leviathan. She tapped her communicator.

=^= Lieutenant Michaels to Commander Rhansi. I am on my way. I should be boarding Leviathan in ten minutes and at your office after another ten minutes. Michaels out. =^=

Moments later, she was at the ship itself and was greeted by a Human ensign.

“LtJg T’Mara Michaels requesting permission to come aboard,” she said. The young man glanced down and then nodded.

“Permission granted, Lieutentant. Your gear has already arrived and I see that we have your assigned quarters located on Deck 4, room 412. Your office is in the Sciencce Labs complex. I hope that is satisfactory,” he said,

“It is satisfactory. However, what I need at this moment, are directions to the XO’s office.”

“I see. One second please,” he said as he reached below the podium and pulled out a PADD. “This will guide you there. You should take the turbo-lift at the end of this corridor. Will there be anything else?”

“That should be sufficient for the moment,” T’Mara said.

“Welcome aboard then and live long and prosper.”

T’Mara nodded to him with the faintest hint of a smile.

Five minutes later, she stood before the door of the XO’s office and pressed what would have been called the doorbell a few centuries earlier.

=/\= LtJg T’Mara Michaels, Chief Science Officer

Nivor dropped the PADD and stood, his back aching from the time spent leaning over the desk.

“Come in,” he called out, coming around the desk. He didn’t have the large, sweeping ready room a captain would have, just a small office with a desk, two chairs, a replicator, and a plant. Perhaps I should decorate, he mused as the doors parted.

His Barzan heritage was immediately noticeable in his ridged brow and the breathers he wore attached to each cheek and hooked into the corners of his mouth. His blond hair was shaggy, if neatly cut, and his green eyes stood out as almost unnatural. He was only slightly taller than the Vulcan was, so they were nearly eye to eye as he approached and extended his hand.

“Lieutenant Michaels,” he greeted, the corners of his mouth quirking slightly in a smile. “Thanks for coming. I wanted to touch base with all of the department heads before we set out.”

He gestured to a chair with his offhand “Please, have a seat. Would you like something from the replicator?”

XO Rhansi

T’Mara nodded as she moved to the indicated chair and sat down. “Thank you, Commander. I would enjoy a cup of hot tea. Earl Grey with honey,” she said. She interlaced her fingers as she studied Rhansi. “I know that your home-world’s atmosphere is considered toxic to most species that have evolved in predominantly oxygen-nitrogen atmospheres but I do not know what specific compounds your race requires from your breathers. Would it be inappropriate for me to ask about that?”

=/\= LtJg T’Mara Michaels, Chief Science Officer

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“Earl grey tea, hot, with honey on the side,” he requested from the replicator. He carried the steaming mug and the jar of honey and spoon to T’Mara on a small tray, handing it to her. He sat in the other chair on that side of the desk, crossing his feet at the ankles.

“It’s not an unusual question,” he remarked, touching one of the breathers. “We actually breathe a little bit of oxygen, but the process of absorption is very different. It’s a two stage process which first involves the absorption of methane and carbon monoxide, and then the absorption of oxygen. The oxygen is used solely by the respiratory system; the methane and carbon monoxide are circulated and broken down and used to provide energy by various organs. The carbon attaches to our blood cells very well, and is what makes it black.”

He paused briefly, studying the Vulcan. “That’s an interesting first question, Lieutenant. Do you start all conversations with a discussion of bodily processes?” The corners of his mouth again quirked around the breathers.

XO Rhansi

“Only on days of the week that have a ‘t’ in the name,” T’Mara said. She accepted the tea and stirred in a small spoonful of the honey. She took a sip. As she expected, the ship’s replicators were functioning within acceptable parameters. “The understanding of the physiological requirements of the crew members and especially critical command individuals seems a logical prerequisite to my position. If, for example, you were a hydrogen sulfide or a hydrogen cyanide breather, additional operational precautions would be necessary. However, placing such individuals on a crew of predominantly oxygen-nitrogen breathers would be an illogical and unnecessary risk.”

Research on the steps of a methane, carbon monoxide respiratory cycle could be another day.

=/\= LtJg T’Mara Michaels, Chief Science Officer

OOC: Every part of that was made up lol

IC: He paused halfway into his seat, slowly descending the rest of the way. “I am unfamiliar with Vulcan days of the week,” he admitted, “so I am unsure how much of a joke this is.” He chuckled. “I am fully comfortable in an oxygen atmosphere with my breathers. I tend to keep the sleeping area of my quarters at Barzan normal atmosphere, with an atmospheric forcefield separating it from the living area. Occasional holodeck excursions, that sort of thing,” he explained.

He studied her briefly, eyes watching her drink the tea. “I have interacted with many Vulcans, but you were raised on Earth, for most of your life. How…” he paused, changing the question. “Which culture do you identify with most?”

XO Rhansi

“My blood, my biology is fully Vulcan,” T’Mara said as she placed the tea cup back on the saucer and both back on the XO’s desk. “My parents were both fully Human and though they did their best to raise me as a Vulcan, it would be illogical to assume a high level of success. I have been told, for example, that I speak the Vulcan language about as well as any off-worlder. If your actual question is how to deal with me…”

She paused. What would be the best answer? How would you define the best answer? She thought about smiling at him. That was an expression that frequently disconcerted humans because of their assumptions concerning how Vulcans acted and reacted. “Perhaps the simplest way to approach me would be to treat me as a human with an measurably excessive fascination with Vulcan culture and language.”

She did venture a half smile.

“And you, Commander? Beyond the intuitively obvious Starfleet protocol, how should I deal with you?”

=/\= LtJg T’Mara Michaels, Chief Science Officer

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