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Theodore’s eyes flicked up from the book he was reading. The sound that had disturbed him did not repeat yet he didn’t return to the story, merely rested back against the high backed chair and considered the empty office space. The large hardback tome was old. A story of greater gods and sunken cities. After some moments He placed the book mark into the pages and closed the book gently.

Beyond the room alpha sickbay was dim. Those patients that were spending the night were asleep and the two others on duty working on their own endeavours in the office spaces as he had been. There was a brief exchange between the two sides of his mind.

“Come now child. It is impolite to spy on others.” Theodore eventually said into the silence. He steepled his fingers and leaned back staring at the empty space expectantly.

The doctor was not to be disappointed. The shadows in the room seemed to converge into a dark pool at the desk and the as it rippled a young girl dressed in a grey oversized sweater and leggings and socks emerged.

Theodore raised his eyebrows. “To what do I owe the pleasure so late at night. It is surely past your bed time young lady.”

Gen watched him quietly. “I’m alone, I got scared.” She said.

Theodore have a small smile. In his dealings with the child in the past he had always been prevented from delving too deeply into her case files. But now it appeared that those obstructions may be a thing of the past. If he asked the right questions of course.

“Indeed. Well, why don’t you tell me about that.” He said gently and indicated the chair opposite him for her to sit down.

Dr Knox and Gen
Random night time moment

Can ISAC join. He is an MH he don’t sleep

Sure :)

The room got cold as if the warm air was vented away but just as the cold air came it was gone again. A man seems to form out of darkness and a cold voice spoke “Hello Dr.Knox I did know you were on duty. I was going to check on our guest before I charge my projector” he said as he pulled a book from his bag and started to read it.


Theodore smiled at the change in temperature and waited. Once ISAC had materialised he nodded his head in welcome. “Good evening, I thought as Dr Starling was manning Beta sickbay and there was little to do here in alpha sickbay I would enjoy a midnight read when Miss McCallister decided to come by for a visit.”

Gen for her part watched ISAC from her position cross legged on top of the small bookcase.

Theo and Gen

ISAC had noticed that they start to look at the book when he pulled it out. “ I see you’re wondering about the book I am writing in and reading from it is actually my medical tricorder it’s just a skin that this holographic character uses“ he said with a small smiled


Gen turned her neon yellow eyes to the tricorder and then frowning slightly said. “Why’s it look like that?”


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