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Posted by Lieutenant Jahok (Chief of Security / RTF Commander) in Arriving at Starbase 243 - The New COS Reporting for Duty (Tag XO, CO)
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To lose so many crew members, of any rank, was tragic, and the Leviathan had his sympathy. Jahok will allow his officers time to mourn as they need. Hopefully difficult times will strengthen their wills and their resolve for the missions to come. “As much as I could be briefed over subspace.” Jahok answered, “I was told the remainder of the briefing is to be accessed from my office aboard the Leviathan.” Given what Jahok knows about the Leviathan. . . he understood why security was so tight. “I have familiarized myself with containment procedures and your weapon arsenals. Once I am settled aboard and have my access codes I will review all important files.” Jahok was, if not obvious by now, an efficient man who prepared for the worst and planned for the best.

Lt Jahok, CoS/RTF Commander

Rhansi nodded. “Then you probably have the lay of things,” he said as the server returned with their drinks. He sipped the bright punch, letting the coolness and tang wash over his mouth.

His mind suddenly returned to the previous topic and he shifted in his seat. “And my apologies - you have had a loss of your own crewmembers recently as well, I read in your file. My sincerest condolences. I understand you have adopted one of your fellow officer’s children?” This tugged at a part of his soul in a way he hadn’t felt in many years. He missed many things about Barzan culture, and that thread of duty above all he could feel in this gesture from one officer to another now parted.

XO Rhansi

Jahok held his cup of bahgol, and breathed deep of the steam drifting up. Though the drink was no doubt replicated, as fresh bahgol was rare outside of klingon space, Federation replicators came very close in flavor. Jahok drank deeply of his cup, heat and flavor scalding his mouth and throat. “Ah,” He said. The shuttle accident. In total, eight crewmembers died that day. “That is correct. His name is Savoh, he is fifteen years old.” He was T’rah’s pride and joy. She sacrificed everything to give him a good life and a promising future.

The pain of her loss was still raw. With his promotion and new listing, Jahok had plenty to distract himself but it was Savoh that he worried about. The Zanzibar was his home for most of his life. And it was where he lost his mother. “It is my hope that this posting is a good change for the both of us.”

Lt Jahok, CoS/RTF

Nivor nodded. “Change in space can lead to change in mind and spirit,” he said after a moment. “The counselor is always available for both of you, as well.”

He sipped the juice again, enjoying the refreshing flavor. “Half the staff officers on the ship are brand new,” he told Jahok. “Myself, you, Captain Mackenzie, a new chief science officer. Our engineering chief, chief intelligence officer, and chief medical officer are remaining aboard. We’ll all be getting to know our quirks and personalities over the next few weeks. Learning how we work together. It shall be an interesting time.”

He paused again briefly before continuing. “Tell me a little about yourself, Lieutenant.”

XO Rhansi

Jahok planned to make contact with the counselor as soon as he was able. Savoh’s recent behavior worried Jahok, and he feared the boy was withdrawing into himself more than was healthy. Once they’re settled aboard the Leviathan he’ll schedule appointments for the both of them. “We shall face great tests in the months to come,” Jahok agreed. A true test of their patience and perseverance. “I look forward to proving myself and what I am capable of.” Any warrior can stand against a physical challenge. It took a true warrior to stand strong not only before an opponent, but against the unquantifiable.

“Something about myself.” Jahok considered the question, “Prior to enlisting with Starfleet I served aboard three klingon ships in the Imperial Fleet. The first as a tactical officer, and the second and third as a science officer.” Jahok smiled as he sipped his drink. Though the Empire and the Federation were allies, the Imperial Fleet did not share the service records of their officers with outside powers. Not without a fight. “I did not ask for the position nor sought it. I once used the science console on the bridge to track a rouge ship hiding in an asteroid field. After that my captain pointed to me and said I was promoted to science officer. When I transferred to my third posting the position stuck.”

“I didn’t mind. It meant I was on the bridge more often than not.” The Empire did not honor its scientists as it did its warriors, but attitudes were slowly shifting. Jahok suspected his intelligence was above the average for his people, but had no official baseline to compare too. He only knew that science and its components came easier to him than his it did to his klingon peers. He joined Starfleet because it was the first time he felt intellectually challenged and found encouragement to learn more.

Lt Jahok, CoS/RTF Cmdr

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Rhansi quirked an eyebrow. “A shift in positions that easily?” he questioned. “I knew I was unfamiliar with Klingon protocols, but this shows me just how much.” He took another sip of the juice, letting the information run through his mind. A shift from tactical to science like that, and on a Klingon vessel no less, could have discouraged anyone.

“What made you return to security in Starfleet?” he asked Jahok. “Dissatisfied with the sciences?”

XO Rhansi

Jahok chuckled at the XO’s response. “You must understand, in the Empire no one wants to be the ‘science officer’ or the one who runs the science station. There is no dedicated training for science and medicine like at the Starfleet Academy. In the Empire you train as a warrior and a warrior knows how to maintain his equipment and how to tend to his own wounds. Every crewman on the ship could more or less fulfill any role. On the ships I severed on and others like them, it’s whoever shows the most aptitude for a role that are ‘granted’ them. Now, the more important ships and the flag ships will have those positions, of course. Scientists, doctors, dedicated engineers. . . but all warriors. Every one.

“The sciences were never my passion. I adapted and learned what I needed to, but a career in science was not for me. You could say my enlistment into Starfleet was my chance to get back to my true passion. Starfleet and the Empire are very different institutions. It was in Starfleet, however, that I felt challenged for the first time in my life.”

Lt Jahok, CoS/RTF Cmdr

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Rhansi nodded slowly. “My people were never had a warrior culture, or caste, or anything like that. We didn’t have the resources for drawn out wars,” he pointed out. “Some people think we should have fought over them, but instead we banded together and built a culture around shared duty and sacrifice.” He picked absent-mindedly at the napkin under his glass. “Some might say I betrayed that by coming to the Federation, but I see it as my calling - this is my duty above all.”

“I see this as a challenge of my own,” he returned to the conversation, lifting the glass. “What is it that has challenged you?”

XO Rhansi

“You went against the established norm of your culture, and then forged your own path. One your values and character dictated as the correct one.” Jahok said, “That is not an easy feat, nor a decision made lightly.” Jahok knew that all too well. When the question was turned back on him, Jahok answered it honestly, “To see the universe beyond the narrow view of Klingon culture and my own equally narrow perceptions. A challenge that took me many decades to recognize, then work towards overcoming. It is part of why I left the Empire to join Starfleet. Starfleet, and by extension the Federation, seeks to understand all species they encounter and that I what I desire as well.”

Lt Jahok, CoS/RTF Cmdr

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