Kahs-Wan - Holodeck Program

Posted April 24, 2022, 9:24 p.m. by Lieutenant Jahok (Chief of Security / RTF Commander) (Abigail G)

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The reddish brown of the city of Shikahr felt intrinsically alien to T’Mara, It was so different from the cities and planets that she knew. Yet this world, Vulcan not Earth, was the home of her race. It was supposed to feel like home. Or least familiar. T’Mara took a deep breath. With enough effort and enough time in the holodeck, it would accomplish that. From where she stood, she could see the towers of the main city and the surrounding desert.

“Computer. Repeat basic description of Kahs-Wan,” T’Mara said.

“Kahs-Wan is the traditional survival test of adulthood for adolescent Vulcans. The child must survive ten days without food, water, or weapons. Once the trial is complete, the individual can claim the right to be considered an adult.”

T’Mara knew without any doubt that she couldn’t spend ten days in the holodeck but at least she could get enough of a feel for the trial to… T’Mara shook her head. That line of thinking was useless.

“Computer. Disengage safety protocols,” T’Mara said as she headed into the desert.

LtJg T’Mara Michaels

The computer’s soft voice interrupted the klingon opera Jahok selected to listen to while working on reports. “Attention,” It said, “Safety Protocols disengaged in holodeck one.” Now that got his attention. Jahok asked aloud, “On whose authority?” Holodeck safety protocols weren’t some simple on or off switch. To disengage it would take the work of a hacker or a high ranking officer. After a moment the computer answered, “On the authority of Lieutenant Junior Grade T’Mara Michaels.” That. . . was unexpected. Jahok locked his personal console and PaDDs, then grabbed his phaser before striding out of his office at a quick pace.

After some time he arrived before holodock one, “Computer, open holodeck doors.” The computer complied with his request and the doors slide open to reveal and unfamiliar desert under a red sky. Jahok paused under the threshold, studying the landscape before him. “Computer, what is the name of his holodeck program?”

The answer came a moment later, “Kahs-Wan Program”.

He didn’t know what that meant so he asked next, “What is this place?”

And the answer, “The desert outside the Vulcan city of Shikahr on planet Vulcan.” So this was Vulcan, but what brought Lt Michaels here? And why had she disregarded the safety protocols? Jahok didn’t like this so he set forth, following the Lt’s footprints in the sand. He’ll just have to find the Lt and ask her himself.

Lt Jahok COS/RTF Cmdr

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