Juliet reports in, again (attn RTF Commander)

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Posted by Lieutenant Jahok (Chief of Security / RTF Commander) in Juliet reports in, again (attn RTF Commander)
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Back again…

Juliet sighed as she stepped off the lift and turned towards the Commander’s office. The RTF Commander had changed since her departure a few months ago. It was time to introduce herself to her new supervisor.

As she palmed the come to announce herself, it occurred to her that he wouldn’t know her background, either. So much had happened in so short a time she absently wondered how many of the original RTF team were still around, too.

Sighing, she took a deep breath and let it out awaiting permission to enter. A hand absently tugged at the collar of her uniform before rising to be sure her coiled hair was still neat.

Ens Juliet Anders

“Come in,” Jahok’s voice rang loud and clear from behind the closed doors of his office. The commander sat behind his desk, working away at his many reports and paperwork. The RTF commander’s office was practically barren. All of the previous commander’s furniture and personal belongings were removed and nothing were put back in place. There were empty art displays around the room and along the walls, which made the room feel far colder and impersonal . Jahok had not bothered to repopulate the office with chairs or decorations at this moment. Perhaps once he felt suitably caught up with his work, and prepared for their next mission he will bring in a decorator. Until then, there was only his desk, the desk console, his chair and a second chair pulled from somewhere. “Have a seat, would you care for refreshment? There is a replicator in this office.”

Juliet came in and didn’t hide the look in her face at the lack of personalization. While her previous Commander, the Breen hadn’t bothered with a bunch of superfluous decor, there had at least been some personal items. Seeing the starkness left her both relieved and curious. Relieved he didn’t bother to color up the place for other people’s comfort. But also curious that he had absolutely nothing there.

At the offer of refreshments, she politely shook her head and took a seat, shifting it slightly to place the door that was behind her on the periphery of left side vision. It left her at a slightly awkward angle to the desk. “No, thank you.” Neither of the previous supervisors would have considered offering anything. Another anomaly with the man before her.

While Juliet answered, Jahok studied her. Since he arrived aboard the Leviathan, Jahok took the time to familiarize himself with every security and RTF officer under his command. Juliet’s file seemed. . . lacking. Perhaps while speaking with her he’ll learn more of that little mystery.

Lt Jahok CoS/RTF Cmdr

“Thank you for seeing me, Sir. I’m Juliet Anders, though I’m sure you know that. I admit I’m at a bit of a loss because I hadn’t been informed of my transfer till I arrived. I figured, besides checking in, if offer up some answers to, what I’m sure, is a myriad of questions.”

She sat in the chair with the air of someone both relaxing and ready to jump at a moment’s notice. Unless he looked specifically for it, her almost en guard demeanor wasn’t obvious. Most in the ship would take her actions as someone simply not wanting to be in the man’s presence.


Jahok could tell that the EN was tense, and could make several guesses as to why. Idle speculation, however, was pointless at this time. He must go by what he has on hand from her file, and what Juliet tells him herself. “In your file, it states you previously held the rank of lieutenant but were demoted to Ensign. Explain to me what happened and why you were demoted.” Jahok had the official Starfleet story, but he wanted to hear it in her own words. His expression was blank, but his words were firm. Below this stern exterior was a curiosity. This seemingly interrogative question was actually a test.

Lt Jahok CoS/RTF Cmdr

Juliet blinked and took a breath. They always asked. She always answered. But it didn’t make it any easier.

“To be blunt, I want aware what my patrol was doing and I paid the price.” She knew that wasn’t sufficient so, taking a deep breath, she told him the story.

Her patrol, and a couple others, within the Spec Ops program had been abusing power. Things were done, possessions taken, and power abused to the point that people had died. Despite never having any definitive proof she was involved, enough of her team had been. So she, like they, were punished. Hers was more severe because she had been their Lieutenant.

The telling only took a couple minutes, but it was obvious from the slump of her shoulders and the waver in her voice, it has still taken a bit to tell it. When finished, she took another deep breath and suddenly the lines of pain and betrayal were gone from her face and she was sitting tall in the chair once more. As if nothing had happened.

“And I should tell you, I’m a Betazed. I have telepathy and a touch of telikenisis. Though the later rarely manifests except under extreme conditions.”

The final sentences were dropped like a bomb. Her eyes had been surgically altered and her records have no indication that the redacted places contained such info. But if the Commander was keen to whispers in the ranks, it would explain some things about her that had been whispered since her reappearance on the ship.


Jahok gave his full attention to Juliet, his poke face in play which gave none of his feelings away. He gave her the chance to speak her piece before carefully and empathically decide upon his answer. The confession that she was a Betazed came as a shock. There was no mention of that in her file but given her work in Spec Ops it seemed was a a clever deception. Hide a telepath in plain sight. Jahok possessed no formal training against telepaths and other psychic influences. He only had his own mental fortitude and self control to rely upon.

“A troubled and difficult past,” Jahok spoke after a moments pause, poker face still in place. “And how do you intend to move forward? What will you do to prove yourself and show that you have learned from your past mistakes?”

Lt Jahok CoS/RTF Cmdr

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