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Posted May 21, 2022, 11:34 a.m. by Lieutenant Junior Grade T'Mara Michaels (Chief Science Officer) (S. Kimmel)

Posted by Ensign Jackson Pryce (Scientist) in Side sim - Science Lab

Posted by Ensign Jackson Pryce (Scientist) in Side sim - Science Lab

Posted by Ensign Jackson Pryce (Scientist) in Side sim - Science Lab
Ensign Pryce wasted little time after dropping off his things, heading straight to the lab. He stayed there for a few hours, much of that time finding the materials necessary for his procedure. Those now lay before him: a mid-sized container composed of an unknown substance, another container labeled “HF 20 M”, a metal ladle, a small cage, a battery or electrical feed of some sort, and a small amount of dilithium. He stood, completely focused, planning his next steps. Hrmm. Dilithium first.

~ Ensign Pryce

Grabbing a pair of tongs from a nearby table, Jackson carefully placed the tiny portion of dilithium into the battery-like receptacle. He then attached the whole contraption to the mid-sized container, pressing a button which popped up a view of the inside of the container. This view now showed a tiny silver object inside the container, visible against its charcoal grey inner lining and central column.

With that done, he stepped back, examining his work for any potential issues. Looks good, he thought. A glance around at the empty room, and he added, and the perfect time of day, it would seem. One hand ventured out to tap the machine’s control panel a series of times, manually overriding its maximum output. With one final tap, the whole thing came to life, and the silver object was seen to rise into the air, beginning to spin around the blackish-grey column in an ever-faster revolution.

Jackson sat back on a nearby chair, waiting for the machine to warm up to its optimum speed.

~ Ensign Pryce - Scientist

A few minutes of silence passed until the silver object seemed to disappear altogether, and a few more minutes passed before the screen indicated that it had achieved warp factor 6. At this point, Jackson stood back up, tapping the ‘off’ button on the machine, followed by a few more buttons which saw (or rather, heard) a small escape of air from the top of the containment module. He nodded approvingly at this small gust.

With the metallic object slowing down, Jackson shuffled over to the cage, dragging it over to the apparatus he had assembled. He then opened it, retrieved what appeared to be a common cockroach, and placed it in a small receptacle on one side of the containment module, its walls also lined with some kind of charcoal grey material. The roach began sniffing the walls of its tiny room, until Jackson closed the door and its actions went into the “unknown” category of Jackson’s brain. Why do they sniff around like that? he thought. That container’s sterilized, there’s nothing to sniff. He sat back down, waiting for the object to come to a complete stop.

~ Ensign Pryce - Scientist

T’Mara stepped over to where Ensign Pryce was working with his device and the cage. She noted the creature in particular.

“A cockroach, Mr. Pryce?” she asked. “Assuming it is consistent with your project, perhaps you should explain its relationship to your basic hypothesis.”

LtJg T’Mara Michaels, CSO

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