Meeting Audrey (open to all)

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Alison stepped into the holdeck and took a deep breath. She stood nervously in the center trying to decide which program she would use to introduce Audrey to the crew of the Leviathan. After a few minutes she had made her decision and moved over to the controls and started the program.

She walked through the scenery to make sure she didn’t need to make any last minute adjustments. Once she was sure it was prefect for her Audrey she tapped her comm badge and opened a link to the NE who was with Audrey when she left =/\= the holodeck is ready for Audrey’s arrival=/\=

A few moments later NE Grey walked in with a hover craft behind right behind him. As soon as both of them entered she could hear Audrey fussing for being locked away in their quarters. This was nothing new for her and she ignored it. Once the crew had time to adjust to being around her she could go to the labs with her.

Alison uncovered the hover craft and moved around Audrey running her hands over her. She motioned for NE Daniels to follow her and they placed Audrey in the center of the lush Jungle. Once she was ready she moved back to the exit and sent a ship wide announcement for anyone who wanted to join her and meet Audrey if they wanted to.

Alison Kane (sci)

Laural exhaled, getting ready to head to the mess for some lunch when she was alerted to a crew wide message. Curious and perplexed, not quite understanding who “Audrey” was and why an introduction would be required via the holideck, The counselor decided to find out for herself. Food could wait. A mystery was much more intriguing.

It didn’t take long for her to arrive at her destination. Hesitating for just a moment, she eventually maneuvered her grav chair beyond the doors, the hum of her personal vehicle the only immediate sound she encountered. Confronted by the jungle scene, she offered a gentle, “Hello?”

~Dr. Laural Witley, Counselor

“Hello Counselor ” Alison said as she moved up one if the paths leading from where Audrey was. She listened to Audrey fuss through her telepathic link and just shook her head. NE Daniels tried to calm her but it wasn’t doing anything but making it worse.

Alison Kane, science
From the holodeck doors still opened came Ashir, who almost bumped into the counselor due to the vegetation : “Woah ! Sorry Counselor ! I think I tripped over a root.”

He looked around him and realized they were in a jungle. With them was Alison, fully concentrated over the jungle. Think she’s doing telepathy, thought the Andorian. Still, why did she choose a jun-
His thoughts were interrupted when he picked a sound with his antennas, coming from the jungle itself, like some fuss. The sound made him fully alert, ready to defend himself. What’s that ? He looked at Alison, still concentrated. Well, screw it, I need to know what it is.

While keeping his antennas on the surrounding leaves, Ashir asked : “Uh, Alison ? What’s in the jungle ?”

Lieutenant JG Ashir th’Qiaqir

“A exotic Hybrid flower” Ailson said as she approached Ashir “she’s harmless well mostly harmless.” She said as she finally stood in front of the two doctors. “This is most like her natural habitat, and she likes getting the fresh air.”

Alison Kane (Scientist)

“Could you please define what type of hybrid she is?” A low voice came from next to the group. A short man in a yellow uniform stood there with arms crossed staring into the jungle, It wasn’t clear where or when he’d entered. He had the pips of a Lieutenant commander on his neck.


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