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Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade T’Mara Michaels (Chief Science Officer) in Kahs-Wan - Holodeck Program

Posted by Lieutenant ISAC (Assistant Chief Medical Officer (EMH)) in Kahs-Wan - Holodeck Program
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“The le-metya. Apex predator in this region. Third leading cause of death for Vulcan youths doing the Kahs-Wan. 150 kilograms. Top speed, about 50 kilometers per hour which is considerably faster than most humanoids,” she said. She paused at the extended claws. “Feet well adapted to running silently on sand. Claws that evolved not only to rip flesh but also have a powerful toxin… at least to creatures from the Vulcan ecosystem. It’s preferred attack mode is to approach undetected to within range and then slam into the prey at max speed, stunning or possibly breaking a leg while clawing the victim to damage leg muscles and inject the toxin.”

She stopped and faced the Klingon while resting her hand on the airborne green and yellow cat-like creature. “If you came to play this scenario, I can get out of the way and then have the computer continue the le-metya’s attack. I think you’d do well,” she said. She moved away from the le-metya and approached him. “If you came to see me then logic dictates that I should introduce myself. I am Ltjg T’Mara Michaels, Chief Science Officer.”

LtJg T’Mara Michaels, CSO

After a while ISAC approached them “I am terribly sorry to be intruding but it seems there is a system glitch I was supposed to be in The hollow matrix in Sickbay well my projector recharges somehow I get sent here. I tried to ask the computer to provide an arch but it will not respond to me and without my projector I cannot leave here” he said as he stood there no one knows why he looks like a plague doctor the person who programmed him wasn’t very sociable.


Well. That didn’t explain why ISAC was here, and at the moment Jahok didn’t particularly care. Science and Medical can pick the problem apart themselves and figure out a solution on their own time. That was not the issue Jahok came into the program to address. When Jahok spoke it was with reproach, “I did, in fact, came to see you Lt. Are you aware that an alert is sent to my office whenever the safety protocols within the holodeck are disengaged? Why have you put yourself in unnecessary danger. You could have been this le-matya’s prey and your name added to the very statistic you quoted to me. Though I suspect you would receive special recognition as the first vulcan to die from a simulated le-matya in a holodeck program that has safety protocols to prevent such untimely demise.”

Jahok was angry, but he kept it contained and controlled.

Lt Jahok COS/RTF Comdr

“Obviously, I was not aware of that though I do see the logic behind it,” T’Mara said. T’Mara debated only for a moment whether to smile at the Klingon. A smiling Vulcan always to put people off-balance. Instead she opted for a slight bow. “My apologies for the inconvenience this has undoubtedly caused you. I promise you that it will not happen again. As for the question ‘why?’ I noted that the ship had a Kahs-Wan holodeck program and I thought it would be worthwhile to see how accurately it portrayed Vulcan. The mortality rate for the survival ritual is not high though there seems to be little point to it if there is no danger.”

She paused and glanced at the black garbed individual. Since he mentioned “his projector” and “sickbay” she was forced to conclude that he was holographic.

“As for our holographic friend, I must admit that I have no idea why he has been projected into this simulation. Perhaps it is a flaw that we should report to Engineering,” she said before turning back to the Klingon. “If you would like, and if you are certain that it would result in the loss of the EMH, I will gladly terminate the program. Unless, of course, you would like to try your hand with the le-matya.”

LtJg T’Mara Michaels, CSO

ISAC looked at the CSO “ I am not an EMH and I do not appreciate being talked about when I’m standing right here. I am serving on this vessel as a doctor not an MH but a MH and just so you know I am a guy not your standard hologram so I would appreciate it if you give me a little bit more respect” he said sharply.


It will not happen again. A promise he’s heard many times before, and he will keep the Lt to her word. It him it seemed as thought T’Mara had a death wish. “No point. . . ” He sighed while pinching the bridge of his nose. A human gesture that he picked up from serving alongside humans for so long. “Perhaps you should prepare more before attempting this challenge again, with the safety protocols on. You do not need the threat of actual death to motivate you. In the future set the program to immediately terminate should the program deem you dead..”

He was still quite angry. And that anger came from a place of genuine concern. The death of a dear friend still lingered in his thoughts. She died a senseless and completely avoidable death. Not through her fault, but that of another. The fact that Lt Michaels would so carelessly dismiss safety protocols. . . As for ISAC. . . “Computer, display doorway.” The computer beeped in response and the holodeck entrance appeared beside them. “Are you able to exit this program now? And if we were to terminate the program would you be harmed in any way?” This really was a science matter but since he was here he might as well try and help.

Lt Jahok COS/RTF Comdr

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(ISAC cannot find his projector someone took it)

ISAC looked at the Lt. “No I am still a holographic. I can’t leave the confines of this place without my projector. But judging by self diagnostic the program has me here as a in PC. I can go back into the hollow buffer when you terminate the program and just re form myself. That way I won’t be an NPC in a program. I have tried several times to return back to Sick Bay but because of me being NPC The computer is not complying with my request” he said softly and calmly.


“Interesting, though I confess that there are many details here that I do not fully comprehend,” T’Mara said. “If you can not command the computer to return you to sick bay because it considers you to be an NPC, does that mean that you would return if I could issue the command? Does your system work through the ship’s main computers or is your projector fully independent? Would it be possible for one of us to command the computer to return you to wherever your projector is?”

LtJg T’Mara Michaels, CSO

“My projector is completely independent but when it is charging I stay in the ships computer. But this morning my projector was not where I left it. Who ever took it managed to get into a locked door with my command code and deactivate the charging system and stopped me from getting access to it remotely” he said


“And closing down the simulation would not create a problem for you? You would or could simply return to the ship’s computer without any loss or damage?” T’Mara asked. Despite being initially put off by the doctor’s … unusual… appearance she found herself being concerned about his… her… its… whatever well being. She frowned which was already out of character for a Vulcan but at this point she didn’t care. “Just we go about finding your missing projector is also an interesting question. I’m not familiar with that particular variation of the device. Does the device have any characteristics that we could use when scanning the ship?”

LtJg T’Mara Michaels, CSO

T’Mara glanced at Jahok. Perhaps it was an optical illusion or perhaps it was just wishful thinking on her part but the Klingon’s temper appeared to have ebbed a bit. SHe took a deep breath of the simulated hot Vulcan air.

“Mr. Jahok. I’m still comparatively new to the ship. It seems logical to assume that you are more familiar with our the unique features of Mr. ISAC’s projector than I am,” she said. “What is your estimate? Would turning off the simulation harm ISAC… Mr. ISAC… will it harm you in any way if I turn off the simulation?”

LtJg T’Mara Michaels, CSO

ISAC looked at them “ I will go to the buffer you can close down the program and set the holo deck to stand by and I will show myself again” he said as he disappeared from view


T’Mara blinked as ISAC disappeared. “Some day,” she thought, “I will get used to holographic crew-members.”

“As long as it is safe,” she said to the medical officer who was no longer visible, “Computer. Discontinue Kahs-Wan program.”

Instantly what looked so much like the surface of Vulcan disappeared and was replaced by a large black room with yellow grid of hologram projectors. She waited for a moment but Dr. ISAC did not immediately reappear as she had expected.

T’Mara frowned. A stolen portable hologram projector and a holographic character who seemed to randomly appear in her simulation. This called for some additional research and investigation. She headed toward the entrance doorway.

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LtJg T’Mara Michaels, CSO

After a few moments ISAC reappeared “ ouch that was painful” he said with a annoyed voice. A few seconds past when he spoke again “ self diagnostic shows I am in the green. But for some reason I can’t transfer to Sickbay”


OOC: I’m assuming that we’re still in the holodeck and that the projectors are reactivated enough to project the Doctor.

T’Mara stopped just short of the door and turned back to the Doctor.

“Trapped in a holodeck… that won’t react to your commands,” T’Mara said. She frowned not understanding how this was happening. Clearly the computer was treating ISAC as a character in the program. “As long as I am here, we can start any program that you would like… though…” T’Mara paused. The idea seemed preposterous at first but she could come up no convincing argument as to why it would not work. She smiled at the Doctor for a moment.

“Computer. New program. Setting: USS Leviathan. Initial location: Sickbay. Setting parameters per current internal sensors readings and ship design data,” T’Mara said. A moment later, she and SAC were surrounded by a spot on accurate representation of Leviathan’s sickbay with the noteworthy exception of a lack of people. T’Mara nodded. “In this simulation, you should be able to go anywhere you’d like on the ship though I recommend staying out of the simulation’s holodeck; there is a possibility that would create unpredictable outcomes. Perhaps, if the ship’s sensors can locate your projector, you’ll be able to determine where it is located in the simulation and then we… or I can retrieve it for you in the real ship.”

LtJg T’Mara Michaels, CSO

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