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Posted by Civilian Genesis (Gen) McCallister (Anomalous Individual) in Pre-Sim:

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“I relieve you, sir,” Commander Nivor Rhansi, now acting commanding officer, Starfleet vessel Leviathan intoned the official words.

“I stand relieved,” Captain Conrad Mackenzie, former commanding officer, Starfleet vessel Leviathan completed the ceremony. Nivor placed a fist over his heart and extended his hand. Mackenzie shook it, then glanced around the confines of the ready room. “Take care of her,” he said simply. “And her crew.”

“I will,” Nivor responded, releasing the man’s grip. “And you… don’t let the brass push you around too much.” Mackenzie nodded, took one last look around and walked through the doors, off to whatever assignment the ARU or whatever branch of Starfleet was calling him away. Rhansi sighed, leaning against the desk. He was only nominally in command; the ship was docked at the ARU Starbase, offloading anomalies for containment and research in the secret facility. They would be here for two weeks, the crew getting some deserved R&R (even for a secret facility, it still had first-class amenities), at the end of which the new CO should hopefully have arrived.

Nivor sucked a deep breath across his breathers and then rose, circling around the desk.

“Computer, open a channel to Foremost Fleet Command. It’s time to report in,” he ended with a mutter.

aCO Rhansi

The channel opened fairly quickly, almost as if the person in the other side was awaiting the call. The woman who appeared on screen wore the uniform of a starfleet rear admiral, a pair of fuzzy black panda ears on a headband over her hair and an expression that could sour milk.

“Commander Rhansi, good morning.” She said sternly. “I’m going to start this conversation very frankly, I do not approve of having the strange anomalies dealt with in any part of a fleet under my command. Tell me these things are well contained and I’m not going to have to worry about some NE getting themselves possessed by a weird necklace they happen to pick up.”

RAdmir Reilly

Rhansi steeled his expression as he tapped the admiral’s name on the transmission screen. “Admiral Reilly,” he responded, nodding slightly. Her Starfleet profile appeared, confirming his recollection that she was human. He dismissed the profile, glanced briefly at the ears atop her head before continuing; humans always found new ways to surprise him.

“These… things are well contained,” the Barzan continued, answering the . “There are more transporter accidents across the fleet annually than there are anomaly containment breaches in the ARU.”

“I cannot guarantee the latter. But,” he raised his right hand, attempting to cut off any argument he knew may be coming, “neither can any other ship guarantee one of their crew would not put on said necklace. In fact, Admiral” he paused briefly, considering. “The training ARU crewmembers receives on anomalies makes them less likely to put on a random necklace.”

He leaned back, elbows on the arm rests of the chair, hands laced across his stomach. “Is that sufficient?”

XO Rhansi

“It will suffice for now yes. But I still don’t like it. And I don’t appreciate ARU people rampaging through my office and all of this cloak and dagger nonsense. Now, until the bloody red tape is sorted you and your crew are to return to Starbase and dispose of your cargo there. Get some R&R and wait for debriefing.” As she spoke her tone became more and more irritated and the Scottish accent she spoke with more and more pronounced. Behind her, off camera came an alright smashing noise, she stood up. “Oh fir goodness sakes. Whit did I say about the fish tank!”

RAdmir Reilly

Nivor watched the screen with a bemused expression. He spoke and understood Federation Standard well, so had translations turned off for him in his UT profile, and the thickening accent was unique. “Sounds like you have your hands full with an anomaly of your own, Admiral,” he chuckled. “I’ll be reviewing personnel records and requesting some new officers soon - our chief engineer and head of security have both received transfer orders. I’ll put those in with your staffing officers. Did you have anything else for me?”

XO Rhansi

“Aye” she said annoyed, “get yer selves back where you’re Mehta’ be before anything else in my office gets broken from these baboons from ARU.” She scowled and closed the channel. A moment later a message drifted across the screen. RECORD IF THIS CONVERSATION HAS BEEN REDACTED

RAdmir Reilly

The shadows beside the desk seemed to pull together from across the room and begin to bubble, a figure emerged from them, a girl, chalky white in pallor wearing a dark grey oversized sweater and leggings and grey fluffy socks emerged where the shadow had once been. Her eyes glowing a neon yellow colour and her expression for one so young utterly stoic. She looked at Rhansi and said. “I don’t want to go to the Starbase.”


Rhansi watched the shape form, and even though he’d heard stories was still surprised when the small girl appeared. He sighed and leaned forward, resting his arms on the desk.

“I think that’s out of my hands, Genesis,” he said, recalling the brief profile he’d read on the… anomalous individual was the term he’d seen used, but it still struck him as coarse given the figure he saw before him. Federation scientists and too much separation from what they’re studying, he thought. “I’m not sure we’ve yet found any way we could even try to keep you there, have we?”

She gave a small smile but didn’t answer.

He studied her for a moment longer before continuing. “You don’t want us to leave you on the station, or you don’t want us to go at all?”

XO Rhansi

She shrugged her shoulders looking unhappy. “I don’t want to go to the station. Bad things at the station. Bad people. Bad monsters.”


He nodded silently. She still seemed very much the child of her apparent age, despite the intervening years, which fascinated the scientist in him, but he pushed that aside. “We have good people there, too,” he responded, “there to keep the monsters locked away, to protect us.” He tried not to think of the potential uses for some of the anomalies the ARU had locked away at Starbase 237 - and those who would want to use them. “Good people just like we have here on Leviathan.”

As if she had read him mind, maybe she had, Gen said gently “sometimes they don’t need other people to use them…they are just chaos and fear.”

He considered the girl’s eyes before he continued. “Can I help you not be afraid, somehow?”

XO Rhansi

With a slightly shake of her head she said enigmatically. “Grandpa kept cookies…”


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