Starbase 237 Promenade deck - Leviathan scientists summoned to meet Captain Cobb

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OOC: I’ll be repeating this thread for each department in turn, so feel free to jump in to any that apply to you

IC: Deep blue liquor scorched a trail down the old man’s throat, the tumbler’s contents swallowed rapidly in a singular, desperate gulp, as of one crawling the burning sands of the Sahara to quench thirst with the last water on Earth. Six months since anything more than weak tea had graced Cobb’s lips, the ARU’s reputation for prisoner welfare egregious. But as trembling hands procured a second measure, thoughts turned to the captain’s mandatory plans for the day. And in that moment Zachariah found himself beset by a longing for the solitude of his former cell.

The location of ARU headquarters, official designation Starbase 237 or ‘Hades’ for those who dwelled within, was classified. For decades had they transmitted warnings of unstable conditions around the Bardeezi nebula to keep all other travellers at bay. But draw back those curtains of ionized gas and a true marvel of engineering would be seen, recalling for Cobb his mother’s favourite lillies, three ‘petals’ forming detachable containment districts around a gargantuan, central stem. And coiled like a serpent at the middle of the stem, the most breathtaking place on the station - the promenade deck.

No individual was permitted at the starbase without sufficient clearance, still compartmentalisation was what the ARU did best. So when Cobb suggested meeting the crew of the Leviathan on the ‘outdoor’ promenade - an imperceptible forcefield the only barrier between its occupants and deep space - Admiral Roebuck sequestered an entire quadrant of the popular, circular deck. And it was here, with large desk and chair replacing the usual recreational seating, that Captain Zachariah Cobb would hold court, as one by one the Leviathan’s department members submitted to his inquisitive glare.

“If I didn’t know you better”, the Admiral laughed as he sampled the refreshment platter’s red strawberries, “I would say that you, Zachariah Cobb, are nervous.”
The captain snorted, draining his glass before refilling again to the brim. “You’re damned right I’m nervous. The last crew I commanded are still in mandatory counselling. And that’s just the ones who managed to make it back.”
Roebuck shrugged a warm smile to reassure his troubled friend. “You have a good crew, Zachariah. I think you’ll be impressed.”
“It’s not them that concerns me.”

The denouement of his statement remained unspoken, Roebuck stepping in to propel events forward in the captain’s hesitant stead.

=^= Leviathan science team, this is Admiral Roebuck. Please present yourself at the north-west quadrant of the promenade deck in one hour, to meet your new commanding officer, Captain Cobb. =^=

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

T’Mara was still chatting with Ensign Pryce about his experiments with cockroaches when they heard the announcement. She took a deep breath.

“We can continue our conversation another time,” she said to Pryce. “At the moment, we need to secure our work in a safe condition and prepare to meet the new Captain. My expectation is that I will not find any insects outside of your work area.”

She glanced over at Lt. Kane.

“Secure your work Lieutenant and prepare to transport to Starbase 237 for a meeting.”

LtJg T’Mara Michaels, CSO

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IC: “Lieutenant Michaels,” the Captain roared in enthusiastic greeting, the blue-green glow of the surrounding nebula accentuating his silvering ponytail and beard, “welcome to my crew. I always enjoy having Vulcans onboard. Your sense of logic provides a nice counterbalance to the often illogical nature of anomalies.”

A small chuckle as he turned to the refreshment table and began pouring himself another drink. “Can I get you anything, Lieutenant? The spice tea is freshly brewed if you fancy a cup.”

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

“Thank you, Captain. A spice tea would be… nice,” T’Mara said pausing a beat. In that moment she decided that the most logical course was to eliminate any confusion he might have. “Although I am Vulcan, I was raised by Humans. The Human influence may or may not be obvious at times.”

She accepted the tea and, deciding to reinforce the point, nodded with a slight smile on her face.

T’Mara’s effort to stress her human side did not go unnoticed by Cobb. Her tea delivered with a wink, he replied, “Logic and emotions make amicable bedfellows. The human influence might not be expected, but I’ll welcome it warmly all the same.”

Jackson arrived not long after T’Mara, having made his way to the promenade from his quarters. He presented himself to his new Captain with a stiff, attentive stance, eyes not leaving Zachariah’s face. Older, weathered with time and experience, he thought. Must be familiar with his surroundings and his commander to have us meet here. Unknown origin, but not his first time here, Pryce’s thoughts continued, forming an idea of Cobb’s past, however vague his personal info packet.

OOC: Apologies to Kimmel, but I started the Science Lab side-sim saying it was in the middle of the ship’s night, as the lab was pretty much deserted. I don’t want to have Jackson coming from that sim because of that - I just don’t like the timing of it. You can keep to that if you want, but Jackson’s not going to.

OOC: No apology necessary. It was my mistake for not reading your post carefully enough. We’ll just disconnect the side-sim from this one.

Also, very much looking forward to writing with you, Sharon!

OOC: Timelines can always be fluid between one storyline and the next, unless something character-defining happens, like losing a limb (not an entirely uncommon occurrence on the Levi! haha)

And thank you, to both of you too! :)

~ Ensign Pryce - Scientist

“And allow me to introduce Mr. Pryce, one of our scientists,” T’Mara said turning to Pryce.

LtJg T’Mara Michaels, CSO

Pryce’s gaze felt inquisitorial, the contradictions within Cobb’s appearance - starship captain via detour to Tortuga - bringing a wry smile to the old man’s bearded face. Challenging expectations offered frivolous pleasure for one with the universe’s safety on his back. But his file was not the only one so heavily redacted and Ensign Pryce might yet have secrets of his own.

“And for you, Ensign?” Cobb gestured to the refreshments. “Tea? Or perhaps something a little more potent?”

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Jackson noted Cobb’s smile, his own inquisitive expression dropping back into its standard blankness, apart from a smidge of added interest at the Captain’s proffered refreshment options. Aware of himself with no hesitation, yet also aware of others, Pryce’s inner dialogue continued. Not easy to hide things from, but a man from whom not everything should necessarily be hidden.

“A Martian Cabernet would be fantastic, thank you.” The truest combination of Pryce’s past, his request seemed like a safe bet. The Californian Cabernet of his birthplace had never been a favorite, but the lightness added by the Martians’ lifted it up his ranked preferences.

A short stroll took him to the edge of the promenade deck, fragile railing the only visible boundary to deep space. “The ARU considers science and research the preeminent specialisation. By hunting down and containing these anomalies, we protect all from immediate harm. But only in the studying and the understanding of their abilities do we prevent perpetual chaos.”

Left elbow resting on the barrier, Zachariah turned to face the two scientists. “I know enough to respect what it is that you both do. So tell me, how are conditions in the Leviathan’s laboratories? Anything of interest to report?”

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

“I must apologize, Captain,” T’Mara said. “I have only recently arrived on the Leviathan and have not had the opportunity to become fully acquainted all the projects my staff is working on. My predecessor’s records were thorough and well prepared. The laboratories are well stocked and the equipment is up to date and fully functional. One of the departed science officers was doing work with time crystals that I have to be particularly intriguing and if time permits I may follow up on that work.”

LtJg T’Mara Michaels, CSO

“Time crystals, eh?” Cobb’s eyebrows raised. “Fascinating. But risky too, I don’t doubt. I’d be interested to hear more on this work if you continue.”

A pause, the captain’s eyes once more scanning the horizon. “I understand from your record that you majored in exobiology, Lieutenant? I have a curious anomaly, a stowaway from our previous mission, that might interest you. Seems my new chief engineer has welcomed him as some kind of pet.” Amusement signaled by hearty chuckle, before stoicism took hold once again. “He might hold information of some value to me. “

Cobb drained his glass. “So what else interests you, Lt Michaels? Inside the laboratories and out?”

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

Alison held back as the captain and her fellow scientists talked. After she had left the labs she went to check on Audrey. Something had been off with the way she was acting. But she couldn’t pin point what it was.

After she left she had the strangest feeling something was wrong and she couldn’t shake it at all. She knew not to ignore the bad feelings, but for now she had to.

She listened to the exchange between the CSO and the Captain and hoped everything was okay on the ship.

Lt. Alison Kane (scientist)

~ Ensign Pryce - Scientist

“A ‘pet’ in Engineering? No. I was not aware of that,” Michaels said. “In general, I strive to avoid interfering in the affairs of other departments. I am curious as to the use of the term “anomaly.” The number of ‘animal’ species within Federation space that have not been fully analyzed is estimated to be 1.376 trillion. Which leaves the question of what distinguishes an anomaly from a species we have not yet catalogued. Perhaps there is no significant difference.”

T’Mara took a sip of her spiced tea and pondered whether it would be appropriate to begin a discourse on time crystals. She concluded that doing so would not serve any logical purpose. Her thoughts quickly returned to the issue of anomalies. Would Lee, her morphite friend, qualify as an anomaly? Its species was certainly unusual. She pushed that thought aside as non-productive.

“One of my other interests could be described as all things Vulcan,” she said a moment later. “It is a world and a group of cultures that I do not know as well as I should.”

LtJg T’Mara Michaels, CSO

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