Starbase 237 Promenade deck - Intelligence/Tactical/Comms summoned to meet Captain Cobb

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OOC: I’ll be repeating this thread for each department in turn, so feel free to jump in to any that apply to you

IC: Deep blue liquor scorched a trail down the old man’s throat, the tumbler’s contents swallowed rapidly in a singular, desperate gulp, as of one crawling the burning sands of the Sahara to quench thirst with the last water on Earth. Six months since anything more than weak tea had graced Cobb’s lips, the ARU’s reputation for prisoner welfare egregious. But as trembling hands procured a second measure, thoughts turned to the captain’s mandatory plans for the day. And in that moment Zachariah found himself beset by a longing for the solitude of his former cell.

The location of ARU headquarters, official designation Starbase 237 or ‘Hades’ for those who dwelled within, was classified. For decades had they transmitted warnings of unstable conditions around the Bardeezi nebula to keep all other travellers at bay. But draw back those curtains of ionized gas and a true marvel of engineering would be seen, recalling for Cobb his mother’s favourite lillies, three ‘petals’ forming detachable containment districts around a gargantuan, central stem. And coiled like a serpent at the middle of the stem, the most breathtaking place on the station - the promenade deck.

No individual was permitted at the starbase without sufficient clearance, still compartmentalisation was what the ARU did best. So when Cobb suggested meeting the crew of the Leviathan on the ‘outdoor’ promenade - an imperceptible forcefield the only barrier between its occupants and deep space - Admiral Roebuck sequestered an entire quadrant of the popular, circular deck. And it was here, with large desk and chair replacing the usual recreational seating, that Captain Zachariah Cobb would hold court, as one by one the Leviathan’s department members submitted to his inquisitive glare.

“If I didn’t know you better”, the Admiral laughed as he sampled the refreshment platter’s red strawberries, “I would say that you, Zachariah Cobb, are nervous.”
The captain snorted, draining his glass before refilling again to the brim. “You’re damned right I’m nervous. The last crew I commanded are still in mandatory counselling. And that’s just the ones who managed to make it back.”
Roebuck shrugged a warm smile to reassure his troubled friend. “You have a good crew, Zachariah. I think you’ll be impressed.”
“It’s not them that concerns me.”

The denouement of his statement remained unspoken, Roebuck stepping in to propel events forward in the captain’s hesitant stead.

=^= Lieutenant Commander Magnusson, Lieutenant DiNozzo, Lieutenant Dysart, this is Admiral Roebuck. Please present yourself at the north-west quadrant of the promenade deck in one hour, to meet your new commanding officer, Captain Cobb. =^=

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

Alan tapped his badge, still something he was getting used to. =/\=Aye.=/\= He turned away from his station and someone else took it over. Starfleet always had a backup officer for every station just standing by. He left an hour early to take a shower and put on a less wrinkled uniform.

Alan arrived an hour later on the Promenade deck and stood where he guessed he was supposed to.

-Lt Alan Dysart

OOC: I think you had a different character the last time I was on the ship, Sam? So I’m going to play this as if Cobb and Dysart haven’t met, but apologies if I’ve got that wrong!

IC: Strawberries. Cobb had not enjoyed anything so decadent for months. ARU prisoner rations were hardly medieval, still, they in no way extended to cover delicacies like fresh fruit. It was from this cherished position, in the centre of the refreshment table, that the captain looked up as the newcomer approached.

“Ah, Lieutenant…” A glance towards the Admiral for help.
“Lieutenant Dysart, Captain. Communications.”
“Communications, eh?” Now Zachariah was back in full swing, approaching the officer with outstretched hand. “An interesting position on an ARU vessel, I’d imagine? Has that been the way of things for you so far, eh?”

Alan shook the Captain’s hand. “Yes, sir. So far, there’s been something new almost every day.”

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

“Lt DiNozzo reporting in Cap’n.” He said with a smiled.

Tactical Offier DiNozzo

“DiNozzo,” Zachariah rolled the name around on his tongue. “Is that Italian?”

“Yes Cap’n. That is correct it is Italian sir.”

Then approaching the refreshments and procuring another whiskey, he enquired, “Can I offer either of you a drink?”

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

“Yes, please. Sir.” Alan said, looking to the table to spy the options. “I’ll have what you’re having, sir.” Alan knew next to nothing about alcohol, or synthehol, but he was pretty sure it seemed like he did.

“Sir that will be great what do we have?” He asked.

CTO DiNozzo

Adam had been lurking somewhere deep within the station when he felt his Communicator vibrate a message, a few minutes later he got himself in a position where he could listen to the message, he hadn’t heard anything regarding who would be captaining the Leviathan. A short trip to his temporary quarters and a sonic shower later he arrived at the meeting location. He’d timed it carefully, he hadn’t managed to be first so he decided to be last. He looked between the two officers present, the Admiral and then the Captain, his face showing no reaction “Admiral, Captain” He said with a respectful nod to each officer.


-Lt Dysart

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