A terror in the labs!

Posted July 4, 2022, 5:50 p.m. by Lieutenant Junior Grade T'Mara Michaels (Chief Science Officer) (S. Kimmel)

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The lights flickered in the lab as glass shattered and spread across the floor. NE Daniels rushed toward where the crash had came from and was met with an atrocity he had never seen before. As he tried to tap his comm badge to alert security there was an anomaly on the ship it lunged at him. His screams echoed through the empty lab as he met his fate with this creature.

The unknown

Nurse Allan had been returning to her quarters, a long and arduous sickbay shift behind her. A soothing sonic shower eagerly beckoned, followed by an entire bar of dark chocolate and a glass, or several, of red wine.
Passing by the main lab complex, the young woman tried to convince herself that she had not just heard a loud scream. Strange sounds were nothing new on the Leviathan. And yet, something about this one had seized her attention. It hadn’t sounded like an anomaly. It had sounded human. It had sounded like pure terror.

=^= Medical override, Allan 041835 =^= she sought access to the first lab and, as the door slid slowly open, drew a hypospray and cautiously stepped inside.
“Hello? Is someone in here?” Her voice trembled more than she cared to notice. But was initially met with only empty, echoing silence.

  • Nurse Morella Allan

T’Mara Michaels had been heading toward her quarters when she stopped abruptly. The discussion of anomalies had nagged at her in profound ways. Supernatural, indeed. There was no such thing as supernatural; only those things that were not well understood. Still, if her job was to investigate “anomalies” and there was, in fact one on board in Engineering, the most logical course of action was to learn as much as possible about them. She turned and headed to the main lab complex.

The door was open and T’Mara slowed when she saw the back of a woman who was holding a hypospray. A nurse perhaps. The room beyond her was … wrong in some almost way. There was a faint but pungent odor. Aware that she might startle the woman, T’Mara spoke softly.

“What has happened?”

LtJg T’Mara Michaels, CSO

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