Starbase 237 - Shopping

Posted July 8, 2022, 8:55 p.m. by Ensign Jackson Pryce (Scientist) (Gavin Burkhardt)

Some time after his revealing-yet-question-raising meeting with his new Captain, Jackson wandered back into the Starbase, looking to indulge in… well, whatever it was there was to indulge in on an ARU Starbase.

As if turned out, there was… not much. But he did stumble upon a large room filled with clothing that, upon further inspection, appeared to be different types of Starfleet uniforms, all of them deviating from the standard. Confusing, he thought as he strolled over to an Ensign staffing a nearby desk. “Ensign,” he said, briefly forgetting his change in rank before lowering his voice to a less order-like volume. “What are all of these?” The officer replied, “Uniforms, sir. All ARU approved, just needing ship clearance.”

Jackson looked down as his current standard blue uniform, then glanced over at a grey-black version with a blue stripe running horizontally across the chest. Looks a bit more tactical, he thought. Yet… I can’t help but want it.

“How might I get ship clearance?” He asked the Ensign. “Well, that’d be a request for your XO or CO. Technically needs admiral’s approval before it gets sent in as standard issue, but it’s really just a formality.” Jackson rubbed his chin before responding. “Hmm. Thank you, Ensign.”

He strolled a couple rooms away, coming across a computer terminal and inputting his credentials, a mild bit of shock crossing him as he saw the TOP SECRET next to his file and clearance level. Moving quickly onward, Pryce moved to send a message to another officer in his department, but near the end of the file’s sending process he rerouted it to one in a different department. He did this numerous times, eventually rerouting to the XO, and from there to the former CO’s account, whose credentials he was banking on still being valid. He clicked “send” and awaited the result.

Pryce’s work could not have paid off any better. He received an automated response from the former CO’s account stating that too many forwards had occurred. However, the response’s digital signature was valid, and could be copied to a realistic extent (assuming it wouldn’t be scrutinized). Jackson sent this modified version of the message on its merry way to the Admiral’s office, assuming he would see nothing unusual in a new Captain wanting new uniforms, and assuming the new Captain would not have much care or even notice for them.

Too many assumptions can lead to too many problems. The old saying ran through his head. But without problems I’d be out of a job. Jackson walked away from the terminal, wondering when the Admiral would respond, confirming the Captain’s (or rather, Ensign’s) request for a new standard dress of a grey-black uniform with colored horizontal stripes.

Obviously this is meant in good fun, but if it’s a bit too ‘out there’ I’m willing to retcon. Happy shopping!

~ Ensign Pryce

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