Side Sim - Sickbay (All Welcome)

Posted Aug. 8, 2022, 4:28 p.m. by Lieutenant Junior Grade Ashir th'Qiaqir (Medical Officer) (Adrien Jouve)

Posted by Commander Ryder Raauhl (Executive Officer) in Side Sim - Sickbay (All Welcome)

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Ashir th’Qiaqir (Medical Officer) in Side Sim - Sickbay (All Welcome)

Posted by Commander Ryder Raauhl (Executive Officer) in Side Sim - Sickbay (All Welcome)
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Ashir has been on duty for an hour, and the Sickbay was calm. Since they left the starbase yesterday, he didn’t expect something to happen for the rest of the day, except for minor cases. For now, he had to check the whole Sickbay equipment, making sure everything was ready to use. Not the funniest part, thought the Andorian with a sigh. He clearly preferred training in the Holodeck, perfecting his mastering of the Ushan instead.

Lieutenant JG Ashir th’Qiaqir

Raauhl wanted to get his medical out of the way as soon as possible, unlike most people he didn’t mind sickbay and doctors . He walked through the main doors “Hello? He called out clearly catching sickbay at a quiet time.

  • Commander Raauhl, XO
    Ashir turned around to see the XO coming in. YES ! An excuse to skip the verifications, thought the Andorian, clenching his fist in relief. He shut off the biobed who was just booting with satisfaction and approached the main doors.

“Commander ! What brings you to Sickbay? And I thought no one could get injured so fast after the ship’s departure…”

Lieutenant Ashir th’Qiaqir

Raauhl let out a deep laugh, “Well Lieutenant whoever sold you this assignment understated just how injury prone the flag ship of the RTF is. I’m surprised we haven’t had a maiming or near death experience yet!” Moving further into the room he took the Andorian in, he hadn’t yet met Ashir.

“I’ve just been reassigned to the ship and wanted to get the formalities put of the way, see how sickbay is doing and meet the crew I have yet to do so. So where should we start?”

  • Commander Raauhl Commander, XO

Ashir smiled at the Commander : “Maybe by the presentation”, he said while offering his hand. “Ashir th’Qiaqir, Doctor. I let you guess my race.” The doctor made his antennas wobble when saying his last sentence.

Lieutenant Ashir th’Qiaqir

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