A terror in the labs!

Posted Aug. 10, 2022, 2:26 p.m. by Lieutenant Junior Grade T'Mara Michaels (Chief Science Officer) (S. Kimmel)

Posted by Lieutenant Morella Allan (Nurse) in A terror in the labs!

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade T’Mara Michaels (Chief Science Officer) in A terror in the labs!

Posted by Lieutenant Morella Allan (Nurse) in A terror in the labs!
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The lights flickered in the lab as glass shattered and spread across the floor. NE Daniels rushed toward where the crash had came from and was met with an atrocity he had never seen before. As he tried to tap his comm badge to alert security there was an anomaly on the ship it lunged at him. His screams echoed through the empty lab as he met his fate with this creature.

The unknown

Nurse Allan had been returning to her quarters, a long and arduous sickbay shift behind her. A soothing sonic shower eagerly beckoned, followed by an entire bar of dark chocolate and a glass, or several, of red wine.
Passing by the main lab complex, the young woman tried to convince herself that she had not just heard a loud scream. Strange sounds were nothing new on the Leviathan. And yet, something about this one had seized her attention. It hadn’t sounded like an anomaly. It had sounded human. It had sounded like pure terror.

=^= Medical override, Allan 041835 =^= she sought access to the first lab and, as the door slid slowly open, drew a hypospray and cautiously stepped inside.
“Hello? Is someone in here?” Her voice trembled more than she cared to notice. But was initially met with only empty, echoing silence.

  • Nurse Morella Allan

T’Mara Michaels had been heading toward her quarters when she stopped abruptly. The discussion of anomalies had nagged at her in profound ways. Supernatural, indeed. There was no such thing as supernatural; only those things that were not well understood. Still, if her job was to investigate “anomalies” and there was, in fact one on board in Engineering, the most logical course of action was to learn as much as possible about them. She turned and headed to the main lab complex.

The door was open and T’Mara slowed when she saw the back of a woman who was holding a hypospray. A nurse perhaps. The room beyond her was … wrong in some almost way. There was a faint but pungent odor. Aware that she might startle the woman, T’Mara spoke softly.

“What has happened?”

LtJg T’Mara Michaels, CSO

Morella spun on her heel, hypospray extended like a gun.
“Oh, it’s you,” her relief was palpable. But brief. “I…I thought I heard someone screaming.”

Another cautious step towards the centre of the lab, the Nurse glancing over her shoulder for reassurance that Michaels would follow.
“Hello? Is someone hurt?”

  • Nurse Morella Allan

The flickering lights were a problem T’Mara thought and she made a mental note to have engineering look at them. As no one answered Morella’s call, she found herself sniffing at the air. There was a new and unpleasant smell here.

“Nurse. I am going to my office there to retrieve a more reliable light source,” T’Mara said. She turned and walked toward her office. She slipped on a wet spot on the floor. T’Mara stopped, knelt and felt the wet spot. Lifting her fingers to her nose. This wasn’t suppose to be here either and whatever it was on the floor was the source of the smell.

LtJg T’Mara Michaels, CSO

“Don’t leave me!” Morella chased down the CSO, regret immediate as she witnessed the slip and the mysterious substance on the floor. “Is that blood?”

  • Nurse Morella Allan

“You are a member of the medical staff onboard the ship, are you not?” T’Mara said. “Assuming that to be the case, it would appear to follow that the question of whether this is blood or not would fall under your purview. I can tell that it is not hydraulic fluid or one of the chemical reagents we use in the lab.”

She began to stand but stopped when she noticed the body on the floor on the opposite side of a lab table.

“Giving the matter further thought, I would suggest that a) it is blood, b) the individual who would be your patient is on the opposite side of this lab table … assuming that he she or it is still alive c) there is something else in this compartment that is exceptionally dangerous and d) the wisest course of action might be to leave this compartment as expeditiously as feasible.

LtJg T’Mara Michaels, CSO

Having been alerted by the ship’s computer detection system whilst on duty in the CiC Raauhl sought out the problem himself, he was being monitored from CiC and from the current data hadn’t escalated security or the RTF on board. He found himself walking down the corridor towards the labs.

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  • Commander Raauhl, XO

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IC: A single glimpse of the patient was sufficient to dissipate this wave of fear and drive the nurse to action. Crouching beside the prone body and activating her medical tricorder, Morella called to the others “Holler if you see any movement that isn’t one of us!”

  • Nurse Morella Allan

“Of course,” T’Mara said as she stood to allow the nurse full access to her patient. She picked up one of the science department’s tricorders, turned it on and slowly began to turn around. The tricorder did indicate that the patient was still barely alive. There was also a strange reading coming from one of the offices. “I am not detecting any standard lifeforms within this compartment besides the three of us. I am detecting something unusual. I recommend that you work as quickly as possible consistent with good medical practice.”

LtJg T’Mara Michaels, CSO

“Define unusual,” Morella frowned, a creeping sense of unease beginning to emanate from the pit of her stomach. Then turning back to her patient, she added, “He is alive. Barely. But seemingly unconscious with no immediately obvious cause. I’m going to request he be transported straight to sickbay.”

The chirp of her activated commbadge was deafening against the silence, Morella briefly concerned that the noise would attract whatever else lurked in this space. But T’Mara’s words still echoed in her head, reminding her to focus on duty first before all else.
=^= Sickbay, this is Nurse Morella. I need an immediate medical transfer. Patient is alive but unresponsive. No detectable cause. =^=

  • Nurse Morella Allan

T’Mara watched silently as the nurse and her patient de-materialized and, presumably, reappeared in sickbay. She took a deep breath. What would a normal Vulcan do in this situation; alone in a location where a fellow crew-member had suffered a grievous injury while scanning what was probably an “anomaly.” Anomalies were the primary mission of Leviathan and investigation of them was undoubtedly the responsibility of the Science team. That is, her responsibility. And yet, her stomach churned with a most un-Vulcan sense of fear and a strong desire to get out of this compartment as rapidly as physically possible.

Her tricorder beeped and T’Mara pushed the negative thoughts to the side. She glanced at the device’s display. The … anomaly was the only word that came to mind… anomaly was moving in her direction.

LtJg T’Mara Michaels, CSO

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