OOC: Foremost Fleet Report - July

Posted Aug. 11, 2022, 4:01 p.m. by Ensign Jackson Pryce (Scientist) (Gavin Burkhardt)

Posted by Captain Zachariah Cobb (Commanding Officer) in OOC: Foremost Fleet Report - July
Hey Leviathaners,

it’s that time of the month again! Please find the latest Foremost Fleet report in command here:

CO Thread of the Month:
A brief conversation in discord on alternative uniforms for the Levi crew saw Gavin Burkhardt kick off a hilaious episode of starbase shopping, featuring a star-turn by Russell Watt as the intriguingly resourceful Sam the Shopkeeper!

CO Spotlight:
The crew have all done a great job this month in keeping the ship active during my own time away, but special mention should go to Gavin Burkhardt for not only creating the best thread of the month with the Starbase Shopping trip but also jumping into our D&D holodeck thread with enthusiasm and a great fantasy character!

XO Spotlight:
It would be unfair for me to hand this out having only just returned, as a result I shall give two stars out next month!

Fleet Awards:
Starship Troopers- Player(s) of the Month: Gavin Burkhardt (shared with others)

Congrats all, especially Gavin who had a stellar month here!

  • Sharon

Thanks Sharon! The Levi was my first venture into the main fleet, and I’m happy to do it with a great captain and crew to write with!

~ Gavin

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