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Posted by Ensign Tom Little (Engineer) in Starbase 237 - Shopping

Posted by Lieutenant Morella Allan (Nurse) in Starbase 237 - Shopping
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Surda had heard the rumors of new uniforms and instantly sensed trouble, so naturally, she came to investigate. She instantly singled Pryce out, then grinned to herself. This would be fun. “Is that so Ensign?” She raised an eyebrow, looking around the shop. “Do you hang around uniform requisitions on every Starbase, or is this one special?”
-Surda, CoS/RTF CO

Jackson turned do Surda nonchalantly. “Pardon, Commander, I don’t believe we’ve met. And no, I was already on my way out when the order came through. Hopefully that meets with your approval.” He offered the realest fake smile he could, which was ironically masking a grin of satisfaction at his own success.

Surda hid a grin. Oh I like this one, she thought. He’s fun!

Sam the Shopkeeper had been out back of their uniform requisition store doing whatever one does when one is out the back of their store letting a poor ensign running things in their absence. On sticking their head out from behind the curtain, they saw the poor ensign being harassed by Starfleet officers.

“Hello and welcome to Sam’s Uniform Emporium - your one stop shop for all your uniform requirements whether Starfleet, non-Starfleet or anything in between. If you buy 5 uniforms from us, we’ll throw in a dress uniform for free, so you’ll never look out of place when meeting with the brass again. Plus for the first 15 customers. we’ll include the special expanding and shrinking waistline for no extra charge. And as a special bonus for first time customers, we’ll double the offer and include either the sleepware or holiday wear package for no extra charge. All of this and if the uniform disintegrates within 5 months, you’ll get a replacement uniform pack only for the cost of shipping and packing to your location. Our factories are on Ferenginar so the cost of return shipping and postage is all that’s required on returns. Not to mention we have a special for the crew of the Leviathon … our special genuine one of a kind anti-ooze fabric cleaner. A capful of Anti Ooze and your uniform will be ready for your next duty round. Warning DO NOT permit Anti-Ooze come into contact with fire, eyes, skin, scales or fur. If swallowed seek the advice of your nearest mortuary. No refunds for misuse.”

Sam looked expectantly at the Leviathon officers in front of the store, “so how many uniforms can Salty Sam get for you fine folk?”

  • Sam the Shopkeeper
    OOC: Writing as a starfleet equivalent of a television infomercial spokesperson is kind of fun. :D


“Mr. Salty, I believe we have a significant order coming through. Fully ship’s worth. Though I am interested in an anti-mucus cleaner, if you have it.”

~ Ensign Pryce - Scientist

“Anti-Mucas Cleaner?” Sam replied, “Let me see … oh yes, we have that, unfortunately the ferengi who makes it for us recently had sinistral narice bacadh and could only produce half the amount we’d normally have from them. As a result we have had to put up the charges on them significantly. Although this brand new product from the mines of Quonos is guaranteed to remove mucas without damaging wearer or uniform. It was tested on targs though, so if you don’t appreciate such things, you may want to give it a miss.”

“I have no such qualms. I’ll take it.” Jackson vaguely recalled a point in his brief ARU orientation about a stipend to be used on fleet-specific items. Well, guess we’ll just have to find some mucus and make it worth it, he thought.

~ Ensign Pryce - Scientist

At that point, Surda decided to take pity on him. She pulled out her PADD and sent a scrubbed document of crew by department. “We have a crew complement of 1900, any starred number needs additional armoring built in, pursuant to form SSE-4027.” Sam would surely notice that almost all the numbers were starred. “Click each category for a drop down list of species specific adaptations as well as crew ID for distribution. Forms TSC-1218 and EOG-23 are attached.” The ensign wasn’t the only one who could have fun with this, but her fun would be watertight. With that in mind, she turned to Pryce with a grin. “If we’re doing this Ensign, we ought to do it properly.”
-Surda, CoS/ RTF CO
OOC: SSE = security safety equipment, TSC = temporary security clearance, EOG - equal outfitting guidelines. Just in case someone wants to discuss paperwork.

OOC: Thanks

IC: “Oh if only Stickler Sam was here, they can quote regulations with the best of them,” Salty Sam said, “as for me, yeah, all good, beautiful clicking and box checking, also love the cleansing of the list. All clear on the SSE … goood on the EOG-23 as well, as for the TSC-1218: this won’t do, Lieutenant Commander. Form TSC-1218 was recently upgraded to TSC-1218a after it was pointed out that the Granulites of Granulite IV raised objections to the exclusion of their species from the dropdown lists on it. They were included on the other two lists, but not this one. Even though Stickler Sam isn’t here, Scruitiny Sam is here, and they would literally break their tip if the incorrect form was used. Here’s the corrected version of form TSC-1218a for you to complete. Scrutiny Sam breaking their tip is not pleasant for anyone, last time it happened, we had to wait until they grew a new one. And they were unbearably upset during that time. Oh look, here’s Strong Sam, Silo Sam and Storage Sam now.”

Three more figures similar to Shopkeeper Sam appeared from behind the curtain and said, “hello, we’re pleased to meet you, Starfleet customers.” Strong Sam was essentially just a very thin torso with legs that were almost as thin and very large, very muscular arms. Silo sam’s torse was cylindrical in shape, with small arms and legs, while Storage Sam was essentially a box with arms, legs and a head attached.

  • Salty, Strong, Silo and Storage Sam, the Shopkeeper

OOC: Fantastic work from everyone in this thread so far! And Russ, we’re going to have to come up with a list of reasons for re-visiting Salty Sam, he’s brilliant!

IC: Morella hung back as the others discussed technical specifications. Although when a lull finally came in the conversation, she piped up; “I’ll just be glad for some pockets! I’m sick of having to carry around a huge purse for all of my hyposprays!”

  • Nurse Morella

After Tom settled his quarters, he declared to pay a visit to the star base once again. The federation ship was thoughtful for comfortable environment for whatever missions were ahead. But nothing could compare to one of the most morale-boosting events: The docking while shopping.

The fact was, he was interested in maintaining the sense of exchange. Not much as the folks who were mostly known for excellence in this area. He was expecting to find stuff that may be helpful to his next challenging assignment, while also maybe getting to know some of the crews on board.

He was particularly looking for boots. As the potential duty started to involve some heavy stuff, he might need static proof, magnetizable, and toe-hard wears. So he stopped at Sam’s shop and looked around with curiosity.

Ens Little, Eng

Morella turned towards the engineer. “You interested in the trousers version or the skirt?” she teased. “Either way, this looks like one of the more comfortable uniforms I’ve been assigned. Practical, too. You’re new here, right?” She held out a hand. “Morella. Nurse. And psychic,” she added with a wink.

  • Nurse Morella

“Hi, tom, little, and engineer.” He responded to the winky stranger and nodded. “I think those suit you well. Yea, I’m new here.” His hand gently touched down the front part of the hand and said. “Pleasure to meet you. I’m looking for shoes. I wonder if they have any. But I must say, these are great uniforms.”

Little, Eng

“Looks like they have some boots over there,” Morella pointed off to her right. “And a nice range of environmental protection suits at the back. Always useful on a ship like the Levi!”
Removing a blue one-piece suit from the rail and inspecting it more closely, the nurse continued to make conversation with Tom.
“How are you finding the ship so far? Run into any interesting critters yet?”

  • Nurse Morella Allan

“Awesome.” Tom swiftly detoured to her right. He chuckled to her and said the following with a smirk. “Always, huh? Nice knowing that.” He checked the footwear’s section. “Yea, these are okay. Different coloring from what I’ve seen. I hope they have my size. Not sure the comfortability though.” He looked left and right as if he was making sure no eyes were around. “Watchdogs. I see this place is tightly nested with red shirts and equivalents. Is this normal? I thought right now is green.” He meant alert condition.

Little, Eng

The nurse snorted. “Threat levels are…applied differently in the ARU. What might be considered critical red on a standard starship would be just a regular day for us. So you’re right, we currently are green, but that just means it’s been at least twenty-four hours since our last containment breach.”
She chuckled and moved over to stand beside Tom.
“You’ll get used to it, Ensign. After a while, you’ll even come to crave the danger,” she winked. “A tour on the Levi isn’t for the faint-hearted, that is for sure. But,” Morella concluded, sizing up the engineer, “I think you already know that. I have no doubt you’re every bit as wild as the rest of us, huh?”

  • Nurse Morella Allan

“I guess will find out.” Tom smiled after being ‘medically’ probed by Morella. “Hey look, there’s a hat section here. Would you like to try one?” The headgear section was just opposite where they were standing. Their collections were from fleet spec and purely civilian use, which comforted Tom briefly. “Hats with flowers? They surely know what hospitality is!”

Little, Eng

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