Going to my office -everyones welcome-

Posted Aug. 13, 2022, 7:27 p.m. by Ensign Tom Little (Engineer) (Tom L)

Posted by Lieutenant Tony Anthony DiNozzo (Chief Tactical Officer) in Going to my office -everyones welcome-

Posted by Ensign Tom Little (Engineer) in Going to my office -everyones welcome-

Posted by Lieutenant Tony Anthony DiNozzo (Chief Tactical Officer) in Going to my office -everyones welcome-
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DiNozzo went to his office just to get away from everyone for a while. He had such a long day and a long shift and he needed to rest and he finally got that time to rest. SO he went to his office and started working on his stuff. He went ahead and went through everything for the tactical station and realizing that somethings could be different. He thinks that there are somethings that could be new for weapons and shields and thought it was best to go and talk to the captain about it.


Meanwhile, at the holodeck, Tom was practicing his phasing range. The program was a simple 3-dimensional hitting-the-designated-random-pop-up target. It was carried out since his academy time. Not bad from escaping the routine. He thought. He had a training use type-I. But the button was getting harder to press. So he headed to the Armory and hoped the Gunny was there, or maybe other weapon officer to fix it. After all, they were sort of ‘born’ with the gears.

“Hold, who goes here?” A jar-head security asked.

“I need an equipment check.” He replied.


“… no, I don’t have any. But..”

“No clearance, no entry. Go to the Chief Security’s Office and get one.”

So he did. He was probably frustrated by the fact that everything here seemed to require permission. “Good evening, Sir. Ensign Little wishes to speak.”Fortunately, the CoS’s office was not far in the same deck. But it wasn’t his ‘office hour.’ So he didn’t push the chime.

Ens Little, Eng

“Yes Ensign how may I help you. Although I am not Security Chief I am Chief Tactical Chief. But how may I help you Ensign..” He said.

Chief Tactical Officer DiNozzo

“Oh, yes. Good evening, Sir.” Tom was a little surprised to see the CTO was here. “Equipment check, Sir. My training phaser has a response lag. I needed a clearance to get into the Armory and get someone to look at it. But maybe you can, Sir?” As a Junior Officer, he was supposed to know in and out of his gear. But he couldn’t compare to folks who live with this every day.

Ens Little, Eng

He looked shocked at the ensign and thought about it. He then looked back at him and said “A equipment check. Hmmm interesting. I can definitely help you get clearance to get into the Armory and I can definitely take a look at it ensign. But know this. I’ll be able to show you once.” He said.

CTO DiNozzo

“Thank you, Sir.” Tom handed him the phaser in the holster with a training use marking strap on it. “I think it’s probably mechanical fatigue here. I used this since the Academy so it’s been 5 years now.”

Ens Little, Eng

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