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A significant travel time lay between the Leviathan’s current position and her destination at Kessik. And despite mountains of preparations and mission checks still outstanding, the captain found himself slightly worried about crew boredom. They’d just been set free from an extended period at the starbase and now had days of isotropic travel ahead. He knew that Surda would be delivering her own combat/security training. But he also wanted something more mentally challenging. Something character-building. Something fun.

As a child, he had enjoyed an ancient Earth game called ‘Dungeons and Dragons’. In it, players would assume fantasy characters and would embark on an adventure through mystical lands and rotting dungeons, fighting all manner of terrifying and whimsical creatures along their path. Interrogating the Leviathan’s computer, he was delighted to find an ancient transcript of the ‘Player Handbook’ so decided to propose a game for the crew.

That evening, all would find the following message in their personal inbox:

=^= Adventure and excitement awaits. Come join me, Captain Cobb, as your Dungeon Master and pit your skills against all manner of dangerous and wonderful creatures as you battle to complete this most magical and mysterious of quests!
Tomorrow evening. 20:00 hours. Holodeck 1. Depending on numbers we may split off into several groups. =^=

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

OOC: So this was an idea I’d briefly discussed with Gavin in discord. I’ve never done anything like this before at STF, but the plan is to try and run a standard 5E D&D adventure over text, with our characters each creating and playing their own in-game characters (so this is going to be an RP within an RP, haha!)
Of course, this is the Leviathan, so it’s not going to be an ‘ordinary’ game of D&D, muah ha ha! But if you’re interested then join in this thread and we can give it a go and see what happens!

  • Sharon

Jackson did not know anything about Dungeons and Dragons, nor did he have any particular inclination to play a game which may last for an extended period of time during which he could be in the lab. However, he saw it as a good manner in which to discern some of the more minute aspects of his crewmates’ tendencies. And when Jackson Pryce makes the choice to do something, he does it all the way.

So it was that the Ensign arrived at Holodeck One at 1945 hours, a stack of papers in hand and a slew of questions in mind, mostly aimed at his Captain Dungeon Master.

~ Ensign Pryce

OOC: Woo! Great idea, Sharon! I can take no credit, I just said “hey D&D is cool,” haha. And now I get to create a character that my character would think to create! Oh God, what have we gotten ourselves into :p

~ Gavin

Surda didn’t exactly understand the concept of an RPG, but Cobb had suggested it, so she had arrived. The promise of battle had piqued her interest, but magic seemed…. Less fun, considering the anomalies they dealt with on the Leviathan. She waved to Cobb as she sat down, then nodded to Pryce, recognizing him from the Starbase. “Am I going to enjoy this, or mysteriously be busy next time you call?” She asked Cobb good naturedly.
-Surda, CoS/RTF CO

OOC: It’s been a few years since I’ve managed to play! Definitely looking forward to it.

Sillhouette stark against the precise gridlines of the holodeck, Cobb moved to Surda’s side before murmuring “You’re going to love it.”
HIs intention had been to wait for all to gather, before revealing the destination for tonight’s game. But like a starship captain presented with a favourite vessel, Cobb’s excitement for the evening ahead could not be contained.
“Oh, what the hell. The others will just have to catch up. Computer, load Cobb-140813.”

Digital green evaporated to fire-kissed grey - stone walls, dirt floor and straw-thatched roof. Large, central fireplace divided the room into two, on the left a large, impressively-stocked wooden bar and on the right an arrangement of heavy barrels, tables and comfortable chairs. Panelled walls and leaded windows repelled encroaching night, the inner sanctum warmed by numerous clusters of orange candle light.

The bar was lively but not yet crowded, most tables occupied by rowdy and rambunctious groups. To Surda and Pryce their races might appear confusingly unfamiliar - pointed ears, but not Romulan or Vulcan; resembling a Klingon yet at the same time not quite so. But they barely registered with Cobb as he made his way quickly towards the bar.

“Zachariah Cobb! What took you so long? You know I don’t like to be kept waiting.” The barkeep was female, over six feet and with skin of light, mottled grey. She was filling silver tankards from a large, oak barrel. “I opened this one just for you.”
“Neega Murrenhall,” the captain replied, left elbow resting on the bartop as right hand reached out for a mug. “You never fail to impress.”
“Well, service like this isn’t cheap. Pay up.”
A large coin purse fished from his pocket, Cobb slid it casually across the bar. “Is our room ready?”
“Upstairs. I’ll bring the other drinks.”
Turning towards Pryce and Surda, Zachariah nodded towards a rickety wooden stair. “This way.”

The upper floor formed a canopy over the seating area, balcony rail giving way to a view of the lower bar. Up here sat only a single, long oak table, with chairs sufficient for ten along each side and at the top, an impressively ornate carved throne. The tabletop was covered by all manner of fascinating trinkets - large books with titles like ‘Player Manual’ and ‘Monster Guide’, a box full of tiny, painted miniature people of myriad races, a large paper map resembling the green-lined holodeck grid. And by the throne, a tall screen emblazoned with the words “DM’s Secrets.”

Zachariah settled quickly onto the throne, nodding for Pryce and Surda to take a seat on either side. By now the drinks had been delivered and there were tankards of mead aplenty for all.
“Settle in,” Cobb announced, “grab a drink. Then get to creating your character.”

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

OOC: I’ll be using a pre-gen Adventurer’s League storyline for a base, so you can either roll your own character or grab a pre-gen one. I’d suggest using a level 1 character, but the adventure can take up to level 2 if you have an existing character you really want to play.

Jackson sat down, looking around with some amazement. How long this simulation must have taken to write and form… he thought, picking up a tankard. “Oh, Captain, I may be a bit ahead of you.” He slapped down a piece of paper, a High Elf Fighter appearing before Cobb’s eyes. “I assumed we’d be starting at Level One.”

OOC: I’m a nerd.

~ Ensign Pryce - Scientist

OOC: This is fantastic!!! I love it!

IC: Zachariah chuckled around a swallowful of mead. Here was someone else with as much enthusiasm for the game, and the surroundings, as himself. Perhaps staging such a strange and immersive event in the middle of a dangerous mission wouldn’t be such a bad idea after all!

“High Elf Figher, eh?” he scanned the character stats. “With the agility and intelligence of a Vulcan. But the charisma of a Tellarite,” he roared with laughter. “Sounds about right for an elf!”

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

Jackson raised an eyebrow, Cobb’s surprising knowledge of the game’s lore piquing his interest. The thought had of course crossed Jackson’s mind that elves shared a remarkable resemblance with Vulcans, but he had not chosen that race with them in mind. In fact, he had adopted the strategy known by those who frequented the game as “Min/Max-ing.” His only gripe was that he would not be afforded the opportunity to use some of the other classes’ higher level spells and abilities, which he had found intriguing.

~ Ensign Pryce - Scientist


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