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Ashir has been on duty for an hour, and the Sickbay was calm. Since they left the starbase yesterday, he didn’t expect something to happen for the rest of the day, except for minor cases. For now, he had to check the whole Sickbay equipment, making sure everything was ready to use. Not the funniest part, thought the Andorian with a sigh. He clearly preferred training in the Holodeck, perfecting his mastering of the Ushan instead.

Lieutenant JG Ashir th’Qiaqir

Raauhl wanted to get his medical out of the way as soon as possible, unlike most people he didn’t mind sickbay and doctors . He walked through the main doors “Hello? He called out clearly catching sickbay at a quiet time.

  • Commander Raauhl, XO
    Ashir turned around to see the XO coming in. YES ! An excuse to skip the verifications, thought the Andorian, clenching his fist in relief. He shut off the biobed who was just booting with satisfaction and approached the main doors.

“Commander ! What brings you to Sickbay? And I thought no one could get injured so fast after the ship’s departure…”

Lieutenant Ashir th’Qiaqir

Raauhl let out a deep laugh, “Well Lieutenant whoever sold you this assignment understated just how injury prone the flag ship of the RTF is. I’m surprised we haven’t had a maiming or near death experience yet!” Moving further into the room he took the Andorian in, he hadn’t yet met Ashir.

“I’ve just been reassigned to the ship and wanted to get the formalities put of the way, see how sickbay is doing and meet the crew I have yet to do so. So where should we start?”

  • Commander Raauhl Commander, XO
    Ashir smiled at the Commander : “Maybe by the presentation”, he said while offering his hand. “Ashir th’Qiaqir, Doctor. I let you guess my race.” The doctor made his antennas wobble when saying his last sentence.

Lieutenant Ashir th’Qiaqir

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“No guessing needed” Raauhl started as he clasped the andorians hand giving it a firm but friendly shale. “I wouldn’t be a very good XO if I I hadn’t read up on the crew before arriving, besides Andorians are one of those races that can be found in a crowd.” The Trill XO chuckled and released the hand shake.

  • Commander Raauhl, XO
    Ashir laughed along with Raauhl before showing him the Sickbay : “Here, you are in the Alpha Sickbay, the main one. We do have another one, the Beta, but we use it as a combat sickbay, for triage and all that. Here, you can come with the smallest issue or the heaviest condition, we’ll get you and put you back on your feet.”
    Showing the doors and places around the room, he continues : “… the personnel room… Here you have the Surgery Zone… Here is the Recovery Ward… The boss’ office… And finally the storage room !”

Even though Raauhl had wandered these locations before he didn’t mind Ashir showing him around, it had been some time since he was last on the ship and some things were a little different. He continued to listen until they stopped and Raauhl faced Ashir again.

Ashir put his hands on his wrist before saying : “There you go, that all about my domain. I won’t say no to a drink. You want one ?”

Lieutenant Ashir th’Qiaqir

“Please, that would be welcomed” Raauhl answered with a smile, he didn’t specify which drink and would allow the Andorian doctor to decide. He had a strong stomach and a taste for most federation cuisine. “How long have you been serving aboard the Levithan?” He asked to pass the moments between Ashri asking and getting the drinks.

  • Commander Raauhl, XO
    Instead of going toward the replicator, Ashir walked toward a biobed and crouched to get under it. As he searched, he said : “Well, I just came aboard with you, assuming you embark at the Station we just left.”

Getting up, he was holding a bottle containing a blue liquid and two small glasses. “But before we leave, I had the time to hide a little something…” Showing him the bottle, he added : “Andorian ale ! A treat from my homeworld. Since we both arrived, I think we should celebrate it properly.”

Lieutenant Ashit th’Qiaqir

Raauhl chuckled, rolled his eyes and wondered if Ashir might be related to Cobb in some way, or Cobb had finally bit the bullet and this was him reincarnated. “I’d give a speech right about now about hiding liqueur aboard the ship but I’d have to write up half the ship and honestly its never hurt anyone.”

  • Commander Raauhl, XO

In the meantime, the sickbay hatches opened, and another officer showed up. Tom was taking the liberty of touring the ship. But soon, he found the place had two senior officers discussing business. So he turned around and was about to exit.

Ens Little, Eng

Raauhl noticed the Ensign and while he prided himself getting to know the crew he’d not met or read about this officer yet. “No need to leave on Our account Ensign, I’m sure my check up will be done soon.” He exclaimed slipping in a smile for good friendliness.

  • Commander Raauhl, XO
    As Raauhl spoke, Ashir stopped pouring the ale to raise his head and noticed the presence of the ensign, about to leave the room.

“Oh, please take your time, Sir.” Tom immediately turned back, “I’m just familiarizing the ship. So this is Alpha Sickbay…” He scratched his rear head, “My manners. Ensign Tom Little Engineer, Sirs. Greetings.”

Ens Little, Eng
Ashir smiled at the embarrassed man and said : “You’re not the only one to take your marks. We were about to celebrate our arrival, the commander and I. Why don’t you join us before duty calls ?”

Lieutenant Ashir th’Qiaqir

“Oh, you guys are also new here. Awesome!” Tom smiled back. Although not a Klingon, he said, “I’ll be honored. Commander, and Doctor. Is that… wine?”

Little, Eng

Raauhl chuckled, “Its best not to ask those kind of questions.” He raised his glass, “Besides it seems everyone on this ship has a hidden stash of something, I can’t wait for an organised event to occur, I suspect it will be some party.” It was no hidden fact that the crew of the Leviathan were both brilliant yet outcasts in some way. No one in their right mind would take this job if they weren’t a little off kilter.

  • Commander Raauhl, XO

“Aye, Sir.” Tom gave an ironic salute with an imaginary glass. “Great idea, Sir. Will let the lower decks know if they’re interested in it.” He didn’t comment regarding that last sentence. But he hoped to finish his term as obligated. Although he thought about potential contraband he might have. A sword from the previous ship was a welcome and memorial gift at the onboard event. Now it was properly sealed in his bag as a somewhat internal skeleton to keep everything looking straight.

Little, Eng
Ashir laughed at the cadet salute and gave him a glass : “Come on ! That’s better with a real one.” He poured him some ale and added : “Just so you know, that’s real alcohol, so go easy on it. I don’t want you to be drunk on your first shift !”

Lieutenant Ashir th’Qiaqir

Tom appreciated his concern and the courtesy he made, which reminded him little of the last real drink he had before departure to the training ship. “Excellent choice you have there, Doctor.” He smiled and said, “I was on sugary control. Just don’t tell your colleagues. Cheers everyone!”

Little, Eng
Ashir raised his glass along Little : “Cheers ! “

Lieutenant Ashir th’Qiaqir

Kitiuas made her way to the sickbay to do her required check in exam. She hated this part of the check in, fact was she dreaded going anywhere near sickbay or hospitals. It made her want to vomit. She composed herself and entered the sickbay. She immediately saw three individuals standing around holding what appeared glasses of true alcohol, if her sense of smell was correct. She was unsure what to do, and her stomach was full of butterflies. The world began to spin and turn dark, she felt herself begin to fall.

-Ensign Kitiuas Thenis, Science

The thud sound made Ashir looking at Thenis in surprise, or at least at her unconscious body. The scene ambiance shifted so suddenly it took the Andorian by surprise, and he standed here, looking at her while processing what happened.

After a moment, Ashir was the first to break the silence : “And I thought it would be calm…” Despite his upset tone, he was deeply concerned about the fallen ensign, thinking of the worst that could happen. He approached her to notice the ensign was still breathing, and just unconscious. The doctor put his glass on the ground and tried to wake her without moving her head, in case she had a shock : “Hey, can you hear me ? Ensign !”

Lieutenant Ashir th’Qiaqir

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