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Jaieh had been bounced all around Starfleet since she was allowed to enter. The USS Swift, USS Kennesaw, USS Bertram, USS Leviathan, USS Abernathy, USS Bartlet. She had learned better than to set down roots. She was a Commander now, Chief Medical Officer of the USS Bartlet. As she lay in her quarters, relaxing. Her personal terminal started to beep that there was an incoming transmission. “Fvadt” (damn it.) She stood up and without much regard accepted the call. On the other side was an admiral. Admiral Webb. “Commander Vrenek.” He said, sternly. She straightened up. “Good evening Admiral. Didn’t expect to hear from you.”
“You’ve been all over Starfleet, haven’t you commander?”
“Yes sir.”
“And right now you’re on the…” he checked a PaDD in front of him “Bartlet. A diplomatic vessel.”
“That’s correct, sir.” Jaieh nodded
“Not for long. You’re moving up.” The admiral smiled.
“To where?”
“There’s a ship, you’ve been associated with her before, called the USS Leviathan. I think your… particular touch would be beneficial as XO of this ship. Serving under Captain Iphigenia Henao.”
“Captain Cobb no longer in service, sir?”
“Retired. You’ll both be moving in around the same time. So you’ll need to quickly make a strong and effective team.”
“Absolutely sir. I’m sure we will.”

No one on the Bartlet was particularly going to miss Jaieh. She hadn’t been around long enough to make that happen. As her shuttle approached the leviathan, it felt all at once familiar and different. She’d been on the ship before, serving under commander Knox. Now with a higher rank, and a different job, the Mjolnir class ship lurching through space didn’t seem to be the same one she had been on before.

She docked and headed for her old quarters, before realizing the XO quarters were in a totally different place. And probably a lot nicer…


An medical NE bumped into the XO near her old quarters. The bump was significant enough to cause his PaDD to fly over his should and onto the floor.
“Oh excuse me! Did not mean to almost take you out there.” He said as he turned and retrieved his PaDD, giving it a quick glance over before he continued. “Did you just arrive?” He smiled at the Romulan woman, “Yep, you look like you just arrived and I take it you are on the wrong deck. Can I help you get to where you need to be?”

OOC: I wasn’t sure if you were in uniform or not, so I decided not to assume.

Medical NE

“Sorry about that. Looking for the XO quarters.”

A man was walking down the Corredor. He had khaki BDU on with a black polo, and a white lab coat with the lieutenant pips on his collar. He was reading a pad as he went. Then he looked up and noticed the new XO. “ Commander Vrenek nice to see you again” he said waving his hand “ I knew you can stay away from the excitement of this vessel”

Dr. Hellsing
Lt. Lance Von Hellsing (CE/CA)

The man frowned at Hellsing, irritated that this intrusive and rude man had thwarted his plans to flirt with the Romulan woman and escort her to her destination. However, when he heard him address her he said, “Commander?” Then his eyes widened, “Oh I am so sorry sir. I uh…didn’t realize you were the new XO. I guess I will....just…be on my way now. Um, Welcome aboard.” The man gave Lance one last sour look and muttered something under his breath as he strolled off in the opposite direction.

Medical NE

“Lt. Von Hellsing.” She greeted him with a smile. “Absolutely right. Once you’ve been here, it’s hard to go back. Though I have to admit-“ she glanced over to the NE “I went back to my old quarters out of habit.”


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