Ashir Imperial training at the Holodeck, Deck 6

Posted Dec. 5, 2022, 3:13 p.m. by Lieutenant Junior Grade Ashir th'Qiaqir (Medical Officer) (Adrien Jouve)

Posted by Ensign Kitiuas “Kit” Thenis (Scientist) in Ashir Imperial training at the Holodeck, Deck 6

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Ashir th’Qiaqir (Medical Officer) in Ashir Imperial training at the Holodeck, Deck 6

Posted by Ensign Kitiuas “Kit” Thenis (Scientist) in Ashir Imperial training at the Holodeck, Deck 6
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Having some time off in the Holodeck, Ashir decided to practice mastering the hrisal, a traditional Andorian weapon. For this occasion, he was dressed with his full Imperial armor on. For his training, he chose a clearing surrounded by plants and trees from his homeworld. The air temperature was set to -20°C, a warm summer in Andor.
He first set his guard, mentally preparing his series before delivering a strike with the tip of his sword, followed by a slash at the waist and a hit with his other hand. His style was a mix between close combat and sword fight, using the momentum given by his sword to deliver another blow with any of his limbs, all in a smooth way.

After his little series, the doctor dropped the sword and started another round using only his fists. His body temperature was rising, and he started feeling too hot. -20°C might be too much for a training, thought Ashir. He halted and said : “Computer, drop the temperature by 4 degrees.” A beep sounded and the Andorian felt the breeze cooling down a bit.
Better. He then went back in position and continued his training.

Lieutenant Ashir th’Qiaqir

Kit was dressed in a loose-fitting dance and work out uniform. It ebbed and flowed giving an individual an idea of her firm athletic figure underneath. She chose not to wear the traditional dancefighting uniform of Orion women as she did not want to attract to much attention to herself. She made her way to the Holodeck on deck six and opened the Arch without paying attention. She was immediately assaulted by a brisk coolness. Inside she saw Doctor Ashir dressed in Andorian armor through some trees practicing what appeared to be hand to hand combat moves. “Sorry Sir, I did not mean to interrupt, computer miss informed me that this Holodeck was open for use.”

-Ensign Kitiuas Thenis, Science
Stopping his series, Ashir looked at the newcomer : “Not at all.” Taking a bottle laying next to him, he ordered: “Computer, normal temperature.” With the temperature back to Earth standard, it felt a bit strange for Ashir to be this hot on Andor.

“Say, you’re here for a bit of training ?”, asked the Andorian after drinking a bit.

Lieutenant Ashir th’Qiaqir

Kit smiled “In fact I was going to practice some Orion Dancefighting and Tatharoc.” she replied. “Have you ever encountered either fighting styles?”

-Kitiuas Thenis, Science
“Not at all”, Ashir said. “I did know about Terran and Klingon ones, but I didn’t know Orion had a fighting style.” On second thought, it made sense for a race specialized in raid and piracy to develop a fighting style.
“If you want, we can train together”, said the Lieutenant. “I have to admit, I’m quite intrigued about this ‘Dance Fight’ you mentioned.”

Lieutenant Ashir th’Qiaqir

Kit smiled and replied, “I would like that very much.” With that statement she stepped further into the holodeck and took off her loose-fitting dance work out uniform. Underneath she wore the traditional Orion female dance wear; stratigically placed wraps, which showed her firm and athletic body. =^=Computer two dancerknives with safties set for combat versus another individual.=^= Two hand-held grips appeared and Kit picked them up. She turned on both blades, a indistinct blue energy appeared from each grip, she adjusted one where the hum and speed was high, the other to where the hum and speed was low. “These are Orion Dancerknives, well Holodeck simulations, a slow speed delivers a more painful injury, in the Holodeck capable of numbing a Gorn, and a high speed capable of delivering a wound not noticed, again on the Holodeck a mere electrical shock. Do you object to me using these? In return you may set the environment.”

-Kitiuas Thenis, Science

Ashir smiled in anticipation. “Absolutely not. I have never seen energy blades before.”

While thinking of a suitable place for her to demonstrate, the doctor took the upper part of his light armor, revealing the fine tissue ornating his uniform. The tissue was made of dark red, contrasting with his cyan skin, and the various military decorations were dangling under Adoria’s wind. Not that they have a purpose nowadays… Back on Kit, he saw she was athletic for an Orion. Usually, Orion females tend to use their charms to get what they want and look very effeminate for that purpose. But Kit was built differently from what he could see, looking more like a warrior than a manipulator.
“Computer, give us Vulcan, normal temperature”, he said, and the frozen land makes place into a desertic place, full of dirt and rock. Both of them were in a clear zone, without too much debris, large enough for the two of them to freely move. Ashir stood back a few feets : “The stage is all yours!”

Lieutenant Ashir th’Qiaqir

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