Alpha Sickbay Deck Three - Medical Check in for the Chief Engineer [tag Anyone in Medical]

Posted Jan. 27, 2023, 8:50 p.m. by Captain Iphigenia Henao (Captain) (Mika Jackson)

Posted by Lieutenant Than Osedi (Chief Engineer) in Alpha Sickbay Deck Three - Medical Check in for the Chief Engineer

Posted by Captain Iphigenia Henao (Captain) in Alpha Sickbay Deck Three - Medical Check in for the Chief Engineer

Posted by Lieutenant Than Osedi (Chief Engineer) in Alpha Sickbay Deck Three - Medical Check in for the Chief Engineer
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Some time after he arrived on the ship, Than stepped through the doors to the ships primary Sickbay with a mind to get his medical clearance.

Having stowed his gear bag and taken time to clean up Than paused and looked around the room checking activity levels in case they were busy, as well as a cursory visual scan of people and the systems working. Just in case something wasn’t working and he would need a mental note to check on it later, of course.

Stepping to the side out of the immediate entrance the tall Trill whistled a light tune quietly to himself, casually leaned on the edge of the nearest unoccupied Bio-bed and waited.

Lt Osedi, CE

“Ow ow ow,” a woman’s voice exclaimed loudly but also calmly as she was being led into sickbay, with a grimace on her face, by a human NE Nurse who had one hand on her back. The woman supported her left forearm with her right hand while her left hand hung limp bruised and swollen. “It’s like a throbbing pain that gets worse when I walk.” She said as she slowly walked to a biobed and blew out a long breath through her lips while she allowed the nurse to assist her in getting on it. The yellow engineering jumpsuit she wore was stylishly rolled up in neat even folds at the ankles showing off her perfectly polished black boots and the sleeves matched the folds of the pant legs, except they were rolled all the way up to her elbows.

As the pair entered the Sickbay and it clearly wasn’t a casual call, Than’s whistling stopped immediately but his eyes noted the colour of the uniform. He would have taken note of the person anyway but the link to his own department made him take extra notice.

The NE Nurse said, “Sorry this happened to you, Captain. I can give you something to ease the pain a bit, while I tend to it.”

That made his eyebrow rise slightly, just one. Crew that was skilled in multiple departments were often permitted to wear the uniform of whichever department they preferred within reason, but Captains normally wore the Command Red tunics. If this was the ships Captain, and now that he looked, she certainly appeared to match the profile he had seen, she either loved Engineering or there was another reason to be wearing it. Whatever the reason though, taking attention away from the obviously hurt Captain was not his idea of a good way to meet and greet.

Iphigenia nodded because she was now holding her breath and gritting her teeth to deal with the pain. The woman turned her back briefly, looked at Lieutenant Osedi, and said, “I will be right with you.” She placed her hands together in an apologetic motion as she continued, “I just need to get her fixed up right quick.”

Than raised his hands and waved her away, back to the Captain. “Ignore me, I’m here for nothing important and can wait. You do what you need to and I’ll be just fine.” Crossing his arms again the spots that were visible on the sides of his head also visible running down his arms as his tunic was rolled up to the elbow, he stepped to the side slightly to emphasize that he was in no need of urgency on his part.

“Thank you, sir. Your patience is appreciated.”
The nurse grabbed one of the neatly organized hyposprays from a nearby table and returned to inject it into Iphigenia’s thigh. She felt the immediate effect of whatever was in the hypospray tube because she began to smile as she said, “So, I guess we can say that I am not a gifted Engineer as I manage to injure myself on the first day I was supposed to observe and shadow my way through the department.”
“Uh-huh, that’s why I don’t venture far from sickbay.” The nurse joked as she examined, poked, and squeezed the injured hand. “I think it’s fine. Some injury to the distal inter-phalangeal joint on the index, middle, and ring fingers. looks like a small fracture or torn tendon but nothing a good old regenerator can’t fix I am sure. I will confirm with a scan then we can get you out of here.”

Henao, CO

“That looks like an injury caused by a plasma conduit bypass 2-way valve mechanism when the auto shut off cover decides to close when your hand is in there cleaning it, and you didn’t notice the heat build up warning light and left your fingers in it a fraction too long.” Than finally spoke up, quietly and casually but with a small smile, then shrugged one shoulder. “I did that three times in my first month out of the Academy. The Engineering team had a sweepstake going to see how long before I actually lost a finger. Thankfully, I won. Got to keep my fingers too. I hope you aren’t in too much pain, Captain.”

Her eyes widened in surprise then admiration as she realized who the man must be. “You know your Engineering injuries, sir.” She said as she managed laughed and shook her head in utter shame. What are the chances the new Chief Engineer would be in sickbay the day she shows up with an Engineering accident. “Thank goodness for quick acting pain relievers, otherwise you might have seen me curled up in a ball on this bio bed howling. People with limited attention spans obviously do not make good Engineers.” She pointed at her self with the finger on the good hand as she continued, “The attention to detail is important. “

“Details matter.” He agreed, echoing the main characters line line from his favourite series of holonovels. Raising one hand from his crossed arms, he waggled the same fingers that she had hurt, on the same hand as well. There was no visible scar or injury to it, of course.

Lt Osedi, CE

The nurse returned an began scanning her hand, Iphigenia leaned her head slightly to look around the nurse, so she could keep Lieutenant Osedi in her view as he displayed his fingers. “It looks like you healed nicely despite your multiple injuries. Hopefully that means I can at least hope for the same. Welcome aboard Lieutenant Osedi. I am glad that you are finally here. I feel…stupid, should have stayed in my lane. Anyhow a lesson well learned because you will not catch me in Engineering…anytime EVER again. It’s all yours. How was your trip? You were posted here before weren’t you?”

Henao, CO

“Me? No not me,” Than waved his hand in the negative now. “I had a close friend assigned here after he retired from Starfleet Intelligence, worked in the RTF as a field engineer on this ship and he recommended I be assigned here on a few occasions before he himself was reassigned, that’s likely where my name comes in. I turned down the posting to remain on the Saracen. The trip here was quiet though, the Broadsword was heading in this direction so catching a ride wasn’t a problem.” Now he returned to folding his arms casually across his chest and watching as the nurse worked on the injured hand.

“It must be the meds she gave me. I thought you had been assigned to the Levi before.”

“Those regenerators work wonders on simple injuries like that,” his head tilted to the work the nurse was doing, but his eyes didn’t leave the Captain. “No scars to tell the tale of the battle, or to impress people with fake stories of heroics.”

“I am happy to hear that. I don’t think it would be a story I would want to share anyway. Can you imagine the snickers I would get if people learned I made a rookie mistake?” As the nurse completed the last process of the regeneration therapy, her hand felt hot and it stiffened.

“There you go,” said the NE Nurse, “should be good as new. Hold it up for me and wiggle your fingers. Make a fist…open it.”

Iphigenia did as she was instructed. “Yep, all the fractures were repaired.”
“Thank you,” said Iphigenia, “It feels much better....however it’s a little stiff.”

The nurse nodded then said, “That is normal. It will be that way for a few hours. Moving it will help.”

He did however, smile lightly. “If you want to learn some more basic Engineering, Captain. I’m sure we can schedule you in for some refresher courses of the things the Academy went over in our first year. Could be good to do, in case I get eaten on a mission or something.”

Lt Osedi, CE

“I will take you up on the offer however this time I might stay clear of the plasma conduit bypass 2-way valve mechanism and observe. Otherwise I might not be so lucky and might lose the whole hand.” She said as she managed to smile. “Well you never know.” She said as a laugh escaped from her mouth, “Although I don’t think anyone has eaten…yet. In any case I am glad you are here.”
The nurse approached Lieutenant Osedi then said, “Alright your turn.”
She looked at the Captain then said, “It would best if you left so I can conduct Lieutenant Osedi’s medical exam so he can get to work.” The way she said it with authority and without making Iphigenia feel like she had to leave impressed her.
“Yes of course.” She said as she hopped off the biobed.
“It was great meeting you.” Iphigenia said to the Chief Engineer as she approached the doors. “Let me know if you need anything after you are settled in.”

Henao, CO

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