Quiet Like the Night - Intro [Engineering]

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The hum of the warp core was constant, and people were shuffling every which way. And then a sound came, most unwelcome. The sound of metal being rent apart, slowly and loudly.


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IC: Spinning towards the sound, the brow of the Chief Engineer crinkled in confusion. An explosion wouldn’t rend metal apart slowly, some kind of anomaly might though and that was what concerned him most.

“Report!” Than yelled as the crew in Main Engineering all seemed to pause and look towards the sound as well. “Check containment fields and conduits, lock down any leaks or breaches. Where is that coming from?” He turned to one of the nearby consoles which displayed the Leviathans schematics to identify which area was highlighted from whatever was going on.

Lt Osedi, CE

“Locking down leaks or breaches, aye, Sir.” Tom repeated the CE’s order and tried to calm himself and put things together. “Insufficient information, Sir. Still locating. Should I run a quick diagnostic?”

Ens Little, Eng

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