Quiet Like the Night - Intro [Science Labs]

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Almost an entire day had passed with normal research happening in the laboratories of the Leviathan. As the day’s work quieted down, the night livened up. The lights flickered. Odd but not the oddest thing that happened around there. Then came the sound of small footsteps. Odder still.


She had just received her promotion and also made department head of the Science department and wanted to familiarize herself with those she would be responsible for. The lights flickered, and it puzzled Kit for a moment, it wasn’t unusual for the lights to flicker in the science department, usually when the Physics group were doing high particle experiments, but as far as she knew no experiments were scheduled for tonight, just to be sure though =^=Computer are any high particle experiments, or for that matter any experiments set for the tonight?=^= she inquired. =^=Negative, there are no experiments scheduled in any of the science labs for tonight. Only routine maintenace and cleaning.=^= Well damn, need to check this out further.

-Lieutenant j.g. Kitiuas Thenis, CSO

The sound of feet scampering about continued. There was a small laugh. And then… The sound of an old Orion song began to occupy Kitiuas’ thoughts. It was one she knew well, her mother sang it to her when she was a child.


Kitiuas scrounged her face and tried to puzzle out the sounds she was hearing Damn, knew I had put in a long day, but to the point of audible hallucinating? she thought to herself. She shook her head, No something is going on and I best find out what and bring in some help. she thought. She reviewed a list of current available personnel and came up with Lieutenant Alison Kane and Ensign Jackson Pryce as excellent candidates to discuss the issue with. She hit her combadge =^=Lieutenant Alison Kane and Ensign Jackson Pryce, please report to the CSO office immediately.=^= There she was calling in reinforcements, and quite possibly going to make them think she was mentally unfit.

-Lieutenant j.g. Kitiuas Thenis, CSO

Alison was already on Her way go the science labs when the call came through she tapped her badge =/\= On my way sir =/\=

A few minutes later she stood out side the COS’ office. She rang the chime and waited for Kitiuas to answer


“Enter” replied Kit when she heard the chime. “Enter quiet when you enter and tell me what you hear.” she added.

Lieutenant j.g. Kitiuas Thenis, CSO

After a few moments Kane would hear the faint sound of a schoolyard taunt from her own past. (OOC: Interpret that however you like) This followed by a high pitched laugh…


Kitiuas tilted her head, “Please tell me you heard that?” she inquired. “Otherwise, I believe I may need to go see the docs.”

-Lieutenant j.g. Kitiuas Thenis, CSO

Kane would have heard her own version of the taunt. Something from her own past.




Pryce wasn’t far behind Kane, having actually been finishing up an experiment in an adjacent lab and simply taking his time to respond to Kit. He didn’t bother with the chime, instead proceeding into the office behind Kane’s back.

~ Jackson Pryce - Scientist

Kit looked about for a second “I swear I heard an old taunt from my biological sperm donor. Did either of you hear anything?” she inquired. “For that matter have either of you experiencing any audio hallucinations?”

-Lieutenant j.g. Kitiuas Thenis, CSO

Pryce hadn’t heard anything, but then he did see something, a shadow creeping up the back wall of the office, with seemingly no source.


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