So This Is Mjolnir-Class - CTO Arrival (Tag CO/XO)

Posted Jan. 25, 2023, 9:31 a.m. by Captain Iphigenia Henao (Captain) (Mika Jackson)

Posted by Lieutenant Mown Gworl (Chief Tactical Officer) in So This Is Mjolnir-Class - CTO Arrival (Tag CO/XO)

Posted by Captain Iphigenia Henao (Captain) in So This Is Mjolnir-Class - CTO Arrival (Tag CO/XO)

Posted by Lieutenant Mown Gworl (Chief Tactical Officer) in So This Is Mjolnir-Class - CTO Arrival (Tag CO/XO)

Mown could not believe it as he approached on the little standard runabout and it docked in the ship.

35 decks, a Type-12 primary shield, and enough phaser banks to make his eyes glaze over. And part of the responsibility for keeping this shiny new toy safe was him, the newly-minted Lieutenant Gworl.

If only the kids back on the mean streets of Ferasa could see him now, his fur neatly combed and his mane gelled back, wearing an immaculate uniform with gleaming hints of yellow.

All Mown carried was a duffle bag and a dusty Feresan drum. He had heard that someone would be there to greet him. He looked around the bay and scrit-scrit-scritched an ear with two delicate claws, jingling his earring.

He knew this was definitely going to be an adventure.

-CTO Mown Gworl

When Lieutenant Gworl stepped off the shuttle, NE Saoir, a Kelpian who usually worked as a transporter operator, greeted him. He was very formal in his stance as he held a PaDD in his hand. His expressionless face was glued to it as he said, “Based on your profile....and the photo,” he held up the PaDD so the screen faced Lieutenant Gworl, displaying his Academy photo, “You must be our new CTO. Certainly there is no mistaking you. Welcome aboard. The XO and the Captain are expecting you in the briefing lounge on deck 23, but first let’s get your bags dropped off in your quarters.”

“Thank you, Ensign” Mown said, a little stiffly. Suddenly his bag felt heavy in his hand. What was he in for with this ARU vessel, anyway? Mown shook aside the imposter syndrome and followed the Kelpian silently, his ears perked alert.

Saoir motioned for the Catian officer to follow him as he began walking. They entered into automated double sliding doors and after walking serveral hundred yards more they reached a lift. A brown skinned Trill woman with two rows of black spots, which lined each side of her face and continued down the side of her neck until they disappeared beneath the collar of her uniform, was waiting by the lift as they approached it. “This is Security Ensign Aza, she will escorting you to your quarters to drop your bags off then to the briefing lounge.” He looked at the Ensign sternly, “There is no time for a tour. Lieutenant Growl is due in the briefing lounge in 15 minutes.”

“Thank you, Ensign,” Mown said to the departing Saoir. “I’m sure we’ll see each other again. Hi, Ensign Aza. Mown. Mown Gworl. “

He couldn’t extend a paw to shake, burdened with bags, so he shrugged as if to acknowledge her.

Aza silently nodded to acknowledge Saoir. The lift opened. Aza held out a hand and said to Gworl, “After you.”

“Thank you!” Mown said. “So, my quarters? Yanno, on my last ship, I had to share a bathroom with three guys. Will it be like that here?”

When they entered the lift Aza tapped on the PaDD she’d been holding in her hand for a moment before she spoke again. “As the CTO of the ship, you will be assigned Department Head quarters. They are pretty nice. You get your own space and you have a replicator.” She smiled then said, “I have never served with Catian before. You guys are scarce in Starfleet. You will have to tell me how you ended up in Starfleet and here on the Leviathan.”

NE Saoir/NE Aza

Mown’s throat was suddenly dried up. Talking about his past made him feel like choking up a hairball, but he had developed a certain way of telling the story.

“Well,” he began, “I grew on on Ferasa. Wild kit, litterless in a mid-size desert city. We lived and fought in the streets, busked for money. One day this old Ferengi guy heard my play my drum, and before long I was in some boarding school paid for by his latinum!

“I am sorry. Seems even though you had a rough start things turned out well. A Ferengi paid for your boarding school?” She shook her head and chuckled at the irony. “I am surprised he didn’t try to sell you as a pet. Or keep you as a slave to earn back the latinum he spent on you. Those Ferengi are all about their profits!”

“Now, he wanted me to grow up and be a part of his business, but see, I had other ideas. Joined Starfleet, liked conflict resolution from my days on the street and them pew pew lasers from playing rich kids’ holo games in boarding school.

“How did he take you wanting to join Starfleet instead of work in the business? Are you still in contact with this Ferengi?”

“I ended up on Deep Space 6 in the Romulan neutral Zone for a minute, then had a pretty short but eventful tour as a Security JO on the USS Sasquatch, when I was recruited to this role.”

He finished his recitation as naturally as possible and smiled a big Cheshire cat grin at Aza. “How long have you been aboard?”

-CTO Mown Gworl

Ah I see. So you jumped at the opportunity to join the Leviathan. I don’t think you will regret your decision, although,” she leaned in closer and whispered, “the Captain, is from Earth. Particularly from Texas and she can be can be kind of …kooky.” she laughed at the sound of the word. She heard it from another Starfleet officer who was a Texas native and every since it became apart of her vocabulary. To her it sounded better than calling someone strange or unusual, also it was fun to say. She shrugged, “But I like her. She won’t bother you just as long as you do what your supposed to and don’t do anything you are not supposed to. The XO. A Romulan with typical Romulan mannerisms. They are an interesting combination.”
Aza answered his question with grin to match his own. “I have been aboard the ship two years, however this is my last day. I will be transferring to the USS Memorial. My shuttle leaves in a few hours.”

NE Security Officer Aza

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