Making an exotic meal (Open to All)

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Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Kitiuas “Kit” Thenis (Chief Science Officer) in Making an exotic meal (Open to All)

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Kit was in the ship’s galley using her Orion firepot to make her version of Irinari Drunken Insects. She had already added the mixture of Orion ale, Orion rum, and Orion whiskey and had it in a low simmer she had also added the Irinari insects and was now adding Orion wing-slugs to the broth. She had in some earbuds and was listening to an Old-Time Radio show called the Whistler.

-Ensign Kitiuas Thenis, Science

Jackson happened to be strolling by on his way to grab some grub when his nostrils began to flare. Turning toward the direction of the scent, he shuffled over and peaked over Kit’s shoulder. Might that be… actual grubs? he thought, something between a smile and a grimace laying itself onto his face.

Not terribly loudly, Pryce said “What’s this, then?”

~ Ensign Pryce - Scientist

Kit had her ear buds in listening to the Old-Time Radio show Whistler and was therefore startled by Ensign Pryce and his question. She turned and removed the earbuds, blushing a little. “I am making my version of Irinari Drunken Insects. Would you care to try some?” she asked. “I assure you it is perfectly safe for you to eat.” As she said that she pulled out a squirming Irinari blade hopper and placed it in her mouth.

-Kitiuas Thenis, Science

“Can’t say I’ve had the pleasure. Please.” He extended a hand to take whatever Kit gave him to eat. Interesting, he thought. A cultural preference, eating them live. No clear moral dilemma. Will have to know her further.

“You part of the new crew complement?” he questioned.

~ Jackson Pryce - Scientist

Kit got a bowl and poured some Irinari Drunken Insect mixture into it. “You can say that I work in the science department, I am kind of the ship’s resident expert Cryptozoologist, Hominologist, Entomologist, Arachnologist, and Ecologist. Careful now a couple of those insects, even drunk, tend to bite back. It does add to the flavor and excitement of eating them though.”

-Lieutenant j.g. Kitiuas Thenis, CSO

Jackson reached down into the bowl toward one of the particularly squirmy insects and pinched its head between two fingers, watching as it suddenly went still. He then popped it into his mouth. “Not bad,” he said. “And good to meet you. Am not an expert in all those fields, exactly, but I’ve worked them in the lab.” He paused, then cryptically added, “And out of the lab.”

~ Ensign Pryce - Scientist

“Pleasure to meet you, I am Kitiuas Thenis, newly appointed Chief of Science, my friends call me Kit. I am glad you are enjoying my modified version of Irinari Drunken Insect. So, what exactly do you do on the ship?” inquired Kit, still getting her bearings as the new CSO.

-Lieutenant j.g. Kitiuas Thenis, CSO

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Jackson took a moment to think a bit harder about his response to who he now knew to be his direct superior. Should like you but not want to ask things, he thought. “Science. All kinds. Specialized in applied experimentation, though. May I have another?” He looked down to the pot of insects.

~ Jackson Pryce - Scientist

Kit’s ears perked up at that “Great, I am going to need an individual who is comfortable in applied experimentation. I have a feeling you’re going to be very busy on this ship, and my point person for many experiments that happen. I will expect you to keep me appraised of the ongoing experiments that are being conducted. No pressure, just do your best. Would you like some more?”

-Lieutenant j.g., CSO

Damn, he thought. Special interest. Means more special experiments and resources, less freedom. Fair trade, but a pain. Aloud, he only said, “Of course. So long as I get the interesting ones. You’ll be up to date. And yes, please.” He extended a hand toward the pot.

~ Jackson Pryce - Scientist

In the meantime, Tom was passing by the galley and went for a break, with a drink. Then his nose sensed some unusual signals. With curiosity, he grabbed a cup of something and followed the steam, and saw two JOs chatting. “Hey, Kituas …Oh, excuse me.” He immediately stood in attention. “The Chief Science Officer Thenis. Good evening, Sir.”

Ens Little, Eng

Kit looked at Ensign Little and laughed “Relax Tom, this is an informal setting. Care to try my version of Irinari Drunken Insects?”

-Lieutenant j.g. Kitiuas Thenis, CSO

Tom made a phew face and smiled, “I know, I just wanted to say that one day. So glad to witness your milestone.” He then starred at the protein-rich-edible?-product. “Interesting. Is it real? Or it’s replicated?”

He also said hi to Pryce. “Pleasure to meet you. I’m Tom and an Engineer. Mostly taking care of computers.”

Little, Eng

Pryce offered a nod in Tom’s direction. “Jackson,” he replied.

Kit looked at him, “They are real, my mother and sister would kill me if I used replicated Irinari insects or even Orion wing-slugs. The alcohol is also real Orion whiskey, rum, and ale. One must make the dish in an appropriate manner. As I just told mister Pryce, be careful some of the insects, even drunk, tend to bite back, though it does add to the flavor and excitement of the meal.” She smiled at Tom, “Want some?”

-Lieutenant j.g. Kitiuas Thenis, CSO

“I wish I could say that. Unless with a doctor’s approval.” Tom smirked politely. “Once upon a time, the ship I served contaminated by a real sauce from Klingon culture. It started from human crews who consumed it, and then it mutated fastly and spread a new kind of disease to the ship. I appreciate the hospitality though.” He then said, “Would you guys like something to drink? I’ll bring some.”

Little, Eng

Kit laughed aloud, “I can assure you it is Starfleet approved. My mother has made this exact dish for the Commander of Starbase Serengeti. Trust me Starfleet Medical, Science, Security, and Intelligence all did a thorough review of the dish. I just think you are scared to eat insects.” she teased.

  • Lieutenant j.g. Kitiuas Thenis, CSO

“Oh, my ga I’m so scared!” Tom ironically played around with the tone. “Somebody help~!” He then stood up and maybe went for another round of a drink.

Little, Eng

“Sure, why not make me a Mind Meld, it goes well with the dish.” said Kit, with her most charming smile. She then went to simmering the food until she was happy with how the dish appeared.

-Lieutenant j.g. Kitiuas Thenis, CSO

Jackson’s ears perked up at the mention of a mind meld, even in jest.

~ Jackson Pryce - Scientist

Tom nodded to her and went to a replicator. This time he brought a wooden colored tray with 3 drinks. “I didn’t know they had a drink named ‘mint melt’. Here you are.” Then he offered another one to Mr. Jackson. The drink was covered by a glass, decorated with several mints and a slice of lemon on the tip, with straw around some floating cubes. He waved to the gentleman, “You also a Science officer? Tom Little here from Engineering, a pleasure to meet you.”

Little, Eng

Kit dished out more of the meal to her compatriots. Looking at Mister Pryce she said, “You do know what a Mind Meld is don’t you?” she inquired.

-Lieutenant j.g. Kitiuas Thenis, CSO

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Jackson accepted the glass, inclining his head to Tom. “Indeed. And you. Anything of interest going on down in the belly of the beast?”

Far from a beast, he thought, before responding in turn to the CSO. “I do. Never done one, never will. But they’re fascinating.”

~ Jackson Pryce - Scientist

“Speaking of fascinating, I did.” Tom sat next to Pryce and paid a visit. “I’ve never been to a ship like this tight security before. Even though I was sort of informed that this is a daily basis.” He looked around as if someone was watching them, and smirked. “Getting used to the ‘Red Alert’ every day.” During the transfer process, he received a redacted ‘invitation’ letter which could barely read the details of the assignment. But soon, he found that the readiness from the middle and the lower decks were just beyond his imagination. “Fascinating, you said? Was something going on there?” He then took a sip.

Little, Eng

“Nothing of matter,” he replied, somewhat cryptically.

Kit laughed, “I am talking about an alcoholic beverage, not the Vulcan Mind Meld. As for the interesting things going on in the ‘Belly of the Beast”, let’s just say have you ever read any of the Earth author H.P. Lovecraft’s novels? Seems this ship attracts those types of situations.”

-Lieutenant j.g. Kitiuas Thenis, CSO

“Ah. Well, the answer is still no, but present one and I’ll give it a try. And I am familiar with some of Lovercraft’s work.” In fact, he’d made some comparisons to Lovecraftian creations in some of his past writings.

~ Jackson Pryce - Scientist

“Well then, there you have it. The USS Leviathan and her crew are the front line defense and researchers on the universes actual Lovecraftian Creatures and may the Thousand Gods watch over us.” Replied Kit. “I for one am glad I am not this ship’s counsellor.” She said with a laugh. “Can you imagine having to ‘counsel’ the crew, talk us through logically the insane things we encounter.”

-Kitiuas Thenis, CSO

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