Boarding Physical & DH Check In - Main Sickbay - Ensign th'Azoll

Posted Jan. 26, 2023, 4:20 p.m. by Ensign Thelev th'Azoll (Medical Officer/Pilot) (Amdirgol S)


The scans indicated that Thelev was overall fairly healthy for an 18-year old half-Andorian, except for phaser burns and other damaged tissue in his left antenna. Both antennae were much shorter than a typical full-blooded Andorian, only a couple of inches long, but appeared to have the same regenerative properties. He was additionally slightly malnourished, but not to a concerning degree.

“Your scans indicate malnutrition,” Amparo said after recording his results in his file and tucking the PaDD under their arm, “and I suspect it could be slowing your healing process. So, with your consent, I’d like to run a few more tests to determine what specific deficiencies you’re experiencing. Sound reasonable?”

“Sure,” Thelev said amicably, nodding in assent.

“Tell me about yourself. Where are you from? What did you study at the Academy? Anything you want to share.”
— Amparo Álvaro-Byrd

“I actually didn’t go to the Academy,” Thelev stated. “I was taken from an Orion ship by the captain of the USS Madison and sent here with the uniform to change into. “I’d been a medic on that ship after learning basic medical procedures previously, and learned some more while I was acting in that role.” As he spoke, his eyes darted about, taking in and cataloguing the sickbay. “I was born on Lathys III, which is just outside the borders of the Federation, and learned to fly small ships in the system, in addition to my medical knowledge.”

Ens. th’Azoll

Amparo found it curious that Starfleet would enlist Thelev, a teenager from an Orion vessel, into service without training, acclimation time, or (at least) a thorough debriefing. Was Starfleet something he wanted? Was he given a choice? They knew the nature of Leviathan’s missions required resilient, unorthodox thinkers capable of tackling challenges most couldn’t conceive. So, they didn’t doubt he was qualified… but what specifically appealed to Starfleet concerned them. They made a mental note to spend a little more time with Thelev to see where he needed support.

“I shouldn’t have assumed,” they offered an apologetic smile. “Your experience with spacecraft and medicine is impressive and will undoubtedly prove essential. Before we talk about duties, I’d like to assess where your medical skills are, so I can best assign tasks that suit your expertise and goals.”

They wavered to consider the best approach given his split duties between sickbay and the helm, soon concluding it better to first assess where in the on-boarding process he was.

“Have you you met with our Executive Officer, Cmdr Vrenek, or our Counsellor, Dr Witley, yet?”

— Amparo Álvaro-Byrd

“No, I haven’t. This is where I was given instructions to go, so I came here first,” he said with a half smile. “Was I supposed to have?”

Ens. th’Azoll

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