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Posted March 28, 2023, 3:34 p.m. by Lieutenant Junior Grade Kitiuas “Kit” Thenis (Chief Science Officer) (Christopher Huskins)

Kitiuas made it to the science department labs. It was eerily empty and quiet, with the one exception of someone hiccup weeping. Anger began to course through Kit when she realized no one was in the science department or labs. The anger began to override her fear. She bellowed out “Where the hell is everybody?” as she walked through the departments and labs. She found a young, blond, female human lab technician weeping under a desk. Her knees pulled tight against her body. Kit racked her brain trying to recall her name; “NE Technician Elsie Abbas?” The young technician did not acknowledge Kit. “Technician Abbas I asked you a question!” This seemed to snap the young technician out of whatever state she was in “Yes Lieutenant?” she inquired. “Where is all the science staff and why do my labs look like a tornado blew threw them?” NE Abbas hiccupped and replied “Everyone began going crazy. Throwing things and running around screaming nonsense. I hid under the desk as all the commotion went on. Then there was a loud crash, the ship shook and the Red Alert Klaxon went off.” Kit sighed and sat back on her heels, distantly she felt the urge to run and get off the ship, her fear phobia of hospitals was extremely strong, but she now found she could focus past these emotions and concentrate on the task at hand. “Okay NE Abbas time to get to work. Have any samples been brought to science since this all happened?” “No sir.” Replied NE Technician Elsie Abbas. “Very well crawl out from under that desk, we have work to do.” With that Kit stood up and looked around the trashed lab.

Lieutenant j.g. Thenis slapped her commbadge =^= Sickbay this is Lieutenant Thenis, it would appear my staff has decided to go stir crazy and abandon their assigned post. I have one technician with me and cannot afford to send her away. Can you please have one of the saner medical technician’s bring me those samples. I have to put the biology lab together…=^= as she said that a thought struck her, “NE Abbas, have any of the plants or fungi we are supposed to have in Level 10 Force Fields been released from their fields?” NE Technician Abbas thought for a moment “Yes, NE Ensign Kiewel, the Xenomycologist and Xenobotanist, was working on a new specimen of fungus, from Beta Pertelius . The field was down force just a minute as he was moving it from the greenhouse containment to the work bench.” Crap thought Kit. =^=Engineering I need an immediate shut down and purge of ALL ventilation systems on the science deck. We have a possible Level One Biological contamination, source Science deck.=^= She then turned to NE Technician Elsie Abbas, “Time to get into a full isolation containment suit.” With that Kit made her way to the lockers were the suits were kept and pulled out a suit, she was followed by NE Technician Abbas. Once her suit was on Kitiuas hit the emergency seal for all science labs; in effect sealing of the deck and cutting off air flow and accesses to science. In a tin sounding voice Kitiuas looked at NE Abbas “Okay, we need to find this damn fungus. Do you know what it looked like? Also, when this is all over remind me to throttle NE Ensign Kiewel for breaking protocol.”

Lieutenant j.g. Kitiuas Thenis

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